Can Anyone Help Before I Throw My Laptop And Tablet??! 159 views  •   237 days ago
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I have a Veikk tablet (my first one, I've always had Wacom) and PSE 2019. I CANNOT get my pen pressure to work and haven't since downloading it all. I've downloaded the drivers for the tablet tonight and PS today. I've since restarted my laptop too.

NOTHING is working and I can't make my manips without pen pressure; it's the whole reason I have a tablet.

The pen pressure works on the tablet, because in the Veikk setup program I can test it and check the levels. The tablet works on PS but NO PEN PRESSURE.

This is literally driving me CRAZY

Any help or ideas would be perfect! I've tried google and youtube, they all have Wacom tablets or PS CC which is different than mine.

Thank you!!

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i had the same problem and had to switch to ps cc ): windows has destoryed the old system when it comes to pen pressure, and cc is the only program to really fix it in the ps world. it rly sux tbh
lownine equine     •  8,876 career posts 237 days ago
I literally just bought it yesterday!! NOOOOOO!!!
E L E G A N T E     •  5,407 career posts 237 days ago
Do you have Windows Ink enabled in your Tablet Preferences? (Tablet Options, Mapping, Small checkbox that says 'Enable Windows Ink' in the right hand lower side I believe)
DF K o r o l e v a  MOD   •  2,377 career posts 237 days ago
And which version of Veikk is it?
DF K o r o l e v a  MOD   •  2,378 career posts 237 days ago
Its the Veikk A30, Ill try that though.
E L E G A N T E     •  5,408 career posts 236 days ago
Yeah it might be a Windows Ink issue. Also, would recommend uninstalling any other tablet drivers you might have if you haven't already. If you do that, I would recommend removing all drivers including the Veikk one then doing a clean install to make sure Photoshop isn't trying to use old preferences or a different driver even though you are using the Veikk.

Also make sure in Photoshop itself in your Brush settings that 'Shape Dynamics' is turned on and control is set to pen pressure if you haven't already.
Darkfall Wonderland    •  1,403 career posts 236 days ago
Darkfall - This is a completely new laptop, everythings just been downloaded in the last day :( It's driving me crazy though! How do I check the shape dynamics in PS? I don't know where youre talking about. Also this is Elements, not CC incase that makes a difference.
E L E G A N T E     •  5,409 career posts 236 days ago
Also how do I check the windows ink thing? I haven't heard of it at all. I've never run into any of these issues :(
E L E G A N T E     •  5,410 career posts 236 days ago
this is how i do it
To turn on the workspace, press and hold (or right-click) on the taskbar, and then select Show Windows Ink Workspace button. Select Windows Ink Workspace from the taskbar to open it. From here, you'll see Sticky Notes, sketchpad, and screen sketch. Plus, quickly open the apps you use your pen with under Recently used.
The Colorblind Elite     •  25,605 career posts 236 days ago
this Helps sometimes a good walk though on some things you can try

not sure if will completly solve your problem
The Colorblind Elite     •  25,606 career posts 236 days ago
ColourBlind Elite, I half understand what youre saying but I don't lol I'm so lost and confused! Can you re-explain all that?
E L E G A N T E     •  5,411 career posts 236 days ago
haha i am so sorry sometimes i forget i need to English more correctly XD hahaha anyway

turn on your workspace (i tell you up above how to do that ) right click on the taskbar you should get the option to select show windows ink workspace .
open it you should seee sticky notes ,sketchpad. and screen sketch . plus
that should get you to the point you can check all your settings

you might have something turned off
The Colorblind Elite     •  25,608 career posts 236 days ago
An icon of a pen writing in an “S” shape will appear in the notifications area to the far right.
Click on that and the Ink Workspace appears. By default it includes Sticky Notes—an app that's accessible outside of Workspace—as well as some apps you may not be familiar with, such as Sketchpad and Screen Sketch
The Colorblind Elite     •  25,609 career posts 236 days ago
Yes, I can get to that, I have no pressure on any of those programs either. I've looked in those settings but see nothing about pen pressure :/
E L E G A N T E     •  5,412 career posts 236 days ago
you honestly might have windows ink turned off make sure to turn it on that sometimes makes it to where you have no pen pressure
The Colorblind Elite     •  25,610 career posts 236 days ago
How would I check that?
E L E G A N T E     •  5,413 career posts 236 days ago
i think its under your tablet settings it should be a box to check
*goes to my tablet and checks for self*
The Colorblind Elite     •  25,611 career posts 236 days ago
Brush Preferences in PS - Should be 'Window'(Top Taskbar) - 'Brushes' to open the brush window. One of the options along the side of the window should say 'Shape Dynamics', make sure the box next to it is checked, and open up the settings by clicking on the 'Shape Dynamics' tab. That's where you find the settings for Shape/Size jitters and stuff. Size Jitter is what you want, there is a slider, but underneath there should be A drop down box. In that drop down box, select 'Pen Pressure'.
If that's not already set, it should allow Photoshop to recognize the pen pressure from your tablet.

Windows Ink is a newer system that has been coming in to play with the new PS and Windows updates.

Do you have the small Tablet Icon in your task bar? If you have that and can access it click it, go to the area where you test pressure (since you have checked the pen pressure outside of PS I assume you know what I mean by the test pressure panel). Go to the 'Mapping' tab in your tablet controls, And there should be a checkbox there for Windows Ink (make sure that yes, the box is selected). You may have to restart your PC afterward.
Darkfall Wonderland    •  1,405 career posts 236 days ago
Where are these settings? This whole laptop is new and I've never had a Veikk tablet either. Im just so tired of this not working :,(
E L E G A N T E     •  5,414 career posts 236 days ago
thank you Darkfall XD
your grammer is 10x better then mine
*why do i even try lol*
The Colorblind Elite     •  25,612 career posts 236 days ago
So in my PS windows tab, there is no brush settings or brush tab to choose from :/ So I cant find the shape dynamics :(

As far as the windows ink in tablet settings, those are on/selected.
E L E G A N T E     •  5,415 career posts 236 days ago
Hmm might be different from CC *is trying to think*
According to the website this is how you reach it in Elements but its really vague -

"Select the Brush tool in the toolbox and then set the tablet options in the Tool Options bar that you want to control with pen pressure."
Darkfall Wonderland    •  1,406 career posts 236 days ago
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