First log on for the year!! 347 views  •   325 days ago
Outback Barn     •  1,435 career posts  
Holidays were crazy busy!
Was out of phone/internet service for a large part of my limited time off.
And with a new task that Iíve been doing at work I have barely enough time for lunch, let alone just on my phone for gaming.

Sorry to those whose contests I missed and those who I owe credits to (I think it is only one person, and payment hasnít been finalised either I seen)

I will try to get back jumping my Titan comp horse and try to get more Ďnewí dna into my foals.

Also, Iíll be doing a credit giveaway on this post.

Entry form:
Barn name-
Barn ID-
Favourite Pb breed-
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Glad to see you back! Hope your holidays were good!

Barn name- Victory Sporthorses
Barn ID- 174173
Favourite Pb breed- Paints, ever since I started with them, they really have surprised me! :D there are so many more that I could have as my favourites, easily!
Victory Sporthorses      •  17,587 career posts 325 days ago
Barn name- BMC General Store
Barn ID- 829321
Favourite Pb breed- Moyles

Welcome back!! This is very kind of you!
BMC General Store   MOD   •  15,671 career posts 325 days ago
21 views and only 2 entries XD do people not want free stuff nowadays? Lol
Outback Barn     •  1,438 career posts 325 days ago
Entry form:
Barn name- I am counting on God
Barn ID- 31151
Favourite Pb breed- Quarter Horses

I can send jumps to your Titan if you like. Mine could use a workout too!
I am counting on God     •  5,706 career posts 325 days ago
Entry form:
Barn name- Sakura Stables
Barn ID-176690
Favourite Pb breed- Tbs!

Glad to see you back! Also thanks for getting back to me so quick about the Apaches! Hopefully soon they will become my fav pb breed
Sakura Stables     •  1,177 career posts 325 days ago
Entry form:

Barn name- Mystic Valley Ranch
Barn ID- 215068
Favourite Pb breed- to raise: TBs - purely for names: Firehorses :D
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,455 career posts 325 days ago
I think I'd die if I couldn't get phone service or internet service. Being able to play my games keeps me sane lol Glad your back. :D

Barn Name: Snowy Mountain Stables
Barn ID: 222112
Favorite PB breed: Well I like plenty of them actually but the one breed I seem to always come back to is the Friesian. They happen to be my favorite rl breed as well.

Thank you for the chance in this give away!
Snowy Mountain Stables      •  3,630 career posts 325 days ago
Welcome back! Isn't it terrible when we actually have to *work* at work xD

Barn name- Abyssal Plains
Barn ID- 623454
Favourite Pb breed- Paints! I breed them in real life and just love how unique they are.
Abyssal Plains     •  5,476 career posts 325 days ago
Glad to see you back, hence why messaged other day as I was worried with fires and everything. Glad your okay.

Thanks for credit chance.
Barn name: Ebony Friesians
Barn I'd: #828056
Fave pb breed: I have a few but I feel iv always done best with the Friesians altho the Mongolian and malopolskis were also awesome.
Ebony Friesians    MOD   •  465 career posts 324 days ago
Belated happy holidays!! =) Welcome back, lovely to see you & your generosity back!

Barn name- Bepaling Stables
Barn ID-7984
Favourite Pb breed- Canadian Warmbloods of course!
Bepaling Stables    MOD   •  4,723 career posts 324 days ago
Entry form:
Barn name- Canadian WB Trails Equine
Barn ID- 156467
Favourite Pb breed- right now Canadian Warmbloods as they are doing so well. I do have 3 different rare breeds to see how they will do too!

Welcome back!
Canadian WB Trails Equine     •  214 career posts 324 days ago
Heartlands Thoroughbreds
My favourite breed is the Thoroughbred or my rare Toris

Hope you had a good new year!
This is lovely if you
Heartlands Toris      •  9,717 career posts 324 days ago
Lightspire Tbs:
My Fsvorite Breed: Throughbreds! :) I have three that are jumping 90Ē which is awesome. Keeps me going!!
Lightspire Tbs    •  2,777 career posts 324 days ago
Barn name- Turn Nomas
Barn ID- 301071
Favourite Pb breed- a tie between my long time waterhorses and my brand new Nomas ;)

glad you are back! and that we could smush you into the foal swap contest
Turn Nomas     •  45 career posts 324 days ago
Itís great to be back, I canít believe I went so long without it haha
And Thankyou pugs, while Iím on the other side of the state to the major fires, I have indeed had my fair share of scare. 4 fires within 25km of home in the last couple of weeks!

Iíll leave this open a little while longer, maybe another day or two, then Iíll close and draw.
Draw will be sent on Snapchat, my username is emzie1203 for anyone that would like to see it or wants to add me :)
Outback Barn     •  1,439 career posts 324 days ago
Welcome Back!

Barn Name: DNEs Deer Lake QHs
Barn ID: 144
Favorite Breed: That's a hard one. Currently Quarter Horses would have to be my favorite.
DNEs Deer Lake QHs    MOD   •  1,659 career posts 324 days ago
Ends in approx 24 hours
Outback Barn     •  1,440 career posts 321 days ago
6 hours left
Outback Barn     •  1,441 career posts 321 days ago
Welcome back! I just came back too.

Gottarun Stables Revival
My favorite breed was my rarest back in the day, but they are long gone. Right now I'm liking my Standardbred mare I picked up. :)
Gottarun Stables QHs     •  285 career posts 321 days ago
Entry form:
Barn name-Bucki int
Barn ID-42691
Favourite Pb breed-TBís

Welcome back and thank you for this opportunity. :)
Bucki International      •  5,498 career posts 321 days ago
Entry Form:
Barn Name The Colourblind Elite
Barn ID :113

Favourite Pb Breed _ tbs

Good to see you around!
The Colourblind Elite      •  30,345 career posts 321 days ago
Entry form:
Barn name-Selcouth
Barn ID-832695
Favourite Pb breed- old peggi player here, so all the fantasy breeds...
Selcouth     •  340 career posts 321 days ago
Barn name- Gems Vineyard Stables
Barn ID- 186203
Favourite Pb breed- Standardbreds and rares, would probably use the credit for Irish Draughts or Andalusians though.

Welcome back!
Gems Vineyard Stables     •  3,199 career posts 321 days ago
Barn Name - Golden Spirit
Barn ID - 142149
Favorite PB Breed - Mangalargas!
I used to breed mangalargas years ago, but stopped playing and recently returned. My entire stock is retired :( I also have mangalargas in real life :)

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and welcome back!!
Golden Spirit      •  1,540 career posts 321 days ago
Entry form:
Barn name- Cosmique Estate
Barn ID- 98574
Favourite Pb breed- Thoroughbreds!
Cosmique Estate      •  1,933 career posts 320 days ago
Entries now closed.

And because Iíve had a real ugly couple days Iím going to video a random number generator on my partners phone and what order youíve entered on the post is your number. First entry is one, second is 2, etc. this will go onto Snapchat so go add me while I count how many entries there are if you would like to see.

Iíll be doing this for 2 credits, but you can only win one.
Outback Barn     •  1,442 career posts 320 days ago
Abyssal plains and gottarun stables are the winners. Snapchat was sent to all 4 of you that have me added lol
Outback Barn     •  1,443 career posts 320 days ago
Yes they were the confirmed numbers we'll done guys =)
Ebony Friesians    MOD   •  550 career posts 320 days ago
Oh, awesome! Thank you!
Gottarun Stables QHs     •  289 career posts 320 days ago
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