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Rose Moon Equine   •  1 career posts  
Hello! I'm new to this site and I need some help as far as navigation goes. I think I have the horse purchasing figured out but I would like to change my profile picture and participate in the jump-off. Thanks in advance!
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I'm really terrible at explaining things, so I'll let someone else who is better at it do that, but I sent you 1 Mill Pbs to get you started!
DNEs Deer Lake Paints     •  769 career posts 633 days ago
@DNEs Deer Lake Paints- thank you SO much!
Rose Moon Equine    •  2 career posts 633 days ago
You can call me DNE :)
And you're welcome!

Do you have any idea what breed you want to dabble in?
I recommend starting with TB's and having a side breed. TB's are where the money is and can fund having a second breed.
DNEs Deer Lake QHs    MOD online  •  1,412 career posts 633 days ago
Give me 5 minutes and I’ll explain stuff!
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  13,986 career posts 633 days ago
Welcome! I am not good at trying to explain stuff in general, but if you ever have any questions i would like to help! Feel free to PM me anytime for help, advice, or even just to chat!
BMC General Store   MOD online  •  15,522 career posts 633 days ago
Alright, so it’s good you’ve got the horse buying stuff figured out! I will find some good starter foals for you if you are interested in TBs. I second what DNE said about about breeding TBs - they’re a good starter breed as they are well developed.

So to change your profile picture you first have to go to “graphics” which you can find on your barn page. You can get here by clicking on your name in the green bar at the top of your screen. You then have to upload a picture and wait for a moderator to approve it! This takes about an hour or two :) after that, you can check a box on the image that says “make this image my profile image”

As for jumping horses this is easy! Go to a horses page and on the top left there is a toggle bar you can click that will enter your horse in jump offs. This way, people can challenge your horse! You can also visit the forums and click on people’s horses. Right about the horse’s name on their page there is a button that says “jump me” :) click that and it will take you to where you can jump!

You may not be able to jump horses right away as we have a class and item system to avoid people sending really experienced horses to inexperienced ones :). Itemed horses have items added to them to increase performance! I would recommend clicking on “credits” on the top green bar and clicking through to see what all the items do :)

I’m going to put up a few tokens for you on my barn page so you can see how to use items! Then you can redeem them for PonyBucks as well :)

Let me know if you have any more questions!
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  13,987 career posts 633 days ago
PT Gabriel Affair At breeding age :)

No Name

No Name

These are good quality starter foals and a nice stud! I will look through my mares and put one up for you if you wish!
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  13,988 career posts 633 days ago
I put up 6 horses for you :)
Jumping Bloom Horses     •  355 career posts 633 days ago
thank you all! I really appreciate it :)
Rose Moon Equine    •  3 career posts 632 days ago
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