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As the world come into a new balance since the Great Titan Battle many things seemed unclear. For a while Evil had a larger hold and the darkness was hastily seeking out any corner that light and hope may be holding onto. However, as time went on the world quieted and light seemed to be pushing back filling people with hope. As Veloren crept through the shadows calling the lost to her it was becoming clearer this new world was forgetting about the Titans. Veloren watched as her Titan brothers and sisters disbanded to different parts to lay roots and soon fade from memory becoming nothing more than that of myth. No this was not the world she wanted for she wanted people to remember her name. She wanted people to shake at the mention of it and fear the shadows. This was a task that seemed impossible for she would need help from horses with hearts as black of hers, horses from the depths of the Underworld. Then it came to her in order to get such a power hold she would need to spread her offspring throughout the world, so they could bring darkness to everything they touch. The plan was perfect 4 foals sent to the corners of the world and a 5th to control the center. There was only 1 horse Evil enough to be considered as a Sire. He was as dark as night and ruled the Underworld with an iron hoof, loyal to the god of death himself…..Kiss of Death.
Little did Veloren know that her plan wasn’t so secret and a horse made of fire and brimstone was listening coming up with his own plan to take this power for himself. Brisingr named after the fire from which he came was Veloren’s half brother. Forsaken by his mother cause his father wasn’t a Titan of ol’ but over the years he had trained and his powers had grown along with his hatred for the one chosen over him. He would over throw his sister and become the one that nightmares are made of, the one that no one dare say his name. He needed a mate that was power hungry and he knew just the one. Red Queen she had always adored him following him around like a love sick dog. However, her blood ran cold with a icy heart so quick to temper. Yes she was perfect and their power combined there was nothing to stop them from ruling over this land.
Now it is time to find those that will raise and help these foals grow and make the world quake under their hooves. Who is up for the challenge for it is far from an easy task to channel such power?
Come now and put claim to 1 of 10 foals. Who will you fight for the Shadows or the Fire?
All foals must be itemed sorry no saddles this time.
There will be 5 foals from Veloren x Kiss of Death team Shadows and 5 foals from Brisingr x Red Queen team fire
Entry fee is 1mil
There will be check-ins at 5, 10, 15. Prizes for Best Jump per team, Best rank per team and best name.
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Shadow please
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