Readers? Wanna make a cool 5mill pbs? 133 views  •   5 days ago
Turn Waterhorses  online   •  8,061 career posts  
Im nearly done with an edit of my novella (30k words roughly 50 pages in google docs) and am looking for a few beta readers for critique.

quick overview (not the official blurb as that isnt done yet)
A little girl goes missing, last suspected playing in an old heirloom wooden box. The police are of little help in the search for Grace. The family begins to uncover strange things about the box and must learn it's secrets to find their daughter.

some notes on beta reading:

and questions to think about as you read:

Do you like the title? Does it fit?

Do you like the cover? Does it fit?

Does it feel like the right length? (some sections too long/or short)

Does the pacing work? (too slow, too quick)

Do you believe the characters? Do they feel different from each other? Can you describe the MC(s)?

Did you like the ending? Was it satisfying?

Did you feel 'sucked in' to the book? Or did anything pull you back out? Did you feel like you were reading or that you were part of the action?

What was/were the most memorable moment(s)?

What were your favorite part(s) and least favorite?


I will create a google docs document for each beta reader so that you can highlight or make whatever notes you like right on the story.

5mill pbs to each completed beta read :)

its not ready *quite* yet as im still finishing edits on the last couple chapters but should be up after the weekend.
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Cool! I love to write but I lack the attention span to stay focused so I mostly do poetry I used to have a whole notebook filled and then I lost it in our moves so now im starting to get back in to it
Whiskey Roses     •  1,054 career posts 2 days ago
I definitely will, I have an embarrassing amount of things stuck in the draft stages- I'm hoping to finally get some of them ready for self-publishing on amazon :)
Turn Thoroughbreds  online  •  357 career posts 2 days ago
Ok sounds good I love to read so definitely hit me up if u want some advice
Whiskey Roses     •  1,052 career posts 2 days ago
Whiskey - I closed it for this one, but I am starting an edit on another story - a (slightly longer) thriller. I will keep this post saved for future contacts - either for future stories or if people end up having to back out. I am honestly surprised (and overjoyed) at the amount of interest :)
Turn Contest  online  •  424 career posts 2 days ago
Im super interested in reading it
Whiskey Roses     •  1,049 career posts 2 days ago
awesome thanks guys! I'm going to cap it here before i run out of pbs lol. making files for each of you :)

will msg everyone!!!
Turn Waterhorses   online  •  8,070 career posts 5 days ago
You know I am game! :D Fantastic idea by the way, I might have to see about getting some PB help once I eventually get around to finishing mine xD
Darkfall Wonderland  online  •  1,488 career posts 5 days ago
I'd love to help out too!
Ro Equus     •  695 career posts 5 days ago
Your novella sounds like an interesting read! If youíre still looking for beta readers, Iím definitely interested.
Arie Stables     •  906 career posts 5 days ago
Oh I would love to help out!
RoughTides     •  2,058 career posts 5 days ago
haha, yeah I had a teacher in 8th grade, she would grade us on content separately from grammar (and one run-on sentence was minus 50 points!) I got a lot of A for content F for grammar.

I learned a lot from her, although i do still love a run-on sentence sometimes ;)
Turn Waterhorses   online  •  8,069 career posts 5 days ago
Legit i can gst A+++++ in Reading and at the same time get a C-in English lol
The ColourBlind Elite   online  •  25,868 career posts 5 days ago
haha thanks Elmo, msging you. grammar doesn't matter as much as story at this point :)
Turn Waterhorses   online  •  8,068 career posts 5 days ago
I can Read better then i can English Grammer so xD
Elmo Ink The Defenders  online  •  51 career posts 5 days ago
Awesome Bepaling! Ill get one set up for you :)
Turn Waterhorses   online  •  8,067 career posts 5 days ago
that works too, I figured not many people have so I included the blog link - its really helpful. really its not hard, I just need readers perspectives so you don't need any real 'skills'

and if you like doing it, I have a lot of stories that are in various stages so there will always be more!
Turn Waterhorses   online  •  8,065 career posts 5 days ago
I love reading too! =D I'd be more than happy to read it and give you some critique.
I'm used to google docs from group uni assignments, so happy to use it. =)
Bepaling Stables     •  3,648 career posts 5 days ago
Itís okay, I can just message them to you here? If that works? c:
Iíve not really done something like this before, but am super excited to try!
Victory Sporthorses     •  15,080 career posts 5 days ago
yeah no problem, ill add my email to the document when i get it ready, I'm fairly new to it to but its pretty easy (and I'm not very good with that kind of thing lol)
Turn Waterhorses   online  •  8,063 career posts 5 days ago
Thank you sounds great!
Iíve never really used it before, but iím sure I can work my way around it c:
If not, I can just email the questions above, over to you once iíve read it? :)
Victory Sporthorses     •  15,079 career posts 5 days ago
Sounds awesome! I should have it ready soon - been working on it now. Thanks so much! Ill let you know when its ready, are you familiar with Google Docs?
Turn Waterhorses   online  •  8,062 career posts 5 days ago
*hand flies up* Iíd totally be up for reading it and giving some advice! I love to read, and am after a good read c:
So will be super excited to have a read of it if you want me to do this! :D
Victory Sporthorses     •  15,077 career posts 5 days ago
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