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Welcome to the First Annual Ponybox Hunger Games.
I am your host, Mystic Valley Ranch, and will be guiding you through the next few weeks as you battle it out in the arena in the hopes to be the last player standing.

This is the reaping ceremony. 16-24 volunteers will come forward and declare their intent to play the game. They will then be sorted into districts. Districts are comprised of those most similar in age. The two “oldest players” (those who joined ponybox in 2007) will be District 1. We will then continue in pairs of two until we get to our last district, comprised of the youngest players.

The entry form:
Choice of Weapon:
Date Joined PB:

This is the form that will enter you in the games. Post the entry form below

Here is my example of an entry form so you can best understand with an explanation in (-)

Name: Mystic (Putting my preferred nickname for ease)
Weapon: Long gummy worm whip (be creative! **this is PB so make them lighthearted** examples: Hard candy nun chucks, Candy cane spears, marshmallow gun xD)
Skills: climbing trees, setting traps (what is your player good at?)
Weaknesses: water, peppermint (what is your player scared of/what can they not do well?)
Date Joined PB: 11-22-2010

After this, I will announce how many participants and their districts there are in a tribute parade. More details will come at that time.

Following the tribute parade, I will be messaging all the players with a series of questions. The responses will be published in interview form on the forums for all to see. At this time I will also reveal the arena set up.

After this point, the contestants will have little control over what happens to them in the games. It is too much to go around to every player and ask “what would you do in this situation?” about everything. Instead, I will largely be narrating everyone’s actions once the games begin.

1. There will be a “cornucopia” and the answers dictated in this entry form and the interviews will determine what you do here.
2. Every day, all ll names will be put in a hat and I will roll dice. I will only count the “1” “2” and “3” and “4”. Depending on what I roll, that is the number of contestants eliminated from the game that day. (1= 1 player is eliminated, 3= 3 players eliminated, **4= no players**, 5+6 are re-rolls)
a. The players eliminating those players are also chosen at random from the hat as well
3. After Day 1, sponsors may message me dictating who gets a care package and what they get. This will be announced at the next narration and I will message that contestant and set up what they receive privately with them. These are called "care packages" and are in the form of items
4. Gameplay will continue until there is only one player left standing

-- if needed, I can do a video of me doing these random drawings for names so you all know I'm being fair --

*** Prizes ***
-there is no entry fee -
Because of this, prizes will be on the slightly low side, sorry guys, but this is simply coming out of my own pocket
Bottom 14 players will receive 100k when eliminated
Top 10-4 player will receive 250k when eliminated
3rd will receive 500k
2nd will receive 1 mil
**Grand Prize** is 5 million (maybe more) for the last player standing.

Message this barn with any questions you may have about the game
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(before i fill it out, do i use he date on his account? or the date i first joined?)
BMC General Store     •  15,758 career posts 71 days ago
Name: Dark Night Equstrian
Choice of Weapon: Dots Candy Blaster
Skills: Using the environment to my advantage (hiding in bushes, caves, etc)
Weaknesses: Being too loud. Melted Chocolate.
Date Joined PB: None of my accounts are my original [I lost track of it] but this is the most accurate: 01-08-2010 from account #210213
DNEs Deer Lake QHs   MOD   •  1,865 career posts 71 days ago
Name: Turn
Choice of Weapon: mozerella cheese slingshot that shoots meatballs
Skills: small and agile, creative
Weaknesses: heights, anything spicy
Date Joined PB: 2/22/07 (original or 2/26/08 this account)

Hehe cant wait, this is great!
Turn Waterhorses      •  8,615 career posts 71 days ago
BMC ((whichever you'd like? I'd say date you joined xD I won't be checking accounts haha, though I will be messaging the account you use to sign up))

Good question, thank you :D
The Hunger Games     •  106 career posts 71 days ago
Name: Clear Creek
Choice of Weapon: Fruit Gushers cannon
Skills: scavenging; patience
Weaknesses: getting away fast (I'm carrying a cannon!); marshmallow fluff
Date Joined PB: 12/30/2019
Clear Creek Farm    •  218 career posts 71 days ago
Also you guys, LOVING the entry forms I'm sitting here just imagining Turn actually holding a mozerella cheese slingshot that shoots meatballs and just cracking up xD
The Hunger Games     •  107 career posts 71 days ago
Name: Cosmique
Choice of Weapon: Pop rock grenades
Skills: quick thinking, determined
Weaknesses: bugs, anything sour
Date Joined PB: 10/21/2007
Cosmique Estate   online  •  1,948 career posts 71 days ago
Name: Merry
Choice of Weapon: Jolly Rancher Freeze Gun
Skills: Swimming and gathering food
Weaknesses: caramel and climbing
Date Joined PB: 1/14/2007
I am counting on God     •  5,800 career posts 71 days ago
Name: Moony
Choice of Weapon: Liquorice Bow that shoots sour candy sticks
Skills: Singing, Raising kids, Marksmanship
Weaknesses: Chocolate, Horses(MUST PET IT!), Pringles
Date Joined PB: 3-23-2006

(Thank you!)
BMC General Store     •  15,760 career posts 71 days ago
7 bears- 2014 joining date on this account,choice of weapon,m&m gun that fires m&ms at a high rate of speed,skills:blending into the evorment,steath, weakness:metling chocolate,rain
livewire Cwbs    •  2,064 career posts 71 days ago
Name: Valkyrie
Choice of Weapon: Marshmallow Thor hammer
Skills: Strength, sarcasm, logic
Weaknesses: Temper, cardio, Gal Gadot
Date Joined PB: October 2005 (this account was created after that date, though)
Valkyrie    MOD   •  53,580 career posts 71 days ago
"Gal Gadot"

I'm gonna write in Gal Gadot just because I can
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,810 career posts 71 days ago
Hahahahaha well it's true XP
Valkyrie    MOD   •  53,581 career posts 71 days ago
Name: Bloom
Choice of weapon: peach ring saucers (they have blades on the sides and I throw them like a frisbee)
Skills: intelligence, aim
Weakness: always hungry, swimming
Date joined: 12-1-2019
Jumping Bloom Horses     •  628 career posts 70 days ago
There are 9 entrants so far! Once we hit 16 there will be 24 hours left to sign up. In the case of an odd number of entrants, I will join!
The Hunger Games     •  108 career posts 70 days ago
Name: Fox
Choice of Weapon: 10 Armored Rats with homing devices and melted marshmallow rocket launchers.
Skills: sniping, organization and morale
Weakness: not good at taking criticism.
Date Joined: oof ummm I know it was 2007? o_O
Fox Tail Forge   MOD   •  2,622 career posts 70 days ago
Name: Selcouth
Choice of Weapon: sugar shard spears
Skills: improvising tools from my surroundings, setting traps with my best cheesecake
Weaknesses: sticky caramel/taffy/etc, indecisive
Date Joined PB: Had to check my oldest account, but 6-9-2009
Selcouth    •  379 career posts 70 days ago
hehe, thanks mystic!
This is great fun already ;)
Turn Waterhorses      •  8,617 career posts 70 days ago
Name : RavenSide stud tbs
Choice of weapon: armoured horse and joust pole
Skills: craft, speed, agility, can work on little to know sleep, quick thinking and smart, high physical pain threshold
Weaknesses: Goes out of way to help people who take it for granted. Allergic to nuts and wasp stings 😂 (not even joking about the wasp stings)

Date joined : 2007 (dont think it was this account however
RavenSide Stud TBS   online  •  2,584 career posts 70 days ago
12 :D

Fox- are those rats like... rat sized? Or human sized? xD
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,832 career posts 70 days ago

Name: L9/Lizz
Choice of Weapon: bejeweled staff (kinda like a water bender staff, but fancy)
Skills: good map knowledge, great mechanics/fighter, quick thinker and risk taker
Weaknesses: absolutely insane. makes bad life choices.
Date Joined PB: 6-17-2009
lownine equine     •  9,646 career posts 70 days ago
Selcouth- currently crying laughing imaging a Hunger Games with cheesecake traps. Honestly, I’d be the first one out😂
Clear Creek Farm    •  238 career posts 70 days ago
Mystic, well, since you asked....
2 are medium dog sized.
2 are large cat sized.
2 are regular rat sized so they can hide on my person.
Fox Tail Forge   MOD   •  2,636 career posts 69 days ago
Well shoot dang... xD those are some big rats
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,855 career posts 69 days ago
I can get even more technical with the 4 very large rats are grown and juvenile pouched rats.
The two regular sized ones are a silvermane dumbo and a hooded dumbo.
All females. LOL
Fox Tail Forge   MOD   •  2,639 career posts 69 days ago
its slightly scary how much thought you've put into this xD
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,866 career posts 68 days ago
Choice of Weapon: Pretzel Popper (high powered pretzel shooter, doubles for a high energy snack during the games)

Skills: Craftiness (able to make something out of nothing)

Weaknesses: cant see in the dark

Date Joined PB: 2007
Sea Horse Ranch LLC    •  188 career posts 68 days ago
We’re at 14!
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,870 career posts 68 days ago
I want to enter but have no imagination for what weapon to use
Bucki Int Elite Older TBs     •  552 career posts 67 days ago
Do you have a favorite candy or snack? XD
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  14,898 career posts 67 days ago
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