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New here. Still learning the ropes. I would love advice or tips on the Jumpoffs. When to start/stop jumping them based on age ? How much each day is too much? Etc.
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Hey :)

Personally, I start lightly jumping at age 5 (don't turn on automatic jump offs but will challenge other young jumpers with that horse).

At age 7 I turn on automatic jump offs and continue to challenge other barns

At age 9 I post their link asking for jumps on the forums :D

Usually a horse will jump the range of 20" in a single day. So, after 50 or so jumps and they haven't improved I'll look at their jump records for the day. Say horse "X" has a top jump height of 82" that day- their lowest jump height of the day would be 62." If their lowest jump height was 64" for the day, then I would continue jumping because they could hit up to 84"!

If a horse is losing more than winning as well I will pull them off jump offs :)
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This is so helpful ! Thank you!
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Ah yes, horses have been known to reach their top jump height from 11-16 years old. So I'll keep jumping them until then :D

I'm also still getting used to the new system (just rejoined :D) so this isn't set in stone for me yet, but a good starting point!

I would also say don't add anything more than the free co-trainer until the horse is at level 4 or 5 in your current training :D This is so you don't lose any winnings until you need to!
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My current strategy is pretty similar - wait until around 3-4, jump them only against old/low jumping horses in my barn to get them going with a good ranking, and then only really start jumping against other people's horses at age 5. I still don't really push things until I see them starting to make serious improvements. I'm keeping them jumping until age 20ish, but if they start going downhill early I'm switching back to easy jumpers and maybe stopping early.

Also, no need to worry about jumping too much in one day! Doesn't affect anything. The only thing I'd pay attention to is their win: loss ratio; if your horses aren't jumping well one day (which happens...), and you're trying to keep their ranking down, maybe hold back on the jumps or find some easy jumps (I have a barn of old/low jumpers for this) to practice on.
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Awesome thanks !!
Jumping Bloom Horses     •  56 career posts 214 days ago
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