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Kind of embarrassed to post this but most horses do okay at my barn besides two unicorns I have.
I think I turned jump offs on way too early for em'.

Now they both have negative winnings of 2k+... How can I fix this? What items / methods can I use / do to fix this?

It's been really bothering me. Thanks!
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You half to jump them on days there ready really
What age are they?
Elmo Ink The Defenders      •  24,879 career posts 1653 days ago
@The Colourblind Elite - They are both 3!
Cailicorn     •  8,358 career posts 1653 days ago
Okay prime is 5
Thats the best time to jump them unless fully loyal
Try putting them against older. Horses who are no longer jump
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- Registering them in 5, 5 Star registries should help. [Since there aren't any 5 stars for unicorns, I'd recommend these:
- Also, putting them on carrot juice will make a big difference.
Putting them into jumps before a certain age doesn't make a huge difference. Yes, their winnings can go negative, but they will make up for that later.
I've found horses start to improve the most at 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.
- Also, go to your training page and make sure you've used all 5 trainings for the breed.

If you do all of those things, you should see a big difference.
Do keep in mind that Unicorn registries don't have 5 stars, so they may not do as well until the registry stars go up, but you should still see a difference :)
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sent you a pm. :)
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I took a peek at them :)

5* registries help. Or at least, 5 registries of the highest star you can get. Rares are tougher since they don't have the numbers/jumps to get high star registries off the bat. Just gotta keep going at it, since Higher Jumps = Better rank, and more horses with better rank in the registries = higher star registries. If there aren't any with any stars, pick five (or make 5) and register all your horses, registry in 5 of them helps no matter what star they are. (for example my Kelps averaged low 80s, but now that they have the numbers their jumps are hitting high 80s almost 90)

Items - If you are going to item them, go all the way. Putting one or two items on a horse that is competing against fully stocked horses puts them at a disadvantage. With the foundies I would put the money in to them to give them all the DNA you can (Peg, Fetlock and Super if you can, HF doesn't really do much) as well as Stirrups. I spent over 100 USD on my first 8 Kelps to stock them; managed to get my newest 16 on the same caliper with 10 credits and smart buying with PBs as well.

Feed- Carrot Juice is best.

Jumping - Jump against other rares. TBs have such an extent that they are pretty much genetically predispositioned to beat out rares. Challenge against horses with similar heights and similar rarity, that way they are on a more even playing field. (if you need rares to challenge check my barn page; Method in the Madness is my barn set for my rares and there are plenty of lower kids who could use some jumps)
Creating a 'mess barn' or even just multiple barns can help because with a 'mess barn' you just pick up badly bred/crossbred/linebred, can slap a dog or other worthless item on them, and use them to challenge your itemed. That way you control the jumps your horses are getting better, and the horses you are challenging them with are at a genetic disadvantage. You could also pick up older horses to jump them against since they are past their prime and don't jump as well.
Jump Smart - Wait until their loyalty is all the way up if not using a LH before posting them to the forums for jumps.

Breeding - Don't breed until they are either out of Jumps (if they don't have a Leg Wrap) or use DNA breeding if you want to get foals before they are older. Breeding before brings their strength down which negatively impacts jumping.

And just a thing I use with my rares when breeding-
Pair breeding is EXTREMELY helpful in keeping track of lines. Only ever breeding one stud and one mare means you don't accidentally breed everyone to one stallion, or realize down the line you kept choosing the same lines and have a bunch of half siblings or half cousins. I've been using this with my Kelps for generations and it gave me a lot of genetic variety with my later generations and made it easy to pair them as I go.

If you have any questions about rares I'd be happy to help, feel free to shoot me a message!
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