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Are you looking for edibles or toys?
And what have you tried? lol
a g n i r a a n e e     •  1,436 career posts 751 days ago
Edibles preferably because even toys are edibles to them! xD
All the different types of nylabone/benebone and kong chews are a huge no go because they eat them lol. We've tried different whimzees and yak milk chews (which are perfect for my little ones) and they don't ever get more than 5-10mins of chew time with them. Bully sticks don't last either.
Purple Pearl Stables     •  10,056 career posts 751 days ago
Have you tried the Mammoth tires?
Or if they have any interest, actual antlers or knucklebones, as long as its supervised :)

Or hey carrots work too, they are cheaper than dog toys xD They for sure won't last but you can also freeze them and its a nice treat for hot days! also has some really large bullies that tend to last longer, and turkey feet. Not sure on the made in the USA bit, I personally haven't tried the site yet, but a coworker of mine uses the site
a g n i r a a n e e     •  1,442 career posts 751 days ago
Oh and your pups are absolute cutiepies :D
a g n i r a a n e e     •  1,443 career posts 751 days ago
They look like pitbull mixes. My husband and I have had 3 pitbull mixes. Our first 1 past away from liver disease at the age 11 our second was deaf and was put to sleep from a skin disease and our pocket pit had to go to a new home due to moving. All 3 were big chewers so they got bones that didnt slinter.
Decorous Equus   online  •  28,089 career posts 751 days ago
Decorous Equus   online  •  28,090 career posts 751 days ago
click me! that's a link to a site with a list of longer lasting chews, some edible, some not. My dog isn't a particularly tough chewer so we don't have as much issue but a lot of these are natural chews so you might find something that may help!

Obviously research them before hand to make sure they're a good fit for your dogs - who are absolutely gorgeous by the way!
Confianza Sport     •  11,310 career posts 751 days ago
Darkfall- Thanks! :D We've tried a mammoth tire, the one on the left (Maddi) had no interest and the one on the right (Arya) destroyed it xD They crush and splinter bones crazy fast and I haven't tried any antlers yet just because I'm afraid they'd kill themselves, but I may have to give it a go xD
Frozen carrots are one of their favorite treats! I'll def check that bully stick site out. They love bully sticks but they just consume them so quickly that I either only let them chew for a minute or they get diarrhea lol.

Decorous- I'm sorry to hear about your pups! :( Yeah pibbles are definitely huge chewers. I've done DNA tests on both of these girls but I want to redo them with Embark someday. Wisdom Panel said Maddi is 75% American staffordshire terrier and 25% treeing walker coonhound.
Arya is supposedly:
25% American Staffordshire Terrier
12.5% American Bulldog
12.5% Australian Cattle Dog
12.5% Bulldog
12.5% German Shepherd Dog
12.5% Labrador Retriever
12.5% Rottweiler

xD They both look quiet a bit chubbier than they actually are in the pic for some reason lol.

CS- The only thing on that list besides for rawhide that I haven't tried is antlers xD I'm thinking I need to give them a try! Thank you! :)
Purple Pearl Stables     •  10,057 career posts 751 days ago
Oh wow are those the breeds mixed in your girls? Thank you for the coindolences, we miss our dogs a great deal. We felt our brindle pit was a mixture of pitbull and boxer and our deaf girl was pitbull and american bulldog and our pocket pit was full pitbull, atleast thats what everyone says, your girls are adorable.
Decorous Equus   online  •  28,091 career posts 751 days ago
Have you tried kongs?
Decorous Equus   online  •  28,092 career posts 751 days ago
Yes, those were their DNA test results! Pit mixes are always awesome♥ I just fostered one who was the biggest sweetheart ever. I love boxer mixes too, I have one as well! Thank you!
They do have kongs but it doesn't take long for them to get the goods out of them (unless they're frozen, then they aren't interested) and then one chews the kong up D:
Purple Pearl Stables     •  10,058 career posts 751 days ago
Wow, pitty mixes love to chew.
Decorous Equus   online  •  28,093 career posts 751 days ago
We don't recommend antlers at the hospital I work at because we tend to see slab fractures in teeth from them.

I have two PitBulls and a German Shepherd. We tend to give them braided rawhides (even though, like above, we don't recomend them at work). We also regularly give them large kongs with frozen peanutbutter or pumpkin... I struggle too with them consuming their toys after awhile, so I limit their chews.
Wilton Park    •  2,626 career posts 751 days ago
I knowww D: it just seems that whatever they can't destroy has to be hard enough that it could damage their teeth. I'm scared to give them rawhide because mine would be the dumbies that gum it all up and choke it down whole and then probably get obstructed xD
I guess these girls just aren't meant to have long-lasting chews lol. I just feel bad when I give my little three something and they chew on it for a week and I can't find anything that'll last 10 minutes for these girls :(
Purple Pearl Stables     •  10,059 career posts 750 days ago
I have to watch mine with the rawhides because they tend to half-swallow them when they are soft and then play time is over lol. It's only happened once but it was enough to scare me. I also never buy the ones with the knots on them - usually I buy the rolled up ones.

I do buy the bark box even though my dogs shred the stuffed animals that come in them in like 10 minutes, but hey, at least they have fun while doing it lol. My GSD puppy though, she babies all of her toys and they last forever!
Wilton Park    •  2,632 career posts 750 days ago
I just switched from BarkBox to whatever the tougher one is called lol. I did love how the barkbox stuffies had balls inside of them! We've only gotten one of the new boxes so far but the one chew that my pups were interested in was a Benebone that they chewed down pretty quick. The other toy is a stereo shaped block of rubber I can't get them to be interested in xD
Purple Pearl Stables     •  10,061 career posts 750 days ago
I've been thinking of upgrading to the other box but wasn't sure if they would like it!
Wilton Park    •  2,639 career posts 750 days ago
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