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Deep Oak Trails     •  6,898 career posts  
Hey all! Not sure how many old school paint server players are on here anymore who may remember me or not. But I, Dottie, have (possibly) returned!

I'm a busy finishing my degree to officially be back, but I figured I could spend some time poking around the place a bit. Seeing what's what and all that jazz. But I hope to return perhaps this summer. I miss the place! I grew a lot here and have nothing but fond memories. I credit a lot of my successes to how I was shaped by the world of ponybox. So it holds a special place in my heart, and I'd love to return if I can work it into my schedule later on!

Anyway, enough of me blabbering like the nostalgic fool I am. Ponybox has changed a fair bit since my last log in (like 4 years ago I think?) and I'm getting my self acquainted with the changes. But one thing that I feel is best to ask is what sort of breeds are out there! I can see thoroughbreds are one of the main ones. What other breeds are being worked with though? Any suggestions?

Also for old times sake. Rate/critique my recent artwork? ;P
Surviving the end

Have a wonderful day and thanks!

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LOVE surviving the end thats beautiful :) Im sumac think ive seen your name b4 but not sure it has been awhile.

Right now I have 3 barns with tbs & 1 barn with Kigers I currently Breed With Elmo... The Colorblind Elite
I also have Spanish Mustangs & Hanoverians. seperate barns

It all depends i really like seeing new players find what they love and go from there
Sumac Ridge Stables     •  9,883 career posts 1396 days ago
Nice to meet you Sumac! Great name! Also thanks!

Ah Spanish mustangs. That was a breed I nearly got into back in the day. Nice to see they are still being bred.

Ah for sure, if I had the time I'd be breeding Fleuve's again, but I don't have the time to invest to bring them back. Right now, just want to see whats currently being bred out there and see if I wanna help out the lines with my own breeding. :D
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,899 career posts 1396 days ago
Thoroughbreds are always big!

Also heyyyyyyy
a r i s t a     •  25,093 career posts 1396 days ago
HEY! (: What kinda degree are you finishing up? That's exciting.
I have only been on here for like two weeks since being gone for awhile a year/two years.

I breed Moyles, French Trotters, Canadian Warmbloods, Paints, Irish Sport Horses, Friesians, and I'm about to breed my retired Hanoverian foundries and start those too.

If you ever need help or anything feel free to message me

Also I LOVE your artwork. Simply gorgeous!

AccountForSale1     •  2,284 career posts 1396 days ago
I remember you, I used to play on Paint back in the day too Iím Hearty!
Your artwork is amazing! *drools*
Thoroughbreds are still pretty popular and easy to get hold of
Heartlands Toris      •  8,902 career posts 1396 days ago
Welcome back! I remember you, I was probably Method in the Madness back then but I changed barn names so often on Paint.... Paint server proud!

TBs are of course still popular, and always a good moneymaker. I also breed Friesians and Kelpies! Kelps are still a rarer breed and not as popular, but have some real stunners and would be happy to set you up if you would be interested in breeding them in the future! (shameless Kelp plug xD)

And your art is wonderful, dropped you a watch on dA and will totally be looking out for more soon, especially if you decide to do customs!

Not too much has changed, but there are updates currently in progress! Jumpoffs are the main form of competition, but Foal Comps are still pretty popular as well!

But yes feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or want to chat!


PS - Artwork 1000000/10 :P
a g n i r a a n e e     •  2,704 career posts 1396 days ago
Heeey Arista, fancy seeing you here :P

Haven: I'm a 'mature undergraduate' studying archaeology, with some biological anthropology in previous two years. If all goes to plan I'll be doing a masters in bioarchaeology next year. Love the subject, but my university is known for the levels of stress and pressure it puts on the students, so can't wait to finish this year. Ooo, that's a wide range of horses! I remember when I started ponybox I fell in love with friesian horses in real life. Thank you! I may drop you a message if I get a bit confused by any of the changes. :D

Hearty! Now that is a name I recognise! Ah the good old paint days, I remember when the forums where full to the brim of fun social posts. Such a sweet community. Also thank you! I never would have discovered photo-manipulation art if it wasn't for ponybox.

Nessie: Method in Madness is definitely a name that rings a bell. As is Nessie, for that matter. Kelpies would be an interesting option, I'll keep it in mind! Also I like the name of kelpies. It is fun to say! :P Foal comps? That's a new one to me! Or maybe I forgot about them, oh man it's been so long. Thanks for comments on the art! I'm gonna probably gonna post another piece this week, then slow down a bit until summer, which is also when I may open up customs. Thanks for all the information!
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,900 career posts 1396 days ago
aaahh! i remember you!! welcome back :D

keplies are good, friesians are around and doing well! theres other rarer breeds around but kelps and friesians are the only ones i can thing of xd
lownine equine     •  9,290 career posts 1396 days ago
Welcome back! I played mainly Paint but under a ton of different names - Wilton Park being my longest, as well as Naiad Equine. I was known as "Chesy" lol.

I have Akhal Tekes here - I'm the only breeder at this time.
Heritage Hill Farms     •  499 career posts 1395 days ago
Lownine: Thank you! It's nice to be back, though it feels odd after all the changes. Like in essence its the same ponybox, but not what I remember. So odd! I must say kelpies really interest me!

Chesy: I totally remember you! Also the icon, like did you have the same icon back then or am I going cray cray? Akhal Tekes make for beautiful art
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,901 career posts 1395 days ago
Hey! I remember you but I'm not sure if you'll remember me haha. I don't remember any of my old barn names from the good old Paint days. Your art is absolutely lovely! And as for breeds, I've just starting breeding Pindos Ponies [for like the 10th time ahaha]. Welcome back! :D
The Open Door      •  11,777 career posts 1395 days ago
Ajar: Shame you don't remember your barn name from your paint days! Gosh, it feels like those days were so long ago yet at the same time like they were only yesterday. Ooo! I'll take a look at them!
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,902 career posts 1395 days ago
Hello! I remember you! I cannot remember my barn name on paint as I went through so many haha, but have now stuck with this one, but youíre artwork is absolutely amazing! Itís so great that youíre back! c:
Victory Sporthorses     •  16,439 career posts 1395 days ago
DOTTTIEEEEEE it's meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your long lost pal :D
Deathly Shadow Mists     •  32,759 career posts 1391 days ago
ihave French trotters I could set you up with.
BUCKI EXTRA 07 Closed     •  2,168 career posts 1391 days ago
Victory: Sorry I somehow missed your reply! Wasn't it Victory Sporthorses on paint also? I definitely remember a victory!

Deshy! nsnjfnfnejn! It has been so looooooooong! Oh my gosh! I was not expecting to see you here as I thought you left! It's so nice to see your barn name again :')

Trotteurs: Thanks for the offer! I've decided once my exams are done I think I'm gonna go for a water or dragon mythical theme. Leaning toward Kelpies and Waterhorses right now. :D
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,937 career posts 1390 days ago
I had left hun. but i'm now back ish. i'm here and there really
Deathly Shadow Mists     •  32,763 career posts 1390 days ago
I'm diving deep into Quarter Horses and over the next few breeding days, should have several foals for sale, if they interest you :D
DNEs Deer Lake QHs    MOD   •  831 career posts 1390 days ago
Similar to me then. Life gets so busy. I'm back-sh and may be back properly once I'm done with Cambridge.
Do you still have time to make art? I always remember you making some beautiful art back in the day
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,938 career posts 1390 days ago
DNE, I'll keep it in mind, but I think I'm gonna go for the watery mythical theme :D
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,939 career posts 1390 days ago
I don't make art much anymore. I need a new pc and have no funds for it
Deathly Shadow Mists     •  32,764 career posts 1390 days ago
*Offers Kelpies*

Watery mythical for the win :P
Darkfall Wonderland    •  1,678 career posts 1390 days ago
Lol kelpies are pretty good breed i just perfer my kiger and tbs !
Elmo Ink The Defenders      •  28,018 career posts 1390 days ago
That's a shame. Yeah, getting the funds is a real pain, lordy do I know. I decided to treat myself and invest in a new tablet in hope I can maybe get a few extra bits of income over time. But who knows, in the end I've brought it now and not eating out/getting take in for the next few of months.

Are you still based in the Netherlands?
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,940 career posts 1390 days ago
Darkfall, haha! I may just take you up on that in like a month! Right now, experimenting with a some waterhorses so I get the hang of the game. The Kelpies totally caught my interest though!

In the end they are all lovely breeds! TB's treated me well for while in the past. But I'm always drawn to the more rare options
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,941 career posts 1390 days ago
I have so much more to pay for. Nope im back in the uk now.

I have a waterhorse i bought and never used if you want him for breeding
Deathly Shadow Mists     •  32,767 career posts 1390 days ago
Back to the land of grey inconsistent weather.
Sure, I'll take him if you don't want him/have a use. I'm keeping my numbers small until I get hang od the new game system right now.
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,942 career posts 1390 days ago
hahah thanks. its actually sunny here rn xD

going up for you hun ^^
Deathly Shadow Mists     •  32,768 career posts 1390 days ago
Haha, actually it is! Though my accommodation is in darkness thanks to its location :/

Deep Oak Trails     •  6,943 career posts 1390 days ago
Yep feel free to message me any time about them! I have over 20 foundation pairs (currently retired but available for DNA breeding), and plan on picking up another foundation set soon :)

I still breed TBs as well if you would want a few for moneymaking. I keep them around mostly because of their profit potential xD Gotta make money to fund the rares!
Darkfall Wonderland    •  1,680 career posts 1390 days ago
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