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Victory Sporthorses     •  17,827 career posts  
How can I get more people to jump my horses? :3
I donít have much to offer in prizes, which I see that not many people are sending too, even when I offer almost 8mill in prizes on previous posts, but Iíd like to know what people look for when challenging horses, is it prizes or the type of horse?
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I use to be able to send to everyone but now with our erratic jump-offs it really stops that now because of having to wait so long for them to clear. >(
I don't care about prizes either...but I do send to similar challengers like mine. I do not send to all the supers on here because I maybe have only one going at a time. I also do not jump young horses because they are out of class to my older jumpers...

Hopefully, once our challenges are regularly cleared more often, it will help us getting more challenges!
PythonPonyPalaces    MOD   •  29,728 career posts 51 days ago
I dont care about prizes it's more a matter of time or running out of horses to send! I try to focus on sending to people who sent to me first (so posting a link on my post of who you want jumped)
If I still have jumps left I just look for jump posts on the forums. I only have itemed horses so I dont send to naturals.
Mustang * Majesty    MOD   •  19,724 career posts 51 days ago
Thanks everyone! Will definately take these factors into consideration!:D
Victory Sporthorses     •  17,828 career posts 51 days ago
I usually only post that I sent when someone has a list near the bottom of the page and that's just to bump their post for them (:

I don't look for prizes when I send. I just start at the top of the forum page and work my way down.
Clear Creek Farm    •  425 career posts 51 days ago
I don't ever offer prizes and I get great numbers of jumps sent. I make my posts how I'd like to see others post, I make everything clear and organized. Straight forward title, little words, lots of links, no thought required. I redo my posts every few "years" with updated horses and jump heights and bump like...once a day.

I DO entirely skip posts that don't say which horses are itemed and natural.

When I'm sending, I ignore prizes 100% of the time (but still send). I send way too many jumps to go search through to see if I win. I'm not downing anyone that offers, that's great and generous and I don't think they should have to look instead of me or anything. I just can't be bothered, personally.
Tripp International     •  16,817 career posts 51 days ago
Another thing, I run 3 barns so now that I have jumping age horses on all 3, I tend to send to my own, mostly because of the current limitations.
DNEs Deer Lake TBs      •  10,384 career posts 51 days ago
I will also send to people who have zero replies to their jump off thread if I can
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  15,141 career posts 51 days ago
But I second everyone else said. Sometimes I just literally canít send because jumps havenít cleared
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  15,140 career posts 51 days ago
I Don't look at prizes because I myself can't really off them. I have a whopping 2 mill and have been holding steady there for whatever reason for weeks. lol I go through the forums and look for jump posts and try to send a few to everyone, sometimes I will go through the jumpoff records on my barn page and send back to those who have sent to me.
Golden Spirit     •  1,617 career posts 51 days ago
i hardly post most the time i just Jump horses from diffrent post .
it random who i send to most the time .

nothing to do with prizes 90% of the time it about who i have ( i dont have naturals ) and the class i jump .

plus with the mex i max out quickly
Blind Infernal      •  30,812 career posts 51 days ago
I do find sometimes posts don't state whether the horse is item or natural and I don't have the time to click individual so sometimes that's why I don't always send.

I think it is harder get jumps in general these days no matter what the prizes. However bigger prizes do attract the eye but not everyone wants to give big prizes or can afford and that's understandable, I personally send out to them with prizes and them that don't an not fussed. I personally prefer posts that don't say must comment to win as I don't like clogging forums with sent on every post but that's just personal opionion.
Solaris Welsh Cobs II    MOD online  •  967 career posts 51 days ago
Honestly, I donít even look at prizes. Donít need them. If we all just challenged each otherís horses for free it would all balance out. Though I do think with Supers there should be a ďif you send I will send you 25k just because itís almost guaranteed the super will win all challenges.

I do however like to see well organized posts- natural/Itemed separate mostly. If I have to hunt through it takes too long

I will say that I like to send and post on peopleís jump posts when they send to mine. Sort of like a give and take situation. J will not send to anyone who doesnít challenge other peopleís horses.
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  15,139 career posts 51 days ago
I tend to send to people who post just a couple horses at a time.

The problem right now is that only a certain number of challenges are allowed to go through for the day and then it slows WAY down which is limiting.
DNEs Deer Lake QHs   MOD   •  2,028 career posts 51 days ago
Well, I don't have any naturals so if horses are natural, I can't send.

Otherwise, I look at jump height and check age before I choose who to send, if I send.
Ragnarok War Horses    •  1,508 career posts 51 days ago
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