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So since I was gone so long I wanted to re-introduce myself!

My name is Candice and I joined Ponybox is 07!
I have loved this game. I successfully brought back a few lost breeds back then and was a pretty well known player.
I left due to not liking the updates(pitiful I know) and having issues in life that needed my full attention.

I own some pets! I have 5 cats and 1 dog! Iím not posting pictures here because I play from my phone lol. I donít feel like putting a credit on my images so I have submitted some to be posted to my barn images! My old cat is 24! Heís ancient but heís healthy. I do see him slowing down though.

My dog is a Australian Shepherd. Heís a blue Merle with white and copper trim. Heís 4 months old and super smart and sooooo cute. 😍

So about me.. I have a chronic Illness called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Itís where my collagen protein isnít formed right and it causes my joints to be lax and sublax and dislocate easily. It also causes issues with all my systems, cardiovascular, nervous, digestive and more because your body is essentially made of collagen!

I do ride horses. I used to own one but I donít anymore. Since I left I have gotten married and have my own little family! No children though.
I have aged and matured a lot haha! I look forward to meeting all the players now and hope to see some old friends as well.

I do plan on bringing back my Kladruby horses. Theyíre my absolute favorite breed here and in real life!

Feel free to ask any questions or message me!
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Welcome back!

Lovely to hear about your marriage, and wonderful animals!

I'm Nessie, I was a Paint original from 06/07-ish as well! Been here on and off the past few years, but officially back and active for a year now :) Proud lover of dogs, cats, and horses but only own dogs and cats xD

I hope your EDS gives you more good days than bad, and your Kladruby horses treat you well here! I've worked with rares for most of the past year and have successfully brought back a few breeds so if you have any questions about working with rares in this new environment feel free to shoot me a message!

a g n i r a a n e e     •  2,993 career posts 224 days ago
I remember you Nessie!

I will! Thank you!
Malade Internationella     •  17,080 career posts 224 days ago
Welcome back Malade!
Gems Vineyard Stables     •  2,992 career posts 224 days ago
Thanks! Call me Paintah!
Malade Internationella     •  17,095 career posts 224 days ago
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