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"Final Chapter"

"The war raged on in the field that was slowly being colored red. The wild screams of horses in battle could now be heard all through the world. Each time magic crashed into magic the world shook and you could hear it cracking, as if it was an egg about to be broken. Soft spirit forms walked in Konakele's storm clouds above, their voices sounded along with those of their descendants below them.

Tatari worked hard trying to fight back Anord's chaotic fire, it was still blazing hot battle despite his efforts. Iilhi took to the sky and helped Tohar give proper instructions based on how the evil Titans had placed themselves. On the ground he spotted Stilte facing off against Vaprus, and the big black stallion seemed too close for comfort his armor flashing brightly with the fire around them. Before he could offer his advice to Tohar, sudden power shook the world again as Evil began to overpower them again.

Konakele let out a loud scream as Tohar lounged at her and lightning ripped through the air. Almost at once she felt Stilte's magic hit her, there was no voice or words but complete silence. The magic mixed perfectly with her own, and then a painful silence passed over the entire field. The good Titans had all been stunned, but no words or screams could be heard. Tohar's eyes widened as he realized Konakele had reared, she sank her fangs into the back of his neck and forced him to the ground.

With all the titans covered in sweat and wounds, one by one the good Titans began falling back to the edge of the field. Iilhi tried to meet Stilte's eyes, but her rage blocked him out for once as she took her rightful place next to Konakele. She had just earned her spot as Second in Command. When all of Tohar's army had backed away everyone could suddenly hear again. The first sound was laughter, and victorious but viscous sound followed by a sharp scream of a stallion as Konakele released her captive. Tohar limped away, his neck bleeding and one hind leg torn from a previous blow. He looked at his army in shame, then to the Titans of the past above them. He kept his head low as he joined his army.

The clouds above darkened and with the thunder and lightning, the voices of the titans could be heard again. "The war of wonders has ended!" They boomed, not allowing bias to be heard in their tone. "The world still is to be ruled by evil. Titans ARISE!" They shouted for the last time in the lifetime of these horses. The evil Titans all reared in unison and screamed their victory with only one missing, but her victory cry was as loud as she was silent.

Suddenly, with the power of all the Titans together, the ground broke and the land split apart. Tohar called to his kin, "Follow me! We have to get us and all the creatures we can to safety!" Together they ran back the way they came, he was leading them to their waterfall. He hoped they could shield off a small portion of the world from the destruction that was coming. Lava began to boil to the surface, and the land began to crumble. Tohar and his small band made it to the lake just in time, gathering as many animals as they could on the way. They then gathered in a tight circle and began pushing their magic together, pouring it all out and projecting a barrier. The shield expanded to cover the lake, the waterfall, and a small part of the forest around them.

It did not take long for the world to descend into total Chaos around the small haven the good Titans had made. All the Titans could feel their power draining from them only a couple hours after the end of the battle. Their destiny had been fulfilled, and now the Titans of the past help onto their power once again. Each of the current titans only had a tiny amount of their magic left, just enough to survive after everything they had just dealt with. It was with that magic they heard their ancestors voice one last time, in their ears like a whisper. "You are free now, you will all live out your lives in the world you fought for. Some day, many years from now after you are all gone, your magic will return and you will stand with us. May destiny lead us all on the necessary path."

Pain passed over Konakele face for the first time, she had no idea what she would do now. The world around her bubbled and spit ash into the air. Her army looked around, knowing they had won but not knowing what was to come next. Did they understand what had happened, what they had done?

Tohar collapsed to the ground when his magic left him, and he slowly pulled his self back to his feet. The other good Titan looks around with him, and he slowly touched noses with each of them, thanking them for their help. The shield fell as their magic left and they all knew they could now come and go as they pleased, if they dared. The look that passed between them all was clear. They had to keep their lines going no matter what. They had to provide the world with the chance it needed to come back from this.

Once again the names of two great Generals and their Second in commands had been etched into the world forever. The Titans lived on, and furthered their lines even in the Chaos they had to live it. It was never going to be easy, but there was no other choice. The world needed them all, now more than ever before."

~The Titans~

-On the side of Good-

"Good" Average: 96.291"

Tohar 99.25" General
Best Rank: 7
Winnings: 6,191,300
Meaning Virtue, Raised by BMC General Store

Rehellinen 94.75"
Best Rank: 168
Winnings: 312,900
Meaning Honest, Raised by Sakura Stables

Klarhed 94.75"
Best Rank: 70
Winnings: 517,500
Meaning Clarity, Raised by The Colorblind Elite

Vapaus 93.75"
Best Rank: 183
Winnings: 268,100
Meaning Freedom, Raised by osttt

Koruma 97.25"
Best Rank: 47
Winnings: 651,200
Meaning Protection, Raised by Sakura Stables

Trocaire 96.25"
Best Rank: 88
Winnings: 688,300
Meaning Mercy, Raised by Victory Sporthorses

Iilhi 98.75" Second In Command
Best Rank: 11
Winnings: 7,189,000
Meaning Divine, Raised by Darkfall Wonderland

Jasiri 91.75"
Best Rank: 664
Winnings: 109,500
Meaning Brave, Raised by Tiffs Stable

TeAroha 95.5"
Best Rank: 33
Winnings: 1,174,800
Meaning Empathy, Raised by Rising Phoenix Farms

Tatari 98"
Best Rank: 26
Winnings: 965,800
Meaning Patience, Raised by Turn Waterhorses

Armo 97"
Best Rank: 2
Winnings: 1,340,000
Meaning Grace, Raised by Bucki Int

Vaprus 98.5"
Best Rank: 20
Winnings: 11,337,950
Meaning Courage, Raised by Ebony Friesians

-On the side of Evil-

"Evil" Average: 96.937"

Gemein 98.5"
Best Rank: 65
Winnings: 268,700
Meaning Vile, Raised by Diamond Ridge Stable

Myrkky 97.5"
Best Rank: 51
Winnings: 809,050
Meaning Venom, Raised by Kaylied Estal

Sicarius 96"
Best Rank: 5
Winnings: 848,950
Meaning Assassin, Raised by Heartlands Thoroughbreds

Stilte 98.75" Second In Command
Best Rank: 15
Winnings: 5,897,800
Meaning Silence, Raised by Darkfall Wonderland

Couor 94.75"
Best Rank: 33
Winnings: 375,600
Meaning Blood, Raised by lownine equine

Gewier 92.75"
Best Rank: 260,700
Winnings: 260,700
Meaning Spite, Raised by Piee

Zerstörung 96"
Best Rank: 176
Winnings: 372,600
Meaning Destruction, Raised by Colins Legacy

Konakele 101.25" General
Best Rank: 1
Winnings: 6,968,350
Meaning Corrupt, Raised by BMC General Store

Zemsta 96"
Best Rank: 121
Winnings: 643,600
Meaning Vengeance, Raised by I am counting on God

Stolthet 96"
Best Rank: 20
Winnings: 230,800
Meaning Pride, Raised by Outback Barn

Anord 98.25"
Best Rank: 14
Winnings: 2,348,900
Meaning Chaos, Raised by Mystic Valley Ranch

Mateso 97.5"
Best Rank: 30
Winnings: 1,074,500
Meaning Torture, Raised by Fox Tail Forge TBs 1

Now for the Prizes!
(Prizes Notice: I definitely did not plan on my horses winning so many prizes. Most of my prizes will be split up at the end and given to all those who do not win a prize in the following list!)

~Highest Jump~
5mil Each Side
Tohar 99.25"

Konakele 101.25"

~Highest Winnings~
5mil Each Side
* Vaprus $11,337,950

Konakele $6,968,350

~Best Rank~
3mil Each Side
Armo 2

Konakele 1

~Best Team~
2mil per horse

The Side of Evil Wins!

~Fan Fav.~

~BMC Fav.~

~Best Pic~
4mil Each Side
* Vaprus & TeAroha


~Best Story~
4mil Each Side


~Titan Overlord/Overlady!~

~Random Pick!~

~My Final Cut!~
14 Titan did not Win a prize from the list above.
Total, my horses won 34mil, i will be splitting and giving away just over 30mil of that.
The 14 Titans not listed above will each receive 2.15mil.

Thank you all for joining me in the 2019-2020 Titan Competition! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did! Hope to see you back next year!
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BMC General Store     •  15,887 career posts 54 days ago
Thank you for running this.

Gave me a few mad moments with my stubborn guy but he pulled through in the end.

Well done all & thanks for prizes!
Solaris Welsh Cobs II    MOD online  •  910 career posts 54 days ago
Already planning for net year. LOL
Fox Tail Forge   MOD   •  2,701 career posts 54 days ago
Thank you so much for my prize, this was the best one yet for my baby, she has done the Fells so proud and I have finally been on the winning side XD
Kaylied Estal      •  57,426 career posts 54 days ago
Thank you so much for doing this!
It was great fun and my stubborn pixel improved at the last hurdle which was a bonus
Heartlands Toris     •  9,851 career posts 54 days ago
thanks for running this! even though my guy didnt 'win' he has been a great show of my lines and I cant wait to breed him ;)

congrats to all!
Turn Waterhorses      •  8,657 career posts 54 days ago
Thank you everyone!
BMC General Store     •  15,901 career posts 53 days ago
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