2 Supers needing jumps! - Prizes for 98” 214 views  •   50 days ago
Victory Sporthorses      •  15,602 career posts  
These two are both in real need of jumps since they are currently in their “prime time” stage.

* Halvar - currently 95.25”
Asmund - currently 93”

Prizes are;
2mill - 98”
This means a total of 4mill is to be given out, however this may increase, If they increase! :D

I am also offering everyone who sends and posts, the chance to win a free custom horse picture. How this works will be, when they reach the age of 14years, I will tally up all the jumps sent to them from posts and put them all into a generator and only 1 person will win.

Currently the following people are entered;
- Ebony Friesians
- Whispering Willow Ranch
- Golden Spirit

You may post more than once, and this will increase your chance of winning, the more times you post you’ve sent (your comment acts as though your purchasing a raffle ticket, the more you purchase, the higher the chance)

no post = no prize
Feel free to post your links below and I’ll send back :D

Thank you!
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Sending haha :). Cardinal Fatale Thanks :)
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  15,144 career posts 50 days ago
Whispering Willow Ranch     •  10,003 career posts 50 days ago
Sending Mystic!
Thank you both! :)
Victory Sporthorses     •  17,829 career posts 50 days ago
Jumping Bloom Horses     •  808 career posts 50 days ago
Thank you!
They are currently both improving! :D
Asmund- 95”
Halvar - 95.25”
Victory Sporthorses      •  15,604 career posts 50 days ago
Asmund improved to 95.5” by my own jumps!
Victory Sporthorses     •  17,840 career posts 48 days ago
Sent my one!
Azul Taffy
Canadian WB Trails Equine     •  354 career posts 47 days ago
Mustang * Majesty    MOD   •  19,725 career posts 47 days ago
Thank you guys!
Asmund is currently at 95.75" now! :D

I really hope he can improve x3

Sending now Traily c:
Victory Sporthorses     •  17,845 career posts 47 days ago
Sea Horse Ranch LLC    •  314 career posts 46 days ago
Thank you! :)
Victory Sporthorses      •  15,612 career posts 46 days ago
Cosmique Estate   online  •  2,047 career posts 44 days ago
Clear Creek Farm    •  501 career posts 43 days ago
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