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Well I am gonna try to come back finally. For the past 7 months strait my dad has been in the hospital with a multitude of problems; kidney failure, Lupus Nefritis, Pneumonia twice, 7 internal bleeds, E Coli, rapid blood pooling behind his kidneys, the doctors dropped him in the operating room so he has 4 spinal breaks and now one his drainage tubes they left in has connected itself to his Colon... So we go back next week for another stay. Lord help us.

... BUT anyway, sorry to ramble. But my entire herd died out and I'm low on cash so if anyone has a little less than stellar foals they just don't love hit me up.

Any new items or news?

Thank you lovelies!!
★ Ro ★
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Hi and welcome back! Not sure if I was here when you played... I’ve been gone for a few years

So sorry to hear about your dad! I am sending him well wishes :/

Anyways, we have 4 new items
3 DNA (Speed, Fearless, Kangaroo) each add 1 DNA point and their various contributions aren’t known yet


X-day item (Lets you see in numbers a horses potential)

DNE Alaska

Here’s a horse with both!

I can put up a few tokens for you :)
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,211 career posts 149 days ago
That would be awesome! I would greatly appreciate it.

And Is there anywhere that can explain these items? I'm still confused..
Ro Equus     •  803 career posts 149 days ago
Yah :) just click on the horses item page and then the items themselves- should bring up their descriptions

All the new DNA just contributes to a horse’s performance and jump. I don’t believe these have been fully released yet, but can be found and bought, etc. They are selling for over 5 mil each

X-ray was released to Mods at first but have also been found by players (I think xD). It is a score out of 500 that shows when a horse’s jumping potential. The higher the number the better your chances! Also, x-ray has it’s own tab on the right (next to “foals”, “dna” etc) on a horse’s page that also explains a little more xD
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,212 career posts 149 days ago
You can view the xray page (displayed in red lettering) on Alaska.
The 3 DNA items are similar to the peg and fetlock DNA except they only give +1 to performance each.
DNEs Deer Lake QHs   MOD   •  1,516 career posts 149 days ago
^^ that’s a better way of describing it xD
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,213 career posts 149 days ago
Training has changed but I'm not good at explaining that one.
DNEs Deer Lake QHs   MOD   •  1,517 career posts 149 days ago
Got yah! The items make wayy more sense now. And does anyone get training? Also I'm seeing more breeds than TB which is exciting. I bought a few TBs just to get me going though.

What are the images under the horses conformation score?
Ro Equus     •  804 career posts 149 days ago
Those are the new trophy badges. They got an update and a couple got added I think.

Yes! We have quite a few active breeders for several breeds now.
DNEs Deer Lake QHs   MOD   •  1,518 career posts 149 days ago
I sorta do... haha

Training is put at level 5 if you use the horse jump items. An individual barn can get up to 9 training levels for their horses by completing set “tasks”. See your barn training page for those- I believe one or two are “get a horse to jump over 90” and “get a top 100 ranked horse”- there are 4- each one levels up your training one more

A horse then will begin training on its own. How high and how fast a horse trains is entirely random at the moment but it is usually one training level every 1-2 horse years. There are a few things that hinder advancements in levels we have found to be common when talking though

1- a mare is in foal
2- low strength

Co-training is now also available- it’s a toggle on the top of a horse’s page :). It says you need an item but it hasn’t been released yet :). The first co-trainer is free, and adds more training levels for your horse to go through. After the first co-trainer you can then add up to three more slots. A percentage of the jump off profits for that horse go to that trainer though.

When looking through co-trainers you may find that some say “+1/10%” while others say “+3/10%”. this refers to how many training levels they add and how much of your jump profits they make! A barn is automatically put as an available co-trainer if they have use 5 horse jump items for one breed as +1. The more of the barn tasks you do (I listed them above... like getting a horse over 90”) adds another available training level for your barn.

Personally, I wait until a horse is at training level 6/7 (my personal barn training level is at 9) until I put them in co-training. This is usually around age 9 or 10. This way, I don’t lose too many profits and my horse isn’t held back :)
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,214 career posts 149 days ago
Oh my fingers hurt haha I’m on my phone

Forgot to mention that higher training levels usually contribute to higher jumps!
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,215 career posts 149 days ago
Also the tokens are up for you!
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,216 career posts 149 days ago
Holy moly, thank you soo much for explaining that to me! It definitely makes more sense now and I greatly appreciate it.

I'll go grab them! Again, thank you!
Ro Equus     •  805 career posts 149 days ago
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