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Stone Creek Ranch II     •  23,733 career posts  
I'm revamping my body scrubs which means ALL NEW NAMES! wooot. Here's the thing though.... I'm stuck on names for some of them. The ones with ? marks, NEED NAMES.

25k for every name I pick to use! If I pick FIVE of yours, you'll win a coupon for your first order.

Sippin' On Summer - Pink Lemonade
A Hint of Mint - Peppermint
Orange Margarita - Orange
Lemon Tart - Lemon
Grapefruit (?)
Lemon Twist - Lemon Vanilla
Lavender Vanilla (?)
Ylang Ylang (?)
Ylang Ylang & Vanilla (?)
Cinnamon (?)
"Grandma's Apple Pie" - Apple pie
"Lovin' on Me" - Lavender [Not sold on this one...]
"Worry Away" - Eucalyptus
"Stress Free" - Tea Tree
Cherry Almond
"Under My Spell" - Lovespell
Mango (?)
Cucumber Melon (?)
Pear (?)
Vanilla (?)
Apple (?)
Rose Garden - Rose
Creamsicle - Orange/Vanilla
Sweet Pea (?)
Kiwi (?)
Kiwi Strawberry (?)
Mint Chocolate Chip - Mint Chocolate
Cinnamon Vanilla (?)
Sandalwood (?)
Butterfly Bush - Jasmine
Coconut (?)
Cherry (?)
Cherry and Vanilla (?)
Papaya (?)
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Cucumber melon- Spa Day
Mango- Island Paradise
Cinnamon Vanilla- cinnamon roll
Coconut- pina colada
Turn Waterhorses    online  •  7,971 career posts 1703 days ago
TW - sending you $50k!
Stone Creek Ranch II     •  23,734 career posts 1703 days ago
Sweet pea- Bid Me Adieu
Cherry vanilla - Cherry Pie
Turn Waterhorses    online  •  7,972 career posts 1703 days ago
Cinnamon - spice of life (could use for cinnamon vamilla)
Lavender Vanilla - relaxation nation (could use for plain lavender)
Apple - tree of life
Cherry and Vanilla - Tartly Sweet
Cherry Almond - nuts for cherry
If Wishes Were Horses    MOD   •  33,699 career posts 1703 days ago
Ylang ylang - relax and unwind
Turn Waterhorses    online  •  7,973 career posts 1703 days ago
Turn, another 50k coming your way, Wishes, 25k your way.

Sweet pea
Cherry Almond
Cin Vanilla

Stone Creek Ranch II     •  23,735 career posts 1703 days ago
Papaya named too
Stone Creek Ranch II     •  23,736 career posts 1703 days ago
Kiwi strawberry - Rough Berry, Berry Kick
Pear - Sticky Sweet
Kiwi - Rough Stuff
Apple - Passion of Eve
Outback Barn     •  355 career posts 1703 days ago
Grapefruit - Pamplemousse or Pomelo
Ylang Ylang - BAO (means precious jewel/rarity) or HUA (means Splendid)
Ylang Ylang & Vanilla - JIN (Gold metal) or KAI (triumph/victory)
Cucumber Melon - Fruits Basket
Vanilla - The Pin Up or Spritzer
Apple - Mamas Secret Recipe or Washington Red (Did you know Washington produces 11% of the US apples consumed?)
Kiwi - Double K Crush
Kiwi Strawberry - Red Sour, Red Snapper, or Cher Ami(e)
Sandalwood - Santalum (means Sandal in Indian) or Sri Lanka (large producer of this. ^.^)
Coconut - Painkiller, Melt Away, or Scissor over Comb
Cherry and Vanilla - Manhattan Hottie, Shirley Temple, Pink Lady, or Bushwacker

My older brothers are bartenders and we are always naming our animals after drinks because we find the names to be so interesting and unique. I hope you like a few!

Ro Equus     •  183 career posts 1703 days ago
ylang ylang (or + vanilla) = Indonesian Escape or Indonesian Paradise
Grapefriut - Pink Mist
Pear - Autumns Welcome
Vanilla - buttercream frosting or birthday cake
Kiwi - (Chinese) Gooseberry
Coconut - Tropical Retreat
Turn Waterhorses    online  •  7,975 career posts 1703 days ago
These are great guys! I'm all set on names but sending folks $
Stone Creek Ranch II     •  23,737 career posts 1702 days ago
Glad we could help. I love naming stuff lil
Turn Contest    •  276 career posts 1702 days ago
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