TenGen Y TB Stud Breeding Raffle! 185 views  •   387 days ago
Confianza Sport     •  11,428 career posts  
Lord of Zagre
Lord of Vines (89.5") x Persephone (94.25")
15 - 15 - 15 - 15
Best Rank: 25
Winnings: 355,800
Jumpoff Record: 306 - 139
11 Active 1 Passive DNA

I'm giving away the first three breedings to him as a raffle and then he'll be going up for stud as normal once he turns 15. I had hoped for a higher jump but unfortunately he didn't get the amount of jumps I wanted around the time he was improving so!

He has a full brother who will also be going up for stud when he's 15: Lord of Night an All Ten who hit 90" itemed, same DNA etc. but will be cheaper as he isn't an all 15.

Enter by posting here! It's totally free, stud fee will either be 1pb OR set to a higher rate and refunded depending (let me know if you have a preference!)

This ends tomorrow so breeding can take place tomorrow evening, if there isn't too much interest I'll run it until Tuesday next week to give people a better chance. Names will be entered into a random draw and will be posted here.

Thanks guys - if you've got any questions let me know!
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Aahhh! Id love a foal from him, Id like to enter! :D
Cavalli Throughbreds     •  14,413 career posts 387 days ago
I'd also love a foal. :)
Sunshine Glory Naturals    •  24 career posts 387 days ago
Ooooh I will absolutely enter! How fancy!

And how kind of you to do this!
JPW Hunter Apaches     •  4,574 career posts 387 days ago
*Also I'm sorry this was supposed to be commented from the TB barn, not the Apaches lol!
JPW Hunter Apaches     •  4,575 career posts 387 days ago
Id love to enter! thanks :)
Turn Contest  online  •  293 career posts 387 days ago
Ohhhh I'm in!
Picking Mortality Sunless     •  2,151 career posts 387 days ago
letting this go until tuesday because i'd like a few more entries since there's three raffle slots!

:) Thanks so much for all the interest!!
Confianza Sport     •  11,433 career posts 386 days ago
Last two days to enter!
Confianza Sport     •  11,444 career posts 384 days ago
Oh I'll enter!
DNEs Deer Lake Mustangs   MOD   •  9,465 career posts 384 days ago
Im away tonight and Thursday so cant do raffle today like I wanted :( this will run until Friday when I can do the draw!
Confianza Sport     •  11,451 career posts 382 days ago
Will be ending this in 6 hours at 10pm BST!
Confianza Sport     •  11,453 career posts 380 days ago
Entering :)
Fearless Champion Ranch    •  152 career posts 380 days ago
Im so entering
Kaylied Estal     •  56,681 career posts 379 days ago
this has CLOSED.


Congrats guys! I'll pm you when he's up for stud so you guys can breed! :)
Confianza Sport     •  11,456 career posts 379 days ago
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