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Warmblood horses combine the athleticism of the Thoroughbred with the movement, substance, power, and trainability of the early military horse. Exceptional bloodlines create spectacular athletes and consistent champions. 

These siblings are surely starting to bring some heat to this rivalry competition! ;D

The Contestants

In the Itemed category we have:

BMC General Store with CH Lady Lollipop

Highest Jump: 89"

Best Rank: 751

Magical Rainbow Llama with Fc Pink Starburst

Highest Jump: 89"

Best Rank: 88

Piee with * KINGSTON

Highest Jump: 76.5

Best Rank: 664

Niveus with H Golden Waters

Highest Jump: 85"

Best Rank: 154

Outback Barn with Absinthe

Highest Jump: 70.25"

Best Rank: 567

PythonPonyPalaces with *Elizabeth May*

Highest Jump: 87

Best Rank: 31

Bucki Int with B*I 1 FootInTheDoor

Highest Jump: 67.25

Best Rank: 8,539

Pepper Tree Thoroughbred with PT Common Eileen

Highest Jump: 84

Best Rank: 2,128

Victory Sporthorses with V* Evading Capture

Highest Jump: 82.5"

Best Rank: 5,685

Turnin With Style Stables with TWSS NeverSurrender

Highest Jump: 82"

Best Rank: 994

Diamond Ridge Stable with DRS Shooting Star

Highest Jump: 80.5"

Best Rank: 879

In the Natural Category we have:

BMC General Store with CH Lady Licorice

Highest Jump: 87.25

Best Rank: 401

Magical Rainbow Llama with Fc Maple Taffy

Highest Jump: 84.25"

Best Rank: 118

Turn Contest with Turns Deadpool

Highest Jump: 84.25"

Best Rank: 2,787

Bepaling Stables with Identity

Highest Jump: 78"

Best Rank: 145

Niveus with H Dark Pheonix

Highest Jump: 81.75"

Best Rank: 275

Outback Barn with Cinderella

Highest Jump: 69.5

Best Rank: 898

Wilton Park with CWB Hesperus

Highest Jump: 83.25"

Best Rank: 51

Wilton Park with CWB Achelois

Highest Jump: 84.5"

Best Rank: 27

If Wishes Were Horses with Stormfront

Highest Jump: 79.25

Best Rank: 86

Pepper Tree Thoroughbred with PT Pierre Trudeau

Highest Jump: 80.5"

Best Rank: 1,865

Turnin With Style Stables with TWSS Kryptonite

Highest Jump: 79.5"

Best Rank: 52

Prizes For The 5 Year Old Check-In

Highest Jump [Itemed]: CH Lady Lollipop AND Fc Pink Starburst
Highest Jump [Natural]: CH Lady Licorice
Best Rank [Itemed]: *Elizabeth May*
Best Rank [Natural]: CWB Achelois
Spotlight Horse: PT Pierre Trudeau

The winners can choose from 200k, a Saddle Bag, or a Leg Wrap
*** Let me know your choice of prize either in the comments, or in a PM!

Congratulations to everyone!

Tonight was supposed to begin voting for the Best Name and Best Horse Picture. But someone has requested one more day to get a picture put in place, and I would love to give everyone a fair chanceso I will be posting a CWB Sibling Rivalry Election! tomorrow evening. So contestants, please be on the lookout for it because you are required to vote!

The next check-in is Age 7 on 7/21/2019!

Happy Canadian Warmblood Sibling Rivalry Foal Competition!!!

- Haylo
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PythonPonyPalaces   MOD online  •  29,454 career posts 4 days ago
Geez!!! What a good little filly!!! I'm glad you like her! I'm also a fan of this line, so thank you! =D
Haylo     •  7,527 career posts 57 days ago
Oh my gosh! She is awesome! O.O
BMC General Store  online  •  13,357 career posts 58 days ago
Yikes!! I can not believe *Elizabeth May* just hit 91.25" at 6 years old! 😲
I have never had such a young un-saddled horse jump that high! I gotta say Haylo - I am majorly impressed with this line! Kudos!
PythonPonyPalaces   MOD online  •  29,414 career posts 58 days ago
Wow Python!!! She's doing awesome!!
Haylo     •  7,514 career posts 61 days ago
woo, congrats everyone!
Turn Thoroughbreds    •  460 career posts 63 days ago
Oh wow!! Go Python!!
BMC General Store  online  •  13,181 career posts 63 days ago
Looking great everyone! And would ya believe *Elizabeth May* just hit 90" at her young age of 5! OoO Yipes!
PythonPonyPalaces   MOD online  •  29,407 career posts 63 days ago
Everyone looks fantastic! Keep up the good work!!
Turnin With Style Stables     •  21,058 career posts 63 days ago
Well, the beginning messed up but I'm too tired from moving all day to try and figure out why.

So my apologies for that XD
Haylo     •  7,496 career posts 64 days ago
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