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Hey guys!
Haven't really been active here because I've gotten hooked on a different site.
I was wondering though, what other sim games do you guys play? I'm always interested in checking out other sites even though I'm pretty busy at the moment.

The site I've been on these last few months is called Flying For Home and it's a Thoroughbred racing sim.
I started playing this Spring and I've been 100% hooked on it ever since. I don't think I've gone a day without logging on. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but everyone is SUPER helpful and there are guides on pretty much everything from racing to breeding. It also uses very realistic genetics.
There's more than the standard Thoroughbred colors and markings, but that makes it more fun to me.
The owners are constantly active; playing the game, coding, and chatting in the Discord server. There are updates all the time and the game just keeps getting better.
I have nearly 140 horses, but I recommend if you play to keep the number lower until you get the hang of everything.

If you feel like joining and checking it out, I'm ID #4053.
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I may have a look. I don't personally play any others but there is a new game coming out called "Equestrian the game" first on phone app then on PC (I presume like internet like this) and it looks awesome. Its not going to be all money based either. They said to be released this year but personally I think will be more like next.
Biffers     •  3,826 career posts 1450 days ago
I might have to look into that! I haven't really tried any horse phone or pc games.
Equide Designs     •  14,333 career posts 1450 days ago
Have a see, they have a website up and page on instagram (maybe even Fbook), but its virtual but the graphics very good.
Biffers     •  3,828 career posts 1450 days ago
I just looked, liking what I see so far. I'll definitely have to try it out when it's finished.
Equide Designs     •  14,334 career posts 1450 days ago
Yay =D Am hoping its gonna be good. Were getting updates here in Autumn so fingers crossed there good ones xD
Biffers     •  3,829 career posts 1450 days ago
I play Horse Isle.
I've been playing it since 2007!
Paranormal     •  1,153 career posts 1450 days ago
Updates for Ponybox? I hope so! I used to love this game, but it just got to the point where it was unplayable for me. And then FFH drew me in so I became even less active here.
Some screenshots from FFH: Link

Paranormal - Horse Isle or Horse Isle 2? I used to LOVE that game. I did go back to HI2 a couple months ago then got sidetracked xD
Equide Designs     •  14,335 career posts 1450 days ago
I used to play Horseisle!! XD Joined around that time too, but I lost my account because of inactivity. ='(

I do also play Indomita though! It's rather addictive actually. =) Another pony game but the horses are wild not domesticated. It welcomes roleplaying but I mostly play it for the breeding pretty ponies. XD
Bepaling Stables    MOD   •  3,448 career posts 1449 days ago
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