Anyone have extra PB? {New User} 403 views  •   1004 days ago
Wrath Stables   •  2 career posts  
Hi, I'm Adrian, owner of Wrath Stables.

I changed my barn name from MyLittlePony Stables to this, I think it suits me better.

I was just curious.. does anyone have some extra PB I can borrow or have until I can earn a lot myself?
Anyone who 'donates' will get a watch and a special message from me. Kindness does not go unnoticed in this day and age. I hate to ask, but it seems that a lot of the horses for sale are way out of my budget, and I'd love to be able to buy more mares and whatnot to have my own foals. Almost all of my horses are foals, and more male than female. I was lucky enough to breed one of my mares, however, I didn't have a stallion that was her breed.. so the foal(s) won't be purebred. I know this probably seems like an issue I shouldn't worry about, but it's hard starting the game and not being able to do .. well.. what the game was made for.

Also, I would like to say thank you to two users that helped me get the horses I have now, by donating funds: &
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I can probably donate some thoroughbred mares to you if youre interested? They are jumping 85-88, most of them are not hitting 90 due to not having active peg DNA (in my opinion). They have good lines though and should produce good foals. Any interest?
I am counting on God     •  5,568 career posts 1004 days ago
Hi there! You can use the horse search from the drop down menu to find stallions of the same breed to breed your mares. There are some with very low fees. Keep checking back on the sales pages, the cheap ones dont last long but they are out there! You also get 1,000 PBs just for logging on each day!
Abyssal Plains     •  5,423 career posts 1004 days ago
What I used to do when I didnt have a lot of pbs was find a cheap tb colt. Buy him and push him as high as he'll go and put him up for stud.

Also you could learn to do photomanipulations. That's always been one of the best ways to earn pbs.

I see that you have nearly 700k pbs and that's plenty to get a good start. I've started back up from nothing on less several times.
DNEs Deer Lake QHs    MOD   •  1,317 career posts 1004 days ago
700k is actually a good start :D Jumping Blooms Horses just joined as well, so if I were you I would shoot them a message and ask them for tips and tricks!

Honestly, I would buy any of these ponies

No Name
No Name
No Name

They are very good starter foals bred by one of our top breeders, Bucki!

Also grab my tokens up for 1pb and redeem them for 10k ponybucks each, I will pop up 5 for you!

Let me look around my barn for other things I can put up for you
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  13,917 career posts 1004 days ago
Thank you to everyone who has commented!

I've taken all of your advice.
Wrath Stables    •  3 career posts 1004 days ago
I will send you 500k.

Happy Holidays!
Lightspire Tbs    •  2,755 career posts 1004 days ago
Hi Im pretty new too! I started early December I believe! Welcome! What breed are you wanting to start with?
Jumping Bloom Horses     •  322 career posts 1004 days ago
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