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Updated post
So proud these guys are going into 87s now! They have came such a long way with my highest Jumper being 88!

So prize Gaol now is 84_87(and so on)

EITD Solid WhiteN
EITD Sultans Blood84I
EITD StreetSide RomN
EITD White Devil83N
EITD White Knight82 N
EITD White Wolf84 I
EITD Armure HeartI
EITD Battlefield82N
EITD Black Blood80I
EITD Black RoseI
EITD Blood Thrust82I
EITD Bosted HateI
EITD Brave BerryN
EITD Brave King80 I
EITD BraveSiyaN
EITD Cheshire Epee87 I
EITD Chevalier Bais80 I
EITD Darken Knight85I
EITD Dragons Mark80N
EITD Epée84I
EITD Extra Wolf80N
EITD Fantasy GhostN
EITD Iron Boss86I
EITD Iron King81N
EITD Knight Loup82N
EITD Loup81N
EITD Neon Lights79N
EITD Queens Child80N
EITD Renard Gris81I
EITD Rose BloodI
EITD Solid EpeeN

Since i was gone for few days these guys missed jumps !
100k for improvments
Lets get them all warmed up again i have already been sending and most have improved already!

No post no prize
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Gideon Acres     •  1,243 career posts 246 days ago
Cheshire Epee hit 88!!! From.own sending keep pushing guys!
The Colorblind Elite      •  28,053 career posts 246 days ago
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