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Let use our Titans to Roleplay!

We all know the starting Story, maybe this will help some people build their backstories as well!

My Titans


Back Story Finished, feel free to read what and where she comes from.


Back story NOT done, still remaking it.

Show me yours and we can start where ever.

At this time the Titans will have split away from their families and gone to find their own kind. They will be training, learning how their powers work if they had not known before, and creating strong bonds with others on their "Side".

This RP will also help me build the chapter for the first update coming it 1.5 weeks!
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JS, i LOVE your Story
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I was thinking of going traditional, but thought it was so much more mysterious if he was abandoned ... I donít know I didnít really know his parents so...

Came out well though-

I LOVE Konekeleís story- with the colors *shivers*
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Thanks! I just couldn't steer away from the "Corrupted" theme. I just love her Soo much.

Imagine a foal from her and Anord, Corrupted Chaos
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I can't wait to start jumping him

And that name gives me chillllsss- I'm so excited for everyone else to write some good backstories!
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Yep, im so excited to see what people come up with.

just waiting for Sakura before we start. i gotta message Nessie to see if she still wanted to join.
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The Divine Titan

Backstory and Picture Finished :)

The Silent Titan

Backstory Finished, Picture Incoming at some point.

Stilte is pure white except for black markings around her eyes, the same as her sire except black (see his pic for reference). One eye is red, the other is Golden with a milky look to it, almost as if blind, and no pupil in that eye. She wears a cloak of sorts made of black shimmering material to cover herself from the sun.

Ooooo Super excited for this!
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I have gotten through the first Story so far Nessie but i love it! Will read the next one when i get home.
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Oh my gosh, i love Stilte's to! Lol i can see her getting alone well with Kona :D
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Starting Post!


A black and white mare walked briskly through a narrow canyon. A cold wind followed her as her red eyes watched everything. She slowed down and held her head high as she could but could not see an end to the canyon. Her gaze traveled up the sides of the canyon walls, wondering if it was possible. Strong black legs and hooves pawed the ground, then began looking for a spot to begin her climb. She found a spot where she found some small ledges she could use, and finally found her way out of the canyon.

Kona shook the dust from her mane and glanced to skies. She hissed softly and the wind brought her all the new smells from this new land.


Tohar finally found himself at the bottom of the volcano he grew up on. His sire had wanted to keep him safe, but it had kept him alone as well. While he wanted to find new horses to meet and get to know, he had no idea how to interact with new souls. His blue eyes scanned the area and he set out across the plains at a rough trot.
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(It worked out well since the parents (with the exception of Iilhi's sire) were all named after personal charries of mine to begin with :P So it was real easy to build the story with them!
Its been awhile lets see how rusty I am xD )

The lands were not as Iilhi expected. He wasn't quite certain what he had expected to begin with, perhaps more of the same. But as he flew, his wings beating strong, he couldn't help but feel like he had only seen a small portion of their world. His mothers travels had taken her where the wind had blown, and he with it, but to say one way or another if they had traveled much ground was beyond his expertise.
The deadness of the land made the stallion sad, a soul deep feeling he couldn't quite explain. Having no background on the wars of the past, he couldn't say one way or another if it was a result of those wars, or perhaps just a plague upon the land.
Perhaps the Titans themselves were the plague.
A soft snort came from the stallion as he banked, the land becoming clearer as he went lower in the sky. It worried him slightly, the idea that his ancestors had been part of this. Perhaps they had fought for good, perhaps evil. Perhaps they had been wanderers like his mother, who had come to this world and found themselves wrapped up in an adventure beyond their understanding.
But who really defined what was good and what was evil? Someone doing something for the greater good could be seen as evil to those who it negatively impacted. So even if it was in the name of good, could it be anything but evil?
Another snort came from the stallion as he headed for land. It was too early in the day to be considering such things. At least, Iilhi thought it was day, for he had slept, and when he woke the sky was covered in clouds. Time would tell.
A flicker of movement attracted the stallion, and he backflapped a few times to steady his landing. His frame was somewhat delicate and long limbed, so he felt the shudder through his bones as he landed a bit roughly, a strong wind nearly pulling his great winds off course. He shook out his coat and neatly tucked his wings in, looking around. There were some scraggly trees off to his right, perhaps it had come from there?
Near silent hoof beats carried the stallion closer, and he peered into the murky expanse of twisted, gnarled trees. They were a ghost of the past, something that may have once been living and grand, but now lay dead and clogged with vines and poisonous plants. He cataloged these plants as he drew closer, which ones would sting the skin and which were only bad if eaten.
Through the shadows, he saw a truly frightening figure that brought him to a halt. Was that.... a wraith? Pulling back with a snort, Iilhi reassessed. He did not know of wraiths in this land, only stories from his mothers. But this was... a pale horse in swaths of black fabric.
How odd, he thought, that they would dress this way.
But the other equines eyes met his, and Iilhi froze, wondering what came next.

It had been many days since the mare left her parents sleeping. They had tried their best, she knew, but she was greater than that. She was a Titan, and beyond anything they could understand.
Her black cloak had a bad habit of trying to snag on the low branches of the trees, but there were more pressing concerns. Like the fact that these trees limited her vision, and made it very hard to keep an eye out for predators. It was the one thing she hadn't considered - the fact that being deaf was a lot harder to manage without others to watch her back. That aside, she was quite content with her decision to leave.
She felt grateful to the parents that had raised her, of course, and perhaps some part of her missed the comfort and protection they provided. They had loved her, but she was not a creature meant for love. She was meant for the darkness that grew within her every day, the silence that gave her life.
Her other senses, stronger that they were, alerted her that something was nearby. But the darned cloying scent of decay among the trees kept her from being able to properly scent whatever might approach. Once again, her defect was coming back to be an issue.
She continued on, minding her own buisiness for now. She was not without her own defenses.
She was ready for war.
What she was not ready for, was a violet hued winged horse staring at her in awe, nor the thrum of magic from him that marked him was one of the good ones.
A hiss came from Stilte's maw, and as their eyes met, she delved deep within her magic and thrust it toward the stallion. She watched as his eyes widened, and nostrils flared. Despite their surroundings, she knew he stood in complete darkness, devoid of anything except the endless dark void of silence.
But it was with a twinge of fear and astonishment as she watched the stallion blink, then look back toward her, as if seeing her, truly seeing her.
What is this? Its so... peaceful. She watched his maw form the words, and those words were enough for her to pull her magic back, cocooning it within herself as shock reigned through her system. His gaze seemed innocent as he looked at her, and she nearly recoiled. Who was this stallion who had no fear? She had seen it in her father, when her powers had developed. She had seen it in the poor creatures she had practiced upon. The silence and deafening darkness had brought forth their purest, darkest fears, things they could never face. But this stallion.... so at peace with himself, with the world, had no fear. He looked at her like a newborn colt might, eyes full of wonder and innocence. How had this broken world raised such an innocent, pure being? Was this the power of the horses of good, or was this just... him?
Stilte cautiously reached her mind towards his, both desperate to know the truth but also fearing what she might find.
A shudder went through the stallion as their minds connected.

Iilhi watched the mare with wonder. He had never seen such a dark creature! She positively writhed with it, bathed within it and lived in its deep shadow. That magic was truly something to behold. While he did not know his own magic, he had become encompassed in darkness and within it... He felt his mothers presence, her stories of the Shadowsingers and other beautiful creatures of the night and the darkness. And Iilhi had reached out with his soul, and greeted the darkness within that deep unending silence.
He was guessing it had not been something that happened often with the mare, for she seemed.... surprised? Her face betrayed nothing but it was as if he could feel it, rolling off of her in waves.
The first brush of her mind had a shudder going through his body. It was a curious cat, batting at something of interest, then pouncing. He felt as if her mind had surrounded his, and his own was open, so far expanded from what he knew normally. Almost like that feeling on the cliff.
"What are you?"
The words were garbled but feminine, deep within his mind. He knew instantly it had come from the mare. She was certainly unique, and from what he figured in those moments, unused to common language.
"I am a winged horse. My name is Iilhi," he the stallion replied, not understanding the question. His response brought a mental snort from the mare, a sound of amusement.
"No, what are you?"
Iilhi paused and thought about it. "I am a prince, I suppose, from my mothers lines. She says I am both one with this world and many others. I am also a Titan, whatever that means."
Another one of those amused snorting sounds came through his mind.
"You have no idea what that means do you? We are enemies, you and I. Opposite sides of an ancient war fought over these lands."
Iilhi thought about it for a few moments. He wasn't at all concerned if she could see every thought going through his head. That sort of privacy was not something he had been raised to want, even if it was his innermost thoughts. He was used to speaking his mind.
"Why are we enemies however? We could just as easily be friends. Who are you?" he finally asked.
"I am Stilte, the Titan of Silence, and I am Evil," the mare replied, as she walked closer.
As she approached Iilhi watched the black robes billow. The way she moved made it seem as if she were floating across the ground, her hooves making no sound. In fact, the mare didn't make a sound at all, he couldn't even hear her breathing. If he had not seen her from above, he would have never even known she was there.
"You are quite obviously good, which makes us enemies. The war is what it is. We are all called to a higher purpose, to fight in this war whenever it arises. You and I shall kill each other some day, or be killed by another. It is the way it is."
Iilhi snorted, but it made sense in some way, that calling he had felt. "Who said we need to be enemies?" He asked.
Stilte shrugged, but it was a mere movement of the cloak that suggested such a movement. "Time immemorial," she replied, "We are fated to be.
Iilhi responded with a shrug of his own. "Well it makes no difference to me. Might I ask why you don't speak?"
Stilte stiffened at the question, but quick debate had her answering. What harm could it do?
"I am deaf. I never learned how to speak."
Iilhi's eyes widened at that, and Stilte debated if it was the wrong thing to say. "But you are responding to me. Is it because you can see it in my thoughts?"
Stilte was ever surprised by this stallion, he seemed almost... eager to know more. As if the thought of sharing his private thoughts with a stranger didn't bother him.
"In part, if we are connected like this I can. But in general, I just read lips and body language."
Stilte found herself tiring. This was the longest conversation she had ever had with another being, especially a stranger. Even her own parents had been uncomfortable with her mind-speak. But this strange stallion took it all in stride.
However, it was time to go. She still had many miles to walk before she had to stop.
So Stilte turned, and walked off.
But that mind sense, still connected to the stallion, felt him following.
"If I talk like this, will you understand me even if you cannot read my mouth?"
The sudden mental words brought Stilte to a stop, and she whipped her head around to him to find him smiling ruefully. He had mastered it so much quicker than her, and it irked her.
"Why are you following me?" she asked plainly, ears flicking with annoyance.
Iilhi shrugged. "You know more about these wars and what is going on than I do. It would be remiss of me to not ask you for that knowledge," he replied mentally.
Stilte sighed, and gave him a once over. "Will you leave if I tell you the stories?" she asked.
Iilhi just smiled. So Stilte shook her head, and continued on, Iilhi at her heels as she told him of the wars of the past, and her own grandsire and the battles that had come before them. and the possibilities that awaited them.
As they traveled, Stilte couldn't help but feel a sense of comfort from having another presence linked to hers. But that comfort shattered when Iilhi's next question came, out of the blue.
"If you can link to my mind, could you also access my senses? Like... Could you hear through me?"
Stilte drew to a sharp stop, whipping around to look at him. "What did you just say?" she asked, and Iilhi repeated himself.
Stilte had never considered it, not once in her life. But she reached out reaching deeper into his mind, into his soul nearly. It was so raw and roiling with untapped energy and magic, but she pushed deeper, and gave it a shot. But by then her magic was wobbling, and her teeth were gritted in strain as she tried.
"No... at least not yet. Not as I am now. I need to gain more power," Stilte finally replied.
Iilhi nodded, taking it at face value. But something pushed at the edges of Stilte's mind, and suddenly she was seeing the world through Iilhi's eyes. Taller than her, she saw him looking down on herself. And that.... That was the sound of the world. Her eyes were wide with shock as Stilte heard for the first time.
But just like that, the sounds of the world vanished. Iilhi was panting, looking at her with a slight smile as his sides heaved.
"How?" was the only question Stilte could think to give.
Iilhi smiled, nudging her shoulder. Too surprised to snap at the physical contact, the prod to keep moving, Stilte did as he urged and continued on.
"I shared a memory with you. It was on... a slight delay. But it was what was going on a few moments before," Iilhi replied.
"What is your power?" Stilte asked, still reeling internally.
"I don't know," Iilhi replied truthfully.
Stilte considered it then nodded. "For the gift you have given me, I will tell you all I know about the powers of the Titans. Maybe something will resonate with you."
Iilhi smiled at her offer, and they continued on, Stilte telling him all she knew.


"Stilte Speaks Mentally"
"Iilhi Speaks Mentally"

(Ahhh precious innocent Iilhi just walking up to the first living being like "Hi be my friend!". What a precious cinnabon xD)
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(Oh goodness I apologize for how long that was! :O )
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(Whoa, that was alot of reading for 2am lol. Thats so awesome! Time to bring in mine :P)


Kona began to follow the smells the wind brought her at her command. She could feel power nearby, it seemed to call to her like a sister. The smells let the black and white mare through a small forrest that looked as if it had been burned. Tiny new spurts came from the ground, but Kona did not take any mind of where she stepped.

As she neared the area the power called her to she began to stiffen with anticipation. Her heart longed for the darkness it felt and a storm began to gather in the sky as she neared a clearing o. The other side of the forest.


The gold stallion shook his head, waving the mighty antlers in the air as he watch a storm form. He was still a ways off, but something about that storm scared him. That fear intrigued him greatly, so he adjusted his course to investigate. His pace slowed, not wanting to rush up on what ever was there.

It was aweful looking at what his ancestors war had done to the land. The stories still seemed so fresh in his mind from when his sire first told him about it.

(Will try for a bit longer replys lol, i feel like a noob :P love you Nessie)
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(Oh goodness I love your story Nessie!! I just wanna wrap Iilhi in a big hug and protect that sweet thing! I dont think ill be able to write as much as you guys but ill do my bestest! :D sorry for this taking me so long to respond to...)

Koruma had always felt connected to the earth around her. It was almost as if she could feel its weak breath under her hooves with every step she took. It was such a weak and pained whisper that at first she thought it was her imagination. However the whispers continued.
She first heard it as a foal, drinking out of a stream, her mother beside her. Whipping her head around in confusion she looked for the source of the whisper, expecting someone, or something, to be right next to her. When there was nothing but the air around her she turned to her mother who only looked on with confusion at her only daughter.
"Mama did you say something?" she asked quietly not wanting to speak over the whispers in case they spoke again.
Her mother shook her head looking around for a possible predator that her daughter might have caught before she did, "No, did you hear something?"
"Yes! Something called for help..." she paused thinking, staring into the water trying to search for the source of the call. "but I cant hear it now."
Her mother stared at her, suddenly becoming frightful that danger was approaching.
"We best keep moving, its not safe to tarry long in these parts. We are not the only ones who will be lured by this stream" she said starting to walk away to the shelter of the trees.
Koru followed quickly behind her momentarily forgetting the whispers she just heard, the dangers of the world taking their place in her mind.

That was the first time the earth had spoken to her. Just a weak and pained whisper begging for help from what was to come. Koru stayed with her mother for the first 3 years of her life before parting ways. Her mother attempted to understand her daughters connection to the earth but never fully accepted what that meant. Koru knew she had to be on her own to fully understand the depth of her powers and what they meant for the future of the world. What she did understand was that she had to protect it. The world was either dead or dying and she wanted to save it.

She found a home next to a waterfall that dumped into a small pool. A rare thing since the wars her mother had told her about late at night. This was where she would start. If she could protect this small oasis then maybe she could protect more. Over time she noticed antlers growing out of her head and dainty wings starting to form. At first this alarmed her but she sensed this was the earth giving her the tools she needed to help it. Although her wings were to fragile to allow flight she sensed that maybe they held another purpose that had not yet revealed itself. The earth was to weak to give her any concrete answers. She could only sense vague feelings and weak nondescript whispers from it.

She could feel the power around her growing, not her own power, but the powers of others nearing closer to her and to each other. This scared and excited her. Perhaps the sources of these powers could help her in her quest to bring the world back to life and to watch over it. Perhaps they could give her further knowledge toward her own connection to the land she loved so much. A third thought crept into her mind however, "Perhaps this is the danger the earth is begging to be protected from". She knew she would willing die to protect it. Without the earth, there was no reason to go on anyways.

This power called to her however and she knew she would have to seek it out. Slowly, she left her small pool to seek out the power she felt with each passing day growing closer.

(I hope im doing this right LOL hopefully this is good! Her name means protection so that kinda what im going off of. I havent written anything creative in years so hopefully im not giving her too much power or anything. let me know if I need to tone her down or anything LOL. Hopefully ill have her picture done soon :D)
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(I will reply in a bit but thanks!
And Ikr! Iilhi is just a cinnamon bun of sweetness and innocence xD I can't wait to ruin it xD
And don't worry not all my replies will be that long xD They just went on a roll!)
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Also haven't RPed or written creatively in years so bear with me you guys xD

Anord soared off into the night, the fiery scenes still playing over and over in his mind. He didn't quite understand them, but knew they were a part of his history. A part of him. He came to a small clearing of trees and touched down once again. By now he was almost fully grown. His antlers had come in and his wings matched his brown coloring. Two white socks graced his left legs, the final reminder of his good ancestry.

He gazed with questioning eyes at his surroundings, taking note of all the new sights and smells. His time in the cave was very controlled. The few creatures he interacted with were small, and ran away at the slightest startle. All he could see in there were rocks and darkness. A bird sounded the alarm of an intruder right next to his ear and caught him off guard. Startled, he jumped, erupting everything around him in flames. He spun around, attempting to dampen them, but only made them worse. Birds scattered into the night sky above him, abandoning their homes, deer narrowly missed him in their attempt to leave the quickly burning forest. In a panic, he bolted around trying to put out the fire. Finally, he took a deep breath and spread his wings and the fire came to a controlled halt. Try as he might he could not make it disappear, but it also did not grow. Thunder rolled in the distance and he looked up, the fire reflecting in his eyes.

The sound of a tree cracking brought him back to his surroundings. He shook his head, frustrated he could not yet fully control the power he possessed. I must not be strong enough he thought. A sudden exhaustion overtook him and he collapsed in a heap on the ground, the fire still burning around him.
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(Stilte's pic is done! some visual to go along with her story :)
I haven't RP'ed in a few months, but it had been years before that xD Haven't found a good site to RP on again yet)

They had fallen silent a few marks back, but now both Iilhi and Stilte slowed. Stilte stood completely still, not even her cape moving, but Iilhi felt a quiver of nervous energy go through him. It was... a weird tickling sense over his back, something that shuddered in his bones.
What was that? That strange call in his very blood, very being?
"It is the others. There are others near," Stilte answered his unspoken question.
"How come I didn't feel that with you?" Iilhi queried back. He was impressed at the rate of which Stilte's strange speech had grown. She was a lot more confident and at ease with her mental words now.
Stilte began to move again, albeit a bit more slowly. "Perhaps it is because we are on opposite sides, perhaps its because you are now aware of your heritage. Could be any matter of things... Even I am not certain of this feeling."
Iilhi pondered the words, and glanced a bit at her from the corner of his eye. "I don't see you as my enemy," Iilhi replied softly. Stilte chose to ignore his words.

A few more paces passed in silence, until Stilte slowed to a stop again. She could feel them, closer than they had been. There was a new tingling sensation from where they had come from as well. It seemed there were several other Titans, all converging in an area as the storm grew stronger. It made her uncomfortable, she realized, the thought of meeting the others. Iilhi had been thrust upon her, as a surprise. But this new feeling of anticipation brought a tingle of her old hateful mindset back in. She was defective, how would they ever accept her? She glanced over at Iilhi, at his delicate frame and shining coat, wings tucked in neatly. He could fly off if he chose. She had heard..... Goddesses she had heard in his mind the song that swirled around him, the call of the winds and roaming air. He was perfect, truly divine in the manner of things. She was a defective worthless excuse for a Titan who couldn't even use her powers properly on him.
Stilte couldn't hear the thunder, but she was discovering quickly that Iilhi was an open book. He shined bright and innocent in this wasteland, a myriad of emotions just flying through his expression and gaze with ease, no fear or need to hide. He had accepted her in his mind with ease, not caring what she found. Truly an equine with no secrets.
She could see more in his mind than she let on. This strange connection and ability also gave her impressions of him. Stilte didn't use a set language, half of it was conferred feelings, images and impressions, things she had gained over the years. She had been able to show him her dams sire, Fiara, with ease, but only vague impressions of other Titans in the past. He had just accepted her language style with ease, and from him even in that short time she had learned more about how the average equine speaks. She supposed she was grateful for this time, because communicating with the others would have been harder if she couldn't even properly speak in their mind.... if they let her anywhere near their mind. If they were anything like her, Stilte knew she would never let anyone linger near her mind. Well.... except the stallion beside her. Not even her parents had remained connected to her for this long.
"Its best if we split up," Stilte finally communicated, noticing the way Iilhi stood patiently but kept sneaking glances at her.

Iilhi looked at Stilte with a bit of sadness. "Why?" he asked.
He could feel the undercurrent of her own emotions when she met his eyes. "Because you want to make a good first impression, don't you?" Stilte replied.
Iilhi pondered the words. He wasn't certain what a 'good first impression' was, but it seemed important. He had never had to make a 'first impression' on anyone... well perhaps Stilte counted but he had simply been curious, as he was about the others.
A sudden moment of fear hit him. Would the others think bad of him? Or try to hurt Stilte? Iilhi could admit he wasn't very good at figuring out other equines except his own dam. He had never practiced it. Stilte was different, this mind connection was different.
"Will I still be able to see you?" Iilhi asked, his voice in his mind soft.
"When we meet again we will be enemies," Stilte remineded him.
Iilhi gazed up at the rolling clouds as another wave of thunder boomed. He couldn't help the flick of his ears at the loud noise, and noticed that after his ear flick Stilte also looked up.
The smell of smoke interrupted his thoughts, and he turned, looking back toward the scent.
"What is that?" Iilhi questioned, ears flicking in alarm.
"It seems the destruction had already started," Stilte replied, also looking back.
Iilhi glanced at Stilte, before taking off, a few steps and his flapping wings serving enough of a liftoff for him to soar up. Surprisingly, Stilte remained still below him, waiting. Though Iilhi supposed she could probably sense his intentions.
Iilhi flew high enough to get a good look around, and noticed it seemed the forest back from the way they had come was on fire. He tried to see anything else important, but it was masked by smoke.
Iilhi flew lower, landing with a thud of his hooves, taking a few running steps as he tucked his wings and turned back to Stilte.
"The forest is on fire," Iilhi said, before pressing an image toward Stilte's mind of the fire, the smell of the smoke so high, the faint crackle of flames and the faint call of alarmed animals.
He watched her eyes widen in awe, and for a moment forgot she was deaf, and wondered if it was because things were as she said. He wondered if the destruction called to her, but the slightly nauseous look in her eyes had him quickly tossing that thought.
"It looks.... It looks horrible," Stilte finally replied.
Forgetting all about the world around them, or the others seeming to draw closer, Stilte and Iilhi stood in silence, the only thing between them the image of the forest of fire, from so high above.


"Stilte Speaks Mentally"
"Iilhi Speaks Mentally"
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Red eyes watched the fire she had happened upon. It was a warm sight to her, she knew she may be able to find a cooked dinner after it died out, which was rare for her. Her delight thundered above her head, spreading out. Kona threw her head up, still feeling the sibling like call in her blood. They were close now, and her heart seemed to long for them. She moved carefully through the forest as it burned. Her current storm was loud but not bringing rain, she would hate to put out such a source of power.

Finally she came through the trees into a large clearing. Kona had not learned to fear, only that others feared her, and the thought of meeting someone who would not fear her, excited her somehow.


The golden stallion let out a bellow for the world to hear. The smell of this fire was new to him. It was not like the Volcano he grew up on. Tohar shook his heavy antlers as he continued his trek. He could feel the power of a brother he thought, and was not sure if the other horse could feel him as well. He snorted and leapt into the air with excitement. He only hoped that he would know what to say when he finally met them.

(I promise ill try for longer replies eventually lol)
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Koruma felt the earth cry out before she smelled the smoke. Panic swelled inside her. She hadnít expected an attack on the forest so soon! She was failing her mission so quickly after discovering it! She pushed back her feelings of anxiety and let instinct attempt to take over. Her legs moved on their own towards the source of the flame. The closer she got, the closer she could sense the power was getting to her. Something deep inside her started to burn. ďThere must be others like me!Ē She thought urging her legs to take her to the source of this power.

Finally, she came to a clearing. Or what was now a clearing. Trees had collapsed all around her overcome by the flames that still roared around her. In the center she saw him. A dark brown horse collapsed in a heap. She knew somehow this horse must be the source of all this distraction. All the flames seemed to come from this central point.

ďH...hello?Ē She tried to call out but she was afraid that the roar of the earth burning around her drowned out her pathetic call. She snorted, frustrated at her own timidness. She drew herself up to her full height while tucking her wings in as close to herself as possible for fear that one lone spark could ignite them.

ď Are you alright!!?Ē She called louder this time but felt stupid in the act. Of course he wasnít alright. He was what appeared to be passed out in the center of a forest fire. However the thought of getting closer to him and getting deeper into this fire terrified her and kept her from getting any closer.. All her focus was now on him, and she could not feel the other sources of power slowly coming closer to her.
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Anord stirred slightly to the sound of a branch falling nearby, having been burned from it's trunk. Lazily, his eyes opened but all he could see were orange, red, and blue lights all around, and the cackling of the fire filled his ears. His ears suddenly picked up a new sound: one he had only heard in his dreams and visions. Someone like him.

As he became more aware of his surroundings he realized the forest was still ablaze. He whipped around in panic and saw the faint image of a mare standing among the flames. Another vision? he thought to himself. No. She was alone, and.. calling out to him? He felt power rise within him, and locked eyes with her. Yes, she is like me, but not exactly. He noted the dainty pair of wings by her side and the antlers forming above her head. The power I feel is not from her... my brothers and sisters are here. As he continued to stare at the mare a calm overtook him, one that was too peaceful for his liking. The longer he stared the more the fire raged and burned around him, and the more uneasy he felt.

He broke eye contact with the mare when he noticed another standing in his peripheral, farther than the one calling to him. All he could make out was the gleaming of this one's red eyes. As he locked eyes with the newcomer he felt a familiarity, and the power within him rose to a degree he had never felt before. He spread his wings again, and just as quickly as the fire came, it disappeared, trails of smoke and dying embers the only remnants of the chaos he had caused.
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Kona held her head high as she watched the brown colored stallion. There was another mare near by, but Kona felt the connection with the stallion. Just as she took a step forward she saw him spread huge wings and suddenly the fires were gone. As she looked at her surrounding is seemed like and evil grin rested on her face. The white and black mare walked closer, glancing at the other mare as she passed. "So you caused this wonderful blaze." She said to him, she did not need to question him. She pawwed the charred earth with a black leg. "Your power becomes you, do you have a name?" She asked as she looked again as the chaos the fire as caused. When she spoke her sharp wolf like teeth were slightly visable.

As she awaited his reply she shook some soot from her shoulder she had gained from walking to close to a tree. Her storm still thundered but she kept her emotions at bay for the moment. She slowly lowered her head and used a horn to poke at the charred ground. This was truly impresive.
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Tohar slid to a halt as he came to the center of the clearing. The fire was out now, and near the middle of the burned area that must have set the forest ablaze was a brown stallion. Two mares stood on the other side of him, but one looked far to peaceful to have anything to do with the fire that had been here. The other mare scared him, so he tried not to make eye contact with the black and white mare.

Much as he wanted to speak, he found him wordless infront of these others like him.
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Seeing Stilte was in her own thoughts, and oddly enough, feeling the way her mind was flickering from image to thought to memory to the fire he had shared, Iilhi took a slight step forward.
"Should we.... should we go toward it?" he finally questions, cautiously. Some part of him warred at the idea, wanting to turn and go in the opposite direction with Stilte. But that other feeling, the part of him bound to this ridiculous war by fate, raged within him and pushed him toward where the flames had been burning.
Stilte glanced over at him, and for a brief moment he saw the same uncertainty in her eyes. But her different colored eyes cleared, and she nodded.
But still the two stood, gazing upon each other. It was Iilhi, surprising both himself and Stilte, who took the first step.

He could not fathom any of it, and as they walked, side by side, he could not help but rage at the injustice. At the turmoil wrought on the lands because of them. The world would be better off, he surmised, without them reigning their powers over it. Perhaps it wasn't a question of "good" verses "evil". Perhaps it was just a long ago feud and ancestors who couldn't keep their noses out of the future. Perhaps the world would be a better place if they all just disappeared, and the world was left to fend for itself. To decide for itself whether it wanted to heal or to fall into further chaos. He had seen bits and pieces of it, things that only now clicked. And further things, like the war that had been caused in Stilte's grandsire's wake. The Dark Titan had loved his children fiercely, but even then somehow their bloodlines won out. Perhaps their corrupted nature was the root of this problem, their blood was the issue.
But who could really tell how many horses these days had dormant Titan blood in their veins? It would be impossible to find them all, to relocate them all to safer areas. Or... somewhere beyond this world.

Stilte knew Iilhi was somewhere deep within his own thoughts. She didn't mind. They were on a precipice, and oddly enough despite knowing he would be taken from her soon, pulled in by the lure of his own kind, and turned into... into a weapon, she still felt sad that they were to part. Knowing him as she did, even after their short acquaintance, Stilte wondered if that was the true reason that the wars of the past had ended in evil and bloodshed. Those who fought for the good of the world simply did not have it in them to fight. She could not imagine Iilhi being a warrior, not like the stories she knew. His heart was gentle and kind, and he was so... pure. Perhaps that's why she felt herself attracted like a moth to his flame. He was just shining with light and goodness. He was something she found unattainable.
As they grew closer, the giveaways being Iilhi's restlessness and the way his ears flicked to and fro, searching for sounds, she felt a twinge of sadness that only furthered her resolve.
She was what she was born to be, deficiencies and all.
A twinge of surprise ran through her as Iilhi stepped closer, his wing brushing her side as he stretched it slightly. Almost in comfort. It brought anger to her mind. She needed no comfort.
Or perhaps he was nervous too.

It seemed the fire had put itself out by the time the pair arrived. Iilhi remained close to Stilte as the figures became more clear. Stilte couldn't help the flinch that ran through her pelt under her cloak as she felt Iilhi's mind sweep towards hers, and encompass it. She shuddered at the closeness, but as her vision blurred slightly she realized it wasn't an attack and relax. Sudden sound flooded her mind, and while it still felt far away she realized Iilhi was helping her, in his own way, allowing her to hear what was said.
He couldn't know that she had never been around such a large group before, nor that the strain of trying to follow so many conversations would eventually take a toll on her, and she would miss some things. But Stilte accepted his help, finding herself regretfully grateful.
The figures came into more depth, an antlered and winged stallion in what seemed like the epicenter of the blaze. Embers and smoke seemed to drift around him, and as the pair took him in they seemed to come to the same conclusion, it was hard to tell with how tightly their minds were currently woven. It gave Stilte a sense she had never had, and while off balanced, it was still precious moments for her.
The mare behind him, black and white as she was with curling horns, drew Stilte's attention next. Another one like her and the fire-stallion, she knew. Something dark rested within them both. How auspicious, that there were three each at this time.
Her gaze, along with Iilhi's, flickered to the others. A golden stallion with great antlers upon his head stood almost parallel to them, the fire-stallion between them and the black and white mare. Iilhi surmised it was her voice they had heard on approach for she seemed to be waiting for a reply.
Iilhi could see another mare, by her scent, with antlers and wings on the other side of the charred clearing from them, but with the remnants of smoke he couldn't quite make out her appearance.
It surprised both the young Titans, the way the thoughts flowed between them right now. No true words were necessary with Iilhi's mind so wrapped around Stilte's, offering his senses to her. There was nothing hidden between them, so there was no need to truly speak.
Iilhi balked at talking to them, but a gentle thought prod from Stilte had them both taking another step forward.
"It seems we have walked in on something," Iilhi finally said, looking around at the others much as Stilte did. He felt her flicker of surprise at the timber of his voice, melodic and soft, but still quite deep. Her ears, normally not moving except to show displeasure, flicked in surprise.
Stilte simply nodded, in agreement. There wasn't much she could do, considering the fact that Iilhi was her sense of hearing and she had never spoken a word in her life aloud.
But she hoped it wouldn't make a difference here. Flawed as she was, she could still do this. The gentle current of reassurance from Iilhi only bolstered that.


"Iilhi Speaks Mentally"
"Stilte Speaks Mentally"
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(Gack I'm sorry these are still so long xD This pair is surprisingly easy to write together lol!)
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The stallion noticed that two new horses had from the same direction he had, a short ways away. He turned a bit to see them better. There was a white mare with a black wisp of a cloak, and a stallion with a lovely purple hue. Tohar let out a welcoming nicker to them, and began a careful walk in their direction.
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As the mare came closer Anord noticed her distinct black and white coat. It was almost as if the black was creeping up on the white, bending it to it's will. He heard her speak, something he'd never heard before. The rats in the cave did not speak to him, only through the fire had he ever heard words spoken aloud save himself.

At her words the stallion felt a chill run up his spine. A good chill. A familiar chill. It reminded him of thunder. His eyes panned in wonder at the fangs peeking out from her mouth, and the three spiral horns adorning her head.

"I suppose I did" he replied after some time. "I have been called Anord, so that is my name" he continued, still staring at her as he spoke, his speech slightly broken. If that is my name, what do they call you?

Anord stole another glance at the other mare as the white and black one approached him slowly, before swinging his head to look at the sky, noticing it was not dark now because of the smoke, but because of a storm overhead. He looked at it curiously. He could usually anticipate an oncoming storm, but this one came suddenly, without warning. It didn't seem... natural. He pawed at the earth and swiveled his ears, catching the sound of a nicker and a slight rustle of the trees a little ways away, but didn't let it distract him as he folded the wings to his side again, still pondering the sudden storm.

Anord the poor awkward bean xD
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(Hey guys! Sorry Iíve been MIA, holidays have me swamped! Iíll try to respond really soon. I havenít abbandoned this! Iím sorry again!)
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(You are perfectly fine Sakura, jump in anytime! :D)


Kona raised her head as he answered her and smiled lightly. "Welcome Anord, the world has long awaited us." She said to him in a soft melodious voice. Her voice vastly contrasted her frightening looks. "I am Konakele, the Corrupted Titan, but you can just call me Kona." She told him slowly, her red eyes watching him take in her surroundings.

While she knew the world could never long for the return of the Titans that destroyed it, there was a balance to keep in check. The world needed the good Titans to bring back life, but powerful good could not enter the world without an euqally powerful evil to enter by its side and combat it. This is why the titans were born the way they were. Good may have won out this first generation, but the evil titans do not like to lose. That is how the second generation was born.
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( THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING PATIENT WITH ME :D Holidays were much more chaotic and busy then expected!)

Anxiety crept up at the pit of Koru's stomach as more horses suddenly appeared in the clearing. Each one just as impressive as the last. Each, however, carrying with them a different energy. Some she felt more distinctly then others because they seemed to mirror her own power that she felt within herself. The ones that felt more foreign however made her feel sick, as if she had been poisoned.
As the stallion walked closer to the black and white mare she felt her legs move her instinctively toward the golden stallion who had nickered at them. He seemed to carry the same energy she felt in herself. She also felt drawn towards the purple coated stallion however the close proximity he held towards the white mare with the cloak made her second guess moving closer to him.
She began carefully walking around the outer rim of the destruction that the fire had caused, as if stepping on the charred ash would cause her white coat to be instantly corrupted. She briefly wondered if that is what happened to the black and white mare. The markings on her legs almost seemed like flames that burnt themselves into her coat. She returned her attention quickly to the golden mare.

"Hello?" she whispered once she was closer to the mare, "Are you...." she puzzled for a word to explain what she was and for the power she felt inside, "Like me?"
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