I found my old Ponybox recordings notebook!! history!! 370 views  •   272 days ago
Outback Barn     •  1,337 career posts  
So Iíve had a few, Iíve been playing a while and changed it up a bit, and Iíve had a few accounts as played on all four servers with some having a couple accounts in each..
But, Iíve realised I have had names that current players know/remember and also older one that some of you might remember :P

EDIT: I only know all these as I have found a note book with records in them of barn names, horses, barn IDs (some under 100k!), trades with other players I was doing at the time, players I owed money to or owed me and I still have log in details!!!!

So here goes my longer than Iíd like list: (that I can remember lol)
Outback Barn #836455
Tea Tree Canter #761093 and #60 (not actually convinced I had id 60....)
Picturesque Beauty Palace #217515 (now Outback Barn 2)
Sweet Outback Station (I think rescue at one stage too) #690149
Forever Free #220204
Pallie #367884
Forever Special #191106
Exotic Spots Stables #60245
Fairy Lights Stables #27815
Dangerous Desires #27701
One For Fun #As above
Mixed Lollies Stables #190149
Fern Galaxy Stables #unrecorded and not found in search any more

If you recognise any of these below the top 2, then I would LOVE to know!
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Fairy lights stable and Mixed Lollies sound really familiar...
Golden Spirit      •  1,477 career posts 211 days ago
XD :)
Outback Barn     •  1,395 career posts 217 days ago
omg what a throwback!
Ocean Mist Farm     •  8,941 career posts 261 days ago
Jumps up and down excitedly! I found it, but I must have merged it with another and have no retired horses :,(
Exotic Spots Stable     •  318 career posts 262 days ago
And have this one too XD things are looking good but still no exotic :(
Sweet Outback Station     •  423 career posts 262 days ago
I have indeed still got this one haha but I do remember the other barn from above too lol
Forever Special     •  123 career posts 262 days ago
And this login still works haha

Tried forever special login and it came up with a different name but once I seen it I remembered changing it haha

NOTE: I played on all 4 Legacy servers and the original ponybox before them, so I now realise that Iíd searching may not have been ideal lol
Pallie     •  241 career posts 262 days ago
I can only find forever special, pallie, sweet outback station, tea tree canter and my OB barns

Thatís searching by ID and barn name. Next to see if any logins I have work...
hoping I can still get access to exotic spots..
Outback Barn     •  1,344 career posts 262 days ago
Iím now finally going through to see whatís still about in PB and already found one that been pushed off the radar :(
Outback Barn     •  1,343 career posts 262 days ago
I recall a Pallie from a *long* time back but I couldn't even begin to tell you what my barn name would have been at that point. XD
Colins Legacy    online  •  7,235 career posts 271 days ago
If you member search ĎPallieí that was me. With the *illegal* barn pic my now long ago ex made me lol
Outback Barn     •  1,339 career posts 272 days ago
I remember a Pallie!
Abyssal Plains     •  5,194 career posts 272 days ago
Wowzers! You were "Pallie" ? Too funny....never knew that!
PythonPonyPalaces STANDBR      •  719 career posts 272 days ago
Thats awesome! Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to find my old notebook with my logins! I know I still have some out there that weren't merged so it would be interesting to see them again!
a g n i r a a n e e     •  3,402 career posts 272 days ago
Yes Pugs, I am her :D sweet outback is where my QH lines are.

I didnít even remember the bottom 4 at all myself untiI found the notebook! Haha
Outback Barn     •  1,338 career posts 272 days ago
Omg wow didn't realise you was pallie xD
Tiffs Stable     •  4,385 career posts 272 days ago
Hmmm, i feel like i remember seeing some of those barn names, but i cant place them.

Thats soo kool!
BMC General Store   online  •  14,592 career posts 272 days ago
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