Ponybucks Giveaway! 187 views  •   189 days ago
Elements Equestrian   •  653 career posts  

I'd like to give the newer players a little leg up in the game, to assist with buying and breeding better horses, or to use however you like. Since I used to play back in 2008, the inflation in the PB economy has gone through the roof so I believe it is only fair to boost the smaller barns!

Giving 500k to each player who requires it.

(If you do not need it, please do not take advantage. One giveaway per person, not barn. (Mod's assistance would be highly appreciated xD) Negative feedback will be left if I notice dishonesty.)

Please post your barn ID and a brief comment on what you love about this game. Comment is optional but it would be nice to spread some positivity!

I love the PB community, their willingness to help other players when needed and working together to create amazing pixels!

Love you PB
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Woo! This really nice of you :D I don't need anything Just wanted to say your really nice to do this :D
Arborath    •  74 career posts 189 days ago
Thanks Arborath! ♥

Not many are taking up the offer, I'll add that if anyone has less than 3m pbs, they are eligible for the 500k :)
Elements Equestrian    •  658 career posts 189 days ago
Hi, I would like some PB. I love Ponybox because of the willingness from people to do lots of giveaways for the people who need it (like you). I also love it that the PB community works together to buy and sell horses to their best potential :)
Poppy Field Ranch    •  22 career posts 189 days ago

I'd like to enter one of my friends that just joined. I made her a barn pic, she just needs some ponybucks to get some horses to put it on!
Tripp International     •  16,281 career posts 189 days ago
Pbs sent! That's lovely of you Tripp :)
Elements Equestrian    •  661 career posts 187 days ago
hi iwould like some pbs because I have less then 3million right now, thanks and im trying to get my trotters going.
Buck Int Spare Two     •  2,017 career posts 187 days ago
Sent, good luck with your trotters! :)
Elements Equestrian    •  665 career posts 187 days ago
Thanks so much!
Tripp International     •  16,287 career posts 183 days ago
I would like some PB I not long started and I trying to my elfin going
Indie star stable    •  2 career posts 182 days ago
If you could spare it, I would like some PB. Also, I wanted to say that it's really nice of you to help new players like this :)
Sapphire Lake Training    •  2 career posts 182 days ago
BTW my barn ID is 840785

I love PonyBox because I love horses and business so I thought, "Why not give it a go?" and soon I was addicted! ;)
Sapphire Lake Training    •  3 career posts 182 days ago
I would desperately appreciate it so i Could start being more active atm i only have 6k pb so i am officially broke on here xD


Having been a member since 2010 i have enjoyed watching pb evolve into what it is now i was a paint and nakota member mainly
VampireQueenNyx     •  2,905 career posts 182 days ago
Pbs sent :)

Indie - Good luck with your Elfins!
Sapphire - It is pretty addictive hey!
Vampire - It has changed heaps since those good ol' days! Hope to see you regularly on here :D
Elements Equestrian    •  693 career posts 182 days ago
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