How exactly does DNA breeding work super questions? 93 views  •   152 days ago
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It says a DNA breed item replaced the GHS, does it work like the GHS and make a clone that performs as well as originals? Or is it just pretty much to allow breeding past retirement/sales?

Also, when making supers (given they're all 10) which items do you feel most beneficial to place for the best performance?
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It allows you to breed horses even before they are three or after the retire.

If you want to DNA Breed you will need to add one to the mare and one to the stallion. It will allow you to breed them together 5 times, and you will get the foal or foals immediately
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As for supers id personally say 5 saddles, saddlebag, charm , heart , dog , leg wrap that's if you dont need any DNA. If you need dna then id put them over a dog and leg wrap.

Super horse dna doesn't count as an item tho which is good. Just ssh dont tell Jeff xD small glitch
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It allows you to reserve breedings, whether that horse is retired or active, or you sell the horse. So to DNA Breed you have to add one item to one horse, and another DNA Breed item to another horse--which then gives you 5 breedings.

When making supers, I know I'm personally picky about which horse to choose. It has to have great DNA and be all tens, then I'll add a LH, luck charm, saddlebag, 5 saddles, and then (usually) one or two DNA items that the horse isn't born with. Ideally, I'd love to get a horse that I don't have to add DNA to (or that I can add SH DNA because it doesn't count towards the items added), and then maybe add a leg wrap and a dog.
Haylo      •  7,472 career posts 152 days ago
DNA Breeding for supers always seems to work better because you get those 5 breedings, which equal 5 chances for the right foal!
Haylo      •  7,473 career posts 152 days ago
Thank you all so much! Looking to get back into the game side and don't want to waste a bunch of items and ponybucks without some sort of knowledge!
s p u r     •  3,086 career posts 152 days ago
Feel free to message me if you need any help or have any questions! =)
Haylo      •  7,479 career posts 152 days ago
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