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Has anyone else ever heard of this game? I've followed their Facebook page for several years and now they have finally released the boardgame. They have several different versions, I bought the Quarter Horse, Beef Cattle and Labrador Retriever versions (once you own the board game you can buy additional card packs for the different species of animals, they don't all require a different board). At first, it seems super complicated and does have a lot of pieces, but after you make it through setup the first time around and one "year" of game time, it is really simple and fun. Realistic too. Just thought some of you would get enjoyment out of it like me. I've always been that weirdo at family events who just wants to talk about my cows, so now I can at least involve others in it XD

Game's Facebook Page
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Wow that actually looks very, very fun.
A bit expensive tho for a boardgame..

Might try. :)
Sonnerheim Farms SF     •  30 career posts 916 days ago
It's pretty cool. I believe it's American made, also has a ton of pieces. I initially thought the same thing but it's actually made with quality, as in the boards aren't likely to bend or break which I've had happen to Life and Monopoly. I recommend it!
I am counting on God     •  5,583 career posts 916 days ago
Sounds wonderful, thank you :)
Sonnerheim Farms SF     •  31 career posts 916 days ago
It sounds super fun, but I wouldn't have anyone to play it with me :( :(
Golden Spirit      •  1,507 career posts 915 days ago
It works for one to four players:) the two player version is my favorite though.
I am counting on God     •  5,598 career posts 915 days ago
Looks good but seems a little pricey but I'd defo love to try it.
Ebony Equines    MOD   •  326 career posts 915 days ago
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