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Okay, so this is going to be a Hard Manipulation(s).
All are welcome to enter !

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse's Horses!

I'll put their descriptions so you have a good idea of what I'm looking for.

War's Horse - Riot -

"A massive horse, almost as wide across as my jeep. It's coast was a bizarre red color, like blood from a deep cut, a deep but bright red. Even stranger it's there were flashes of gold and yellow on its hooves and mane, flashes that looked like fire" Riot is a Stallion and has fire illuminating off it's body, mane, tail and hooves. He's BIG, Built like a tank and incredibly Aggressive.

Famine's Horse - Shadow -
"His horse came up in the middle of the street like black smoke. First just a thread, twisting up from the ground, then a flurry of whirling, rising Darkness that gradually formed into the Blackest horse you can imagine Blacker than soot. Blacker than the deepest cave. Smoke, then solid. Then Horse." Shadow is a Mare that was long and spindly in build. Leggy like a Race horse, she moved like she was spring loaded totally weightless, when she did , lines of muscle caught the light like the flash of moonbeams, she'd leave trails of smokey light. The blackish/Blue smoke came off her legs, mane and tail. she is Haunting .

Conquest's Horse - Lucent -
"A whirl of light sprang from the earth, brilliant slashes of light that wove together to form a pure white Stallion - the light - positive version of Shadow, except much thicker and broader" Lucent is a Huge stallion. Pure white, his pureness illuminating off him, a white glow.

Death's horse - Ruin -
"a pale flicker of movement stirred in the grass in front of him. Movement like gray leaves, spinning in an eddy wind. As it grew into a small tornado, I realized I was looking at ashes. They solidified into longer threads that formed a hoof, an ankel, legs. On up until the horse was fully formed, as real and solid as me." Ruin is a Pale, Pale Gold color and a Mare. Smaller than Shadow, Much smaller than Lucent. She was compact and lithe. Perfectly proportioned.

"These horses were wicked and fast. Their power was incredible. And their fighting was vicious. Riot and Lucent had the advantage of Size and Strength, but Ruin and Shadow had the edge on Speed and Agility. "

Each of these horses are incredible, Memorizing to look at I want to capture that in the Manipulation(s). You're welcome to try and create their riders but I prefer just the horses.

Now, since they all come up from the ground I'd like there to be little spots, where they came up from.

- for example -
Riot is Fire, so a little spot of flames on the ground.

Shadow is Darkness, so a little spot of bluish-black smoke coming up from the ground.

Lucent is Light, so a little glowing white ball or smoke coming up from the ground.

Ruin is pale, pale gold, so gray ashes with a goldish glow around them coming up from the ground.

Each horse can be in a different Pose or all the same.
These horses did Not get along at first, you're welcome to create them kind of "fighting" or giving off "attitude" toward one another, or you can create them in Battle stance, stamped or getting along but still have their "we're the four horsemen of the apocalypse's horses" attitude.

You're welcome to try and create their tack but it would probably be harder to do as it's very detailed. if you want to take a go at their tack, I can comment the descriptions of the tack below, just let me know.

Now - You're welcome to pick a horse and create That horse or make one of each, or all of them in one Manipulation. it's completely up to you.

Credits x2 (or $20.00 CAD)
Free foal reservation to Harley Quinn 94.25" x2
2,000,000 Ponybucks

I will be leaving this open until April 8th, 2019 (my birthday, hehe)

If More time is needed please, Mail Me and let me know! ^_^
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Iím hopefully getting a tablet tomorrow, so if it all works and everything is great, then I shall see if I can figure it all out so that I can enter this c:
Victory Sporthorses     •  16,215 career posts 154 days ago
sorry I meant to put * stampeding not stamped Lol
Paranormal Thoroughbreds    •  1,387 career posts 154 days ago
awesome, Thanks Victory ^_^
Paranormal Thoroughbreds    •  1,388 career posts 154 days ago
I am incredibly intrested! Lets hope i can get photoshop working correctly, i can even work on it in my classes. I will highly consider this!
Pentagram International     •  1,127 career posts 154 days ago
Thanks Pentagram ^_^
Paranormal Thoroughbreds    •  1,389 career posts 154 days ago
I might play with this!
I love makeing Evil manips xD
The Colorblind Elite   online  •  27,659 career posts 154 days ago

Yay TCE !
Paranormal Stallions    •  1,922 career posts 154 days ago
ooooo i started a project like this in highschool! :O
if i find time i might whip something together
lownine equine     •  9,151 career posts 154 days ago
Awesome! Thanks Iownine !
Paranormal Thoroughbreds    •  1,390 career posts 154 days ago
Patching something together, Ill see if it works or is an epic failure xD
Beyond The Rain     •  596 career posts 153 days ago
Beyond The Rain     •  597 career posts 153 days ago
BTR, i love it!
You did an awesome job! :)
Oh man I'm so excited to see everyones lol
Paranormal Thoroughbreds    •  1,397 career posts 152 days ago

Upping the Ponybucks to 4,000,000 !

Can't wait to see everyones entries!!
Paranormal Thoroughbreds    •  1,406 career posts 144 days ago
I'll enter
Silent Meadow     •  41 career posts 144 days ago
sweet !
Thanks Silent Meadow ^_^
Paranormal Thoroughbreds    •  1,407 career posts 144 days ago
Closing dates getting close !
Paranormal Thoroughbreds    •  1,411 career posts 138 days ago
Okay I suppose I need to withdraw my manip as adobe stock isnt currently allowed on ponybox :(
Beyond The Rain     •  610 career posts 138 days ago
Extending the closing date as I've been away for a bit 😊

New closing date: May 15th 2019
Paranormal Thoroughbreds    •  1,412 career posts 125 days ago
With the deadline extension I may just be able to enter. Though will still be exam season. But I love the idea, so we will see!

Hope you had a good birthday, by the way!
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,952 career posts 125 days ago
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