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I really donít like people sometimes.

I was out walking Karma for a couple of hours this morning. For those who donít know, I use her to keep my balance after an injury or seizure, and to protect me on walks. Iíve trained her to bark and growl unless I put her in the sit position at strangers, and bite if I get hit or nudge her forward. Every stranger who gets close, she watches and growls at. Iím a small person, only 5í2Ē and look young, and unfortunately have creeps hitting on me all the time, but no one dares to approach someone walking a seemingly aggressive dog (she hasnít bit anyone except during training, and hasnít attempted outside of training, but I believe she will bite someone if I need her to, i.e me being attacked). There was some guy following us about a block or so, and Karma was repeatedly standing still, or walking backwards and growling at him, hackles up. I trust her, and donít want anyone coming near me anyway. Weíre abojt 30 minutes from the house and Iím not going to go back toward the direction of which we came. I ended up walking a bit faster and tripped and fell, injuring my ankle I couldnít stand up. I had Karmas leash and gave a small tug to get her to stop walking, and pulled myself up on her. I couldnít walk for the next block and was holding onto her harness until I reached a small shop I can sit down in front of. She stayed by me, sitting behind my back the entire time and watching two girls who were also sitting. Since I had her sitting, she was calm, but cautious.

After about ten minutes of me sitting down, I grabbed her and pulled myself up on her and she took a step forward to pull me. Okay cool. I feel okay to walk the rest of the way home which, unfortunately, was a good distance. About halfway home, there was a girl (10years old) and her grandpa outside. She jogged to the sidewalk, and of course Karma didnít like that. She stood sideways in between me and the girl, jumped up, and barked with all her hair up. Since the girl was young, I was able to sit Karma down. I told her that sheís nervous and can be aggressive. The grandpa gave me a dirty look, and Iím already in pain so didnít feel like dealing with it. I told him as calmly as I could ďsheís not a mean dog, but Iím small and an easy target for ignorant people. I want my dog to act aggressive and bite if need be to protect me, as Iíll protect her. That said, sheís not happy when people run toward me.Ē I had calmed Karma down and the girl asked to pet her, and after looking at my dog, I said yes. She then asked how is she with other dogs. I told her straight up she doesnít like them as she was attacked as a puppy, and has snapped at another dog before. She ran inside and I was talking with her grandpa about her training, at which point Karma was friendly toward him as well. He agreed that having a protective dog is a wonderful thing, and we had a nice conversation. The girl then runs back out with her dog, off leash. A little Chihuahua mix about 15-20 pounds. Karma tenses up and jumped at the dog. I was already holding her harness and collar. The dog started sniffing her and she tried turning around. The girl grabbed the dog and I let go of Karmas collar and had her on a tight leash. I was so angry! I tell you my dog isnít the friendliest and doesnít like dogs. She trusts me though, thankfully, else sheíd have been bit and the dog too. Told the guy to have a good day and off we went.

So yeah. All of that and arguing with my mom earlier (which prompted me to go for a walk in the first place) just has me bitter. Currently laying in bed with my foot and ankle wrapped as Karma eats by my bed. Door shut. No distractions. Just me and my dog.

Guys, donít follow people with dogs and keep following them when their dog is clearly barking, growling, putting space between you and itís owner, and pulling to you. Guys, donít run to the street and keep approaching when someone tells you their dog is nervous and in training to protect their owner. Guys, donít go get your dog when someone tells you their dog has a tendency to snap at other dogs. Be like grandpa and understand how dogs behave and why you do what you do with your dog. This was the first time Iíve had a negative experience during a walk. This is why I train her as I do. To keep people away from us. Rant over
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Why would you train a service dog to be aggressive? That's legit dangerous.
Ragnarok War Horses    •  613 career posts 571 days ago
Well sheís not a service dog. I just hold her collar to regain balance. Nor is she aggressive. Sheís protective. My area is very dangerous and just as Iíd protect her, Iíd need her to protect me.
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  29,700 career posts 571 days ago
If you use her i think she considered a service dog .
Idk its a ehh gray area best to just becareful when talking about it or doing it .

If you need her for balance then she is i suppose in some ways a service animal.

I woild just be careful about this gray area
Blind Infernal      •  24,664 career posts 571 days ago
The area might be Dangerous but if your dog attacks someone they could legit get put down sadly.

I would be careful with how your train her like that it could become a problem
Blind Infernal      •  24,665 career posts 571 days ago
Yeah thatís why I donít call her a SD. Literally if I injure myself or something I just hold onto her so I can go sit down. She doesnt perform any tasks or anything. Same thing as when she would rather be outside playing and I have to lead her inside I guess. I donít feel right calling her a service animal because of that
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  29,701 career posts 571 days ago
Understood with that just be careful with how you appoche the attack dog area though alot of people tend to have them.

An agreesive type dog with its owner not always a good thing. If she gets lose shw could cause real harm to someone because she was tought to attack when scarred .

Idk gray area for sure

Do you need a service animal?
Blind Infernal      •  24,666 career posts 571 days ago
As said, sheís never bitten anyone. She just barks and growls at people who come too close. I was nearly kidnapped as a child and have had many adults hit on me and put hands on my shoulders and such when I was 10-11. She basically only barks if itís a totally unusual situation where someone gets extremely close, follows, or if I get nervous the way someone talks. Thatís why as soon as I relaxed and let her know it was okay, she was friendly and thank playing with the girl and her grandpa, really happily and such. She reads my body language very well as I do hers. I appreciate the concern, I really do, but she listens very well to me and wonít do anything unless someone physically did something to me, and is EXTREMELY easy and quick to calm down and relax
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  29,702 career posts 571 days ago
I would get her trained and paper for a service dog though
If you use her after those things she considered a serivce dog if she goes in stores etc.

She does not half to do anything some service dogs legit confort there owner.

Notnall service dogs bring things some just be used for things like balance and protection.
Blind Infernal      •  24,667 career posts 571 days ago
Sheís never bitten anyone, other than toys and when training when my helper would physically touch me. She hesitates and doesnít do anything at first anyway.

I do not need a service animal. I injure myself a lot with old injuries and sprained stuff, so I usually use hold onto her then or, as said, feeling weak due to the very very rare seizure or fainting. I wouldnít need a service animal, nor would I call her one. Nor would I call her an attack dog.
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  29,703 career posts 571 days ago
I donít bring her with me to any store that isnít a pet store. I feel like she is an emotional support animal, which is not a service dog, but I havenít been people evaluated to need one.
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  29,704 career posts 571 days ago
Ahh your miss understanding haha
Was just woundering as she does as a service dog would !
Blind Infernal      •  24,668 career posts 571 days ago
My bad! Then nope. I basically just hold onto her as if I needed to bring her back inside or something like that.
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  29,705 career posts 571 days ago
With your seizures you could get one more then likely
Glad she does well for you! I always take my serivce dog jogging with me cause i never know when ill blakc out lol
Blind Infernal      •  24,669 career posts 571 days ago
Itís something Iíve considered actually! I talked to a doctor my mom works with about it and said that since it only happens once or twice a year, if that, I wouldnít qualify in my area. Thatís totally fine. Sheís still a wonderful dog for me, and Iím so thankful to have her!
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  29,706 career posts 571 days ago
Lucky lol i pass out atleast once a month min but thats my fault
Blind Infernal      •  24,672 career posts 571 days ago
Oh gosh boy stop it! Lol if I seize or pass out more than that itís mt fault and I know how to manage it then without help, which that doesnít even happen often lol
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  29,707 career posts 571 days ago
Haha right?
I have gotten better it has been 2 months since my last one
. well till 2 nights ago
I didnt eat and well.. Yeah lol
Blind Infernal      •  24,673 career posts 571 days ago
Ohmigosh eaaaaaaat before I make Karma deliver you food lol
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  29,708 career posts 571 days ago
What kind of dog is Karma? Just out of curiosity, no stigma :)

I feel the whole dealing with a not really dog friendly dog. Outside of our family pack, my Husky I had when I was younger was very dog conscious. He was wary of any dogs outside of the 'ones he knew, but was a real sweetheart with the dogs of the pack. His hackles would be fully up and he would show teeth if they got too close, but all it took was some reassurance from his 'human pack' and he would (very begrudgingly) let them be in the same general space as him (like for example if we saw another dog while on a walk).

Also know the dog trained for tasks but not a 'service' dog feel. Our newest pup is really freaking smart and I've been teaching him for fun to assist with random tasks but I don't need a service dog. We take him into pet stores and really anywhere hes allowed in the area for training as well so hes used to other dogs and people and we always get the question if hes being service trained. We have been thinking about trying to get him therapy trained in the future, but for now its just nice to have someone who helps with the groceries xD
Darkfall Wonderland    •  789 career posts 571 days ago
Sheís a Labrador retriever x German shepherd dog x border collie. She looks like a Lab, size of the BC, but the drive and temperament as a lower energy GSD. She has a wonderfuloff switch!

Thatís similar how Karma acts with other dogs! She generally just holds her hackles up though and snaps of jumps if they get too close, hence me having to have held her harness and collar. Itís a journey, but sheís doing better. I canít blame her though. When youíre nine weeks and 10 pounds, a 10 year old 68 pound Labrador x English springer spaniel x German shorthair pointer slices your muzzle open, itís not the best experience. Felt horrible for her, but I can understand the nervousness. Iím glad your husky is easy to relax if you let him know!

Yes! She does some things a SD would do. She leads me to a safe spot if I need it when passing out and helps my with my balance when I get injured. I donít need a SD and she is absolutely positively not trained for it. Itís the equivalent to leading her somewhere using her collar ya know? I do try to do the same thing, taking her to places and stores that allow dogs! If someone asks, I always tell them sheís not a SD but does help with balance. Itís not even mobility, as I can get around fine lol so glad to have someone who understands those things!
Storm Surge Equestrian     •  29,709 career posts 571 days ago
Aww sounds like a cute mix!

Yeah he was a real good boy, we never had any issues with him. It was the neighbors dogs that were a problem; my first Shep wanted to play but the neighbors dog (freaking Pomeranian) didn't and she lashed out, got him on the muzzle. More of a warning than anything but it was enough to make us wary about letting them in the same space unsupervised. Then not long after we got my first Golden the neighbors Pitty got loose and attacked her. We really lucked out on that one; she had been in the yard minding her own business and at that point she was trained to not leave the yard so we would just let her out. Thankfully my gram came out just in time since the neighbors dog had my Golden by the throat. We also lucked out because even after that she was still fine with other dogs of all kinds, not even a moment of fear even though she was only about a year old and it could have really done lifelong damage. I guess you really just get lucky some times when it comes to dogs since really anything can happen. It was a real shock when the Pitty attacked; she was a real sweet girl who loved to give kisses and play with little kids. You just never know sometimes. (Not that I have anything against Pitts after that, the ones I have met since have been such sweeties).

Yeah honestly with our pup its more of "What can we do to keep him busy so he doesn't get destructive" because he is a huge chewer and so smart he will figure out a way to get in to things he shouldn't (taught himself how to open the oven (so we no longer hang towels on the oven), taught himself how to open the back door (so now we can't leave the deadbolt unlocked), Likes to open the dryer and take out freshly dried towels to cuddle with (*facepalm*), and his newest trick is nudging open the window in the office that we often leave cracked for airflow. Well we only leave it cracked instead of all the way open because the screen is ripped and haven't gotten a chance to fix it. So the bugger will open the window and basically let the cat out (she will climb through the rip) so we have to take out the screen and climb on to the roof out there to get the cat since shes a dumb cat who is afraid of heights).
Have you thought about getting her classes for the basic Canine Good Citizen test? we have our pup set to take the class (its pretty much a step below therapy dog) mostly because it keeps him busy and learning. Between basic training and agility classes I'm surprised he still finds ways to be a silly little pup but he does.
Darkfall Wonderland    •  790 career posts 571 days ago
darkfall that dog sounds soo much like jake XD it is about lucky really jake has a great temper where the small dog cash my sister own has a ruff temper XD

sometimes the bigger the dog the nicer the temp and the smaller the dog the meaner the temp it all depends on the dog lol
Blind Infernal      •  24,697 career posts 571 days ago
The meanest dogs I have met are like five pounds sopping wet xD With some serious small dog syndrome haha
Darkfall Wonderland    •  791 career posts 571 days ago
i feel this so hard, in the past year ive found myself in so many sticky situations and im lucky my rott cross knows both korean and hand signals and is unafraid to bite someone if necessary. the world has become such a scary place):
lownine equine     •  8,775 career posts 571 days ago
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