Rest Now my Beloved Java 134 views  •   206 days ago
Santa Ana Ranch  MOD    •  59,063 career posts  
My heart crossed the rainbow bridge tonight.

Iíll be here but not HERE for a while.

My Java was 28yrs old and my heart and soul.

I miss him so much already.
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So sorry for your loss.
I had to put my heart horse down due to colic back in 2012. He was my everything so I completely understand how you're feeling.

Take all the time you need, and remember to forever cherish the memories you have with him.
RoughTides     •  2,118 career posts 189 days ago
Aw, Iíd be devastated too. Xx
Poppy Field Ranch    •  20 career posts 189 days ago
So sorry hun. Xx
The Hello Stud    •  1,219 career posts 206 days ago
(((*sends virtual hugs to Santa))) So sad for you my friend!
PythonPonyPalaces   MOD online  •  29,046 career posts 206 days ago
so sorry santa so very sorry sending you big hugs xox
Sumac Ridge Stables     •  9,497 career posts 206 days ago
I remember his story and can see how much he meant to you. If everyone loved their pals that much. Wishing you easier days.
Tripp International     •  16,257 career posts 206 days ago
Thank you.
My heart is shattered. He was my bubby. Iím ok one sec and balling the next.

Please donít take offense if Iím quiet and not really responding much. Letting him go tonight was hard enough, finding equipment to bury him is making it worse. I wasnít prepared, it was colic. Hug your babies for me, whether they be furry or not, treasure every moment.

I am forever grateful for the last 2 1/2 yrs together after 9 apart. I was lucky I got my heart horse back. I was blessed to have him in his golden years.
Santa Ana Ranch   MOD   •  59,064 career posts 206 days ago
Oh no. :( I'm so sorry.
FTF Thoroughbreds    •  450 career posts 206 days ago
Oh no i am so sorry
The Colorblind Elite     •  26,169 career posts 206 days ago
Awe I'm sorry :(
DNEs Deer Lake Paints    •  595 career posts 206 days ago
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