Looking For Some Horses- Also Should I Keep My Name? 82 views  •   73 days ago
Malade Internationella     •  17,082 career posts  
I am looking for some horses.

Any age- as long as they come from good lines.

Any breed and gender.

Post some horses!

Breeds I am most interested in are breeds like-


Also I realized one of my old names that I loved. Chevaux Equus

Should I keep this barn name- Malade
Change this barn to Chevaux
make a new account and use both?!

Sorry Haylo if you posted links on the other post i deleted lol
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I could give ya a few TBs :) I personally run multiple barns for multiple breeds. I have three active breed barns, one barn for supers/comp horses, one for my project TB lines/natural horses, and one for just trash jumpoff horses xD I just like being organized and having everyone separated to make it easier to send jumps and whatnot.
TBs might not be as appealing because there are so many, but in general they are the among the best moneymakers xD
DF K o r o l e v a  MOD online  •  2,997 career posts 73 days ago
Here are those links ;)

H Aquilo
H Durjaya
H Seymora

I've also got foals for sale here!

And I know Bep has some foals up for grabs here! Tons of good lines out there!

Also, my vote is for two barns ;) Or for Chevaux--just has sort of a luxurious ring to it :p
Haylo     •  7,383 career posts 73 days ago
That's a good idea about the barns!

I'd take some more TBs! I don't mind them because theyre good for getting started lol
Malade Internationella     •  17,084 career posts 73 days ago
I also run several barns! I've got this one for my Canadian Warmbloods, and my other is for my Hanoverians, and then RavenSide Stud and I run The Hello Studs for supers! =)
Haylo     •  7,385 career posts 73 days ago
That's awesome Haylo! I can't remember if I have an extra account still or not. Hmm.. i don't remember if I merged them all together!
Malade Internationella     •  17,086 career posts 73 days ago
I put some TB foals up for ya, they have great lines and should do well :)
DF K o r o l e v a  MOD online  •  2,998 career posts 73 days ago
Malade Internationella     •  17,088 career posts 73 days ago
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