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So recently my horses have not been progressing well with training and as a result havenít been doing amazingly. Not complaining! Just makes me even happier when this guy comes along!!

The Devils Gem

So far *knock on wood* he has progressed each time! Iíve been this far holding back on iteming my horses until they prove themselves in training so this morning I finally itemed him up and opened him up for jumpoffs! Please give him everything you got with the exception of supers! Please donít send any supers to him yet.

Prizes for increases!
No post no prize
If you send a super you are disqualified from receiving prizes. Too many times have I had people do this after Iíve asked them not to so hopefully being stricter about it will deter people.

Thank you so much! ALSO, if anyone has Kanga Dna they can sell me for him please let me know!!! Itís the one new dna heís missing and Iíd love to give it to him!
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Pepper Tree Thoroughbreds    MOD   •  6,673 career posts 49 days ago
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Thank you! Heís doing really well thus far!
Sakura Stables     •  1,383 career posts 50 days ago
Golden Spirit     •  1,614 career posts 50 days ago
Thanks for reminding me! I gave him so much this morning I knew I was forgetting something!!
Sakura Stables     •  1,381 career posts 50 days ago
I cant send because of all my supers and im all full up right now, but dont forget to give him Carrot juice :D I hope he does really well for you
BMC General Store   online  •  15,926 career posts 50 days ago
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