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Yup. Everyone has heard of them.
... But have you heard of real life mermaids?? There are people that dedicate themselves to making real, swimmable mermaid tails out of fabric and SILICONE.
FinFolk Productions, Merbella Studios, and Mertailer are some of the most well-known in the industry.

I became involved with this... lifestyle about five years ago. I've been longing to save up the money to order one from the pros but with supply being limited and demand being high, the price keeps going up and I'm an adult with actual priorities to spend money on. With that being said, the artist in me has been screaming "BUILD YOUR OWN. IT WILL BE ONE HECK OF AN ART PROJECT"
So I listened.
In 2016, I did start doing research and taking steps to building my own silicone mermaid tail. Unfortunately, life happened and funds fell apart as well as typical artist problems such as me hating everything I create.

Now that I have the time, the confidence, and the funds. I AM STARTING THE PROJECT ONCE AGAIN.
The Mermaid Project 2020

Also, I'm calling to the artists of PB. I have a dark theme to go along with this project, but it will not be released yet due to not wanting someone to take it before myself. Lol yay trust issues. Anyways, I'm looking for scale patterns and fluke designs!! Basically, if you feel like sketching some designs and they're great, I will legit just send you PonyBucks.

Please and thank you friends. Constructive critique welcome.
This is going to be a long journey that is (hopefully) completed by the end of this year....

- Luna
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Omg this is so cool! I follow a company that makes them and a few mermaids on instagram. I've always wanted one after discovering them about 2016 but I dont have 5k+ for a tail. :/
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I follow a few companies and quite a few professional mermaids. I've been dying to have one as well, but like you, don't have that kind of money. That's why I've even decided to attempt this excruciating process lol. From the math I've done, building one will only cost about a grand. And that's a grand over time. So I figured I'd go for that.

Thanks for the sticky, Fox Tail!
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Oh wow then the price must be more because of demand then. Can't wait to see the finished product. :D
Angel Kissed Equine     •  3,463 career posts 61 days ago
For those of you interested:

I have made progress and decided on a final fluke design! Uploaded to DA, let me know what you think! The excitement is boiling over!!
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