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Fox Crest Stables     •  33,544 career posts  
Traum Angst

I think this horse is finally doing half way decent in jumps? Not sure, really. Iím not used to how this whole ordeal works, as Iím used to the old way of shows and I had that down pat. So I think this horse needs jumps? I donít even know how this whole jump thing works with classes and what not. The horse jumped in the 80ís and has items. Thatís about the extent of what I know. If anyoneís bored and wants to send jumps, Iím assuming thatís how I get this horse to improve.
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Sent some
Heartlands Toris      •  8,489 career posts 814 days ago
Do I need to accept them or is it automatic? You used to have to accept jumps, not sure if thatís the case anymore?
Fox Crest Stables     •  33,545 career posts 814 days ago
Sent, Itís automatic, so Itíll go through on itís own in a bit ^.^
Victory Sporthorses      •  15,117 career posts 814 days ago
It Auto
No longer do you half to click
The Colourblind Elite    online  •  26,030 career posts 814 days ago
Awesome, thank you. This is the first horse that Iíve actually done anything with since like, shoot, 2015? So Iím re-learning all of this. Haha.
Fox Crest Stables     •  33,546 career posts 814 days ago
Nice to see ya back at it! Any questions - just message me! Sending challenges to your horse and they should automatically go through in 10- 15 minutes hopefully...sometimes takes longer.
PythonPonyPalaces TBRED1     •  732 career posts 814 days ago
I am another old, confused player. Womp.
Tripp International     •  16,233 career posts 814 days ago
If you put the horse in jumps offs, it will randomly send out to a horse a couple of times a day. Also people can send to that horse as its set in jump offs. All jumps now go through automatically sometimes fast and sometimes its a behind and can a while :|

If its turned off people can't send out, however you will still be able to send the horse out to other horses yourself =)
The Hello Stud     •  1,112 career posts 814 days ago
She got to 86Ē! Not sure if thatís decent or not, but itís better than what she was before. I remember when 75Ē was like the max a horse would get to without saddles added. Those were the days.
Fox Crest Stables     •  33,547 career posts 811 days ago
And weíve made it to 90Ē! I have no idea how to see who is sending her jumps, but thank you to those who are! Seems itís working. Not sure what the end goal is here, but itís a cool journey.
Fox Crest Stables     •  33,548 career posts 810 days ago
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