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I have only just started logging in recently after a few years (or more) of not playing!

I can't remember anything and a lot has changed.

Just bought a Thoroughbred filly... now.. when is the best age to start jump offs? breed? can someone explain items/training/feed etc to me?

I have noticed the forums aren't extremely active these days - if I were to post pictures, do they need to be credited with my barn name like they used to? And graphics for horses.. If you buy a horse, is it etiquette to leave the previous barn owner's graphic on and only put my own on horses I have bred? Or does it not matter?

And hi to anyone who recognises me!
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I too feel like a complete I haven't been on PB for more than 6-8 years? A lot of changes. I was hot and heavy on the Nokota server back in the day. I was Kimi Maka Reservation :) Welcome back. Looks like most of your questions were I wont comment on that.
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Also sorry for the fires I hope things have started to settle over there now.
Solaris Equines    MOD   •  851 career posts 70 days ago
Oh my goodness that's amazing she looks fab.
Solaris Equines    MOD   •  850 career posts 70 days ago
For some reason half my comment did not send??

Ebony Friesians - I still have Missy and yes I remember you.. hopefully this part of the comment sends this time.. I have posted a couple of pics :)
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Here she is :) She is looking a bit feral at the moment as I have an injured foot and it has been really dusty, smokey and hot here.

 photo missmuffet_zpsc8bhldhv.jpg

 photo missmuffet1_zpsk9mfghc8.jpg
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Yes you can find items floating around still =)
Solaris Equines    MOD   •  849 career posts 70 days ago
Thank you all so much for the help!!

Fox Tail Forge - So are items not found randomly anymore? You buy them? I seem to have a few carrot juices so I'll see how I go with them, and I am going to stick to just a couple of horses for now in case I don't wholeheartedly get back into it. and yes, I remember your face!!!
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Omg welcome back I remember you I was colouredponybrook stables. Do you still have the grey pony?
Solaris Equines    MOD   •  847 career posts 70 days ago
I just started logging back in after being gone for like 10 years! 😂 so much has changed!
Hazy Gate Equus     •  89 career posts 70 days ago
I remember you! I used to be Fog of War Equine (my Friesian barn uses that name now).

For jumps, I've worked out, and it seems others have as well, that jumping lightly from about 1-5/6 helps bump their training and experience level for when they are at their "prime" from 7-13. They sometimes surprise you again at 16-18 with random small improvements, but that's it.

Pictures still need to be credited with your barn name.
Art stock now allows Pexels and Pixabay as sources as well as the original stock sourcing sites.

There is now co-training which allows you to link to other barns' training for a percentage of the winnings, to improve the jump heights, and speed up the training.

Feed is under your "horses" button. You can't link to others' feed anymore. Carrot juice is how you get the +20 bonus which helps improve their height as well. I can give you some carrot juice items.

Items. This is where it gets fun. There's a *lot* of items. You can go to the credits link by your Ponybank (not the official name), and see the credit packs. If you click on the packs, it'll take you to a page explaining what the item is, what it does, and how many you get in the packs. You can obtain items through player sales, and buy donating to the upkeep of the game at $10/credit. Each credit allows you to choose one of 5 current credit packs.

You're allowed to put 10 items on each horse. No more than 5 diamond saddles. X-ray items and Super Horse DNA items do not count towards the item counts.

If you're looking to get into thoroughbreds, let me know. I can breed a few for you to have and get you started back in the game.
Fox Tail Forge n Farriery   MOD   •  2,689 career posts 70 days ago
Best Age To Jump
everyone has there ages they like best some start at 0 others at five horses tend to jump all the way to about 16 of age.

They jump there best at 9-16

now i breed about 16 for mares cause horses in foal will not train and we now have training to work with they train to level 5 naturally

Pictures - yes you need to credit who made the picture aka with there barn name or yours

i replace there pictures with my own ? but i guess everyone does it different.

welcome back ! have anymore questions message me or a mod or anyone really most players will help you anytime you need.

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I do not think I remember you, but welcome back! I've also only just started logging back in haha

I'll probably prod at this thread a few times just because these are questions I also have lol
N o c t u r n e     •  5,869 career posts 70 days ago
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