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"Chapter Two"

"The world shuddered early one morning. The titans were finally ready for the battle that had been training for. There was a large field that they had met several times, and this was to be the battlegrounds they all lived for. All twelve titans of each side had finally assembled and began their training. The side of good looked strong and bonded well, learning to work together like their ancestors before them. The side of evil struggled to learn how to be a team, but their power raged in them, each one more chaotic than the last.

The side of evil made their way to the battlefield first. Their General, Konakele, tossed her white and black head to the sky and screamed out her challenge. Her storm had not yet followed her to the battle, but the sky was already full of clouds. In those clouds were the faint outlines of many horses, and Kona knew it was a spirit of the past Titans as they awaited the outcome of the war. The second in command came up to her right side. A huge spotted stallion called Gemein with a vile temper to match his name and wings gave him the ability to fly. The side of evil did not have the same instincts to follow, they trained by fighting each other for leadership. Kona bared her sharp teeth and snapped at the air in front of the stallion, then watched the others line up with them. Her storm storm centered itself and mixed with the clouds of the heavens. They placed them selves it order of power.

Anord came to Kona's left and as he pawed the ground fire burst from him, charring the field but leaving his companions untouched. Stilte walked to Anord's left, her black cloak shifting in the wind from the storm. Myrkky and Meteso walked up side by side, Myrkky was smaller and carried her head low like a snake while Meteso tossed his head wildly with madness. Then three horses, Zerstörung, Zemsta, and Stolthet, bounded forward together looking so similar yet so different at the same time. Couor and Sicarius snapped at each other as they took their spot, and Gewier followed them shyly. Kona then stepped out in front of them and began pacing as she waited for the good titans to arrive.

A group of well organized horses moved as one through the trees. The golden stallion at the head of the bunch snorted at the smell of fire. These titans were driven strongly by the need to follow the strongest, and they still instinctively called Tohar their general. He was proud of that status, but still cared for them all. He thought every choice through before it was made, and the titans trusted him when they had finally become a team. Iilhi, the second in command, walking at his shoulder, the purple hued stallion seeming to glow on this rather dark morning. They both had a small smile on their face, as they knew that had the perfect weapon to fight the fire they could already smell.

Following closely was Tohar's small army. Alongside the group was a great wave of fresh water, carving out a new river bed as they went along. Controlling this water was Tatari, the titan had a large tail fin rather than rear legs and he had no fear of the fire then were heading to. Koruma and Armo snorted in disgust at the smell of fire, and Koruma's eyes filled with sadness as she knew the world was hurting. Vaprus's hooves fell heavily as he walked, the heavy armor on him giving them a bit of war like music. Trocaire and TeAroha stayed close, their powers mixing flawlessly to give the others some comfort as they faced their foes. Rehellinen and Klarhed also stayed close, prepared to use their own magic on the field they headed into now. They would be able unveil tricks or traps, finding the truth and clarity in everything. Vapaus and Jasiri trailed near the back of the group, but held their heads tall with pride and bravery. Tohar took a step forward to meet Konakele as she paced before them.

The good titans formed a line and Kona hissed as Tohar took his stand. Horses on both sides shivered as they took in the power of the other side. "Destiny has brought us here today!" Konakele shouted to them all. "We are for the right to rule this world, and we will not let out ancestors down." She reared and her twisted horns shimmered as they pierced the sky. Tohar looked deep into her burning red eyes, "Hear our call, Great Titans, may fate be on our side!" He called out and shook his antlers in the direction of the evil Titans. Konakele's scream echoed as both sides surged forward to meet in the middle, and a tornado touched down at the back end of the field. The field began to seethe with horse crashing against each other in battle, or using evasive moves. Magic began crashing into magic, and the world began to tremble and crack loudly.

The power of evil was starting to win, the good titans could feel it just start to take over but they continued to fight. They had to pray that their ancestors would grant them the strength to turn the tides of war."

~The Titans~

-On the side of Good-

"Good" Average: 96.104"

Tohar 99.25" Current General
Meaning Virtue, Raised by BMC General Store

Rehellinen 94.75"
Meaning Honest, Raised by Sakura Stables

Klarhed 94.75"
Meaning Clarity, Raised by The Colorblind Elite

Vapaus 93.5"
Meaning Freedom, Raised by osttt

Koruma 97.25"
Meaning Protection, Raised by Sakura Stables

Trocaire 96.25"
Meaning Mercy, Raised by Victory Sporthorses

Iilhi 98.5" Second In Command
Meaning Divine, Raised by Darkfall Wonderland

Jasiri 91.75"
Meaning Brave, Raised by Tiffs Stable

TeAroha 95.5"
Meaning Empathy, Raised by Rising Phoenix Farms

Tatari 98"
Meaning Patience, Raised by Turn Waterhorses

Armo 97"
Meaning Grace, Raised by Bucki Int

Vaprus 96.75"
Meaning Courage, Raised by Ebony Friesians

-On the side of Evil-

"Evil" Average: 96.75"

Gemein 98.5" Second In Command
Meaning Vile, Raised by Diamond Ridge Stable

Myrkky 97.5"
Meaning Venom, Raised by Kaylied Estal

Sicarius 94.75"
Meaning Assassin, Raised by Heartlands Thoroughbreds

Stilte 97.75"
Meaning Silence, Raised by Darkfall Wonderland

Couor 94.75"
Meaning Blood, Raised by lownine equine

Gewier 92.75"
Meaning Spite, Raised by Piee

Zerstörung 96"
Meaning Destruction, Raised by Colins Legacy

Konakele 101.25" Current General
Meaning Corrupt, Raised by BMC General Store

Zemsta 96"
Meaning Vengeance, Raised by I am counting on God

Stolthet 96"
Meaning Pride, Raised by Outback Barn

Anord 98.25"
Meaning Chaos, Raised by Mystic Valley Ranch

Mateso 97.5"
Meaning Torture, Raised by Fox Tail Forge TBs 1

Hope you all are Enjoying this!

Generals and Second in Command are based of current "Strength"(Jump)

Don't Forget! They have good chances of Improving more at 15/16!

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Thank you!

Like i said, he may still be a late bloomer
BMC General Store   MOD online  •  15,785 career posts 244 days ago
hey he still did blooming fantastic

Im just still in total shock that Myr hit that height, never thought I wouls see the day that a Fell pony hit 95"+ :o
I was expecting her to get to about 92" ish, still beating her mother, but this is even better she beat her dad as well
Kaylied Estal    online  •  57,369 career posts 245 days ago
Aw love the story. Maybe I should have took Vaps armour off he may have jumped higher hehe
PUGS    MOD online  •  685 career posts 245 days ago
Awesome! :) Im glad!
BMC General Store   MOD online  •  15,781 career posts 245 days ago
I do, that is really cool!
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I know! Its awesome!

I hope you liked the idea i had for your Waterhorse breed :D Tatari is awesome
BMC General Store   MOD online  •  15,778 career posts 245 days ago
wow! I cant believe how close this one is staying this year :0
Turn Waterhorses    online  •  8,621 career posts 246 days ago
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