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That likes variety in horse pics for their horses? :)

I like to have multiple just to make my barn more interesting than anything. I also might just have variety to separate naturals, itemed, and super horses from each other.

If you use more than one horse pic for your horses besides personalized pictures how do you use them?
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So I have just updated mine.

Special supers now get individual
Super mares get one pic
Super studs get another
All horses bred by me get a certain pic
All horses bred by me but from an outside stud/crossed out get another pic

I was trying to give all supers individual but I didn't have enough
Solaris Welsh Cobs II    MOD online  •  896 career posts 56 days ago
Oh that's a good idea Pugs.:D
Snowy Mountain Stables      •  3,825 career posts 56 days ago
I did that a while back
Blind Infernal      •  30,725 career posts 56 days ago
I have mares vs stallions for my waterhorses, then the minor breeds each just have one. although i have a few others for 'special' horses if I DNA breed or something and want to keep track. Supers all get a personalized picture too. I usually change my main horse pics every year at least to keep myself interested. Havent had time yet this year though. I really have to do at least my peggies soon - i would like to get them mare/stud pics
Turn Waterhorses      •  8,656 career posts 56 days ago
I try to give each of my horses an individual piece when I can. I like making each of them unique XD
Embris Hollow      •  185 career posts 56 days ago
Easier to explain with links xD

! Arjuna - Foundation stallions and their male descendants
! Galatea - Foundation mares and their female descendants.
* Antarctic - Crossbred stallions/their male descendants.
* Arctic - Crossbred Mares/their female descendants.
* Cassiopeia - My last foundation sets female pic/their descendents too.
* Divine Comedy - Stallions from Inky's lines/their descendants.
* Little Creatures - Mares from Inky's lines/their descendants.
* Dreamweaver - Super Mare Lined.
* Gold Cant Stay - Super Stallion Lined.
* Moons Dark Side - Erembour Lines.
* Ice Queen - Old/Mixed Lines, Mare.
* Keeper of Souls - Old/Mixed Lines, Stallions.
* Silvermere - Old Foundation Lines mixed with new lines.
* The Emerald Crown - Mare from BMC's lines.
* UL Seabhag - Naturals/From Natural foundations.
* Winter Morning - Other outside studs, non crossed

I think that's everyone? Its easier to just post the links instead of trying to explain how it works xD They in general follow their pics, fillies get the dam pic (unless crossed), colts get the sire pic (same deal). If they are a promising foal from a super they tend to get the parents pic if they have a unique pic, or the grey/brown horses if they don't (or I just don't feel like it). Some horses break the streak either A - because I'm lazy, or B - because I mixed up something, but in general I can just scroll through my horses and know where they come from and where I gotta look out for related lines, whats fresh, whats old, who is most likely to have more DNA, yadda yadda :)
b a n r i g h    MOD   •  21,624 career posts 56 days ago
Oh! I also have different pictures for my Firehorses. Firehorses are only second gen, but I will have it so pure foundation lines get pic X & Y for mares and stallys, crossbreds get another pic, and I want to get a few different ones here soon.

Unicorns have/will have custom lineart pics cause I don't have many and its fun.

Pegasi have pictures according to where they came from (DNA bred, Purchased from Person A, B, C, etcetera).
b a n r i g h    MOD   •  21,625 career posts 56 days ago
This is mine, i am similar to Banrigh, I will show with links

KE Aldi Shopper DNA bred horse
KE All At Me Home Bred horse
KE Ashby de la Zou Foundation horse
KE HisDarkMaterials Super horse

I also will be soon doing a pic for naturals and one for itemed, and I will also be doing a crossbred one I think
Kaylied Estal      •  57,423 career posts 55 days ago
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