Art tutorials - what would you like to see? 477 views  •   1394 days ago
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,924 career posts  
Decided I might make some tutorials on how I do my photomanipulation's sometime in the future. I wanna see the equine art community boom again, as its such a joy. Tutorials were always a key part of that. I've being making art for such a long time and entirely self taught, so I've ran into almost every common issue on the block, haha. I'm big into understanding WHY certain things are done, so I'll likely explain very thoroughly why I do certain things and what it achieves alongside my general method.

My gallery including an old quickly done general tips and tricks tutorial

So what sort of things would you guys be interested in seeing? Manes/Tails? Lighting? Horse prep? Background blending? Focus? Whatever it may be (if anything), let me know!


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I am sure there is a lot out there, but maybe an updated lighting tutorial!
or blending the horse into the background type of tutorial..
I am always struggling with photo quality... no matter what mine always come out not clear xD
Meraki Essence     •  2,348 career posts 1394 days ago
Sure! Lighting goes hand in hand with blending into the background. It is a concept rich topic too, though I remember not many tutorials really went into depth as to why. I'll probably split it into 2 part: Lighting and making a horse pop (which in part relates to lighting)
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,928 career posts 1394 days ago
Manes and tails please :)
The Hello Stud     •  1,726 career posts 1394 days ago
Live tutorials on I remember always watching Blackbear/Rakuu and picking up so many nifty tricks :)
Grayscale Equine    •  403 career posts 1394 days ago
I would love to see more mane and tail tutorials and horse prep, there are some good ones out there, but sometimes they can be a bit difficult to understand c:
Victory Sporthorses     •  16,462 career posts 1394 days ago
Main and tails yeah^ I've never gotten the hang of it
Victoriac      •  16,034 career posts 1394 days ago
Manes and tails it it! It links nicely to lighting and I've finally established a method for making them, so should be able to offer a nicely detailed tutorial.

Grayscale: Maybe! The only problem with that is I tend to work on art in short spurts opposed to a substantial chunk of time. But perhaps I could dedicate a chunk of time to really show how I go about my art. :D
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,929 career posts 1394 days ago
really love your art i remember you.... Your art is so familiar.cant wait to see more.
Sumacs Acres     •  364 career posts 1393 days ago
Is this strictly for manipulations? xD
Because I'm trying to figure out grayscales xD
DNEs Deer Lake Paints     •  703 career posts 1393 days ago
Art is such a beautiful addiction. Couldn't help coming back to it!
Deep Oak Trails     •  6,931 career posts 1393 days ago
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