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Welcome to the First Annual Ponybox Hunger Games: Reaping Ceremony
I am your host, Mystic Valley Ranch, and will be guiding you through the next few weeks as you battle it out in the arena in the hopes to be the last player standing.

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And here... are your tributes...

District 1: Valkyrie and Moony
They have the most experience of the group and are known for their loyalty, quick wit, but also unpredictability. They are riding in a carriage pulled by two Arabian horses, one of the oldest known horse breeds in the world.

With Valkyrie, the thing to watch out for is her strength, and logic, and with Moony, her singing voice can distract you from her deadly aim. I warn competitors to not get on Valkyrie's bad side, as she's known to have quite a temper, and Moony… well you can see right now that I don't think she even knows she's in a parade. Instead of waving like Valkyrie, she is just petting the horses.

District 2: Merry and Turn
Characterized by their good nature but overall jealousy that they are not District 1. Expect a showdown between these first two districts! They are being pulled by two magnificent Akhal-Teké's.

Both Merry and turn display high levels of agility, yet both hate heights, though it seems Merry is more comfortable in water, while Turn may be better suited on land. Turn also shows great creativity but needs to watch out for spicy foods and candies. Merry on the other hand will prove to be indispensable when needing food, yet should be wary of sticky situations.

District 3: Ravenside Stud TBs and Fox
They are rounding the corner now, the carriage filled with two fighting spirits, I hope these two get along, but their weaknesses sort of clash… Today, the horses pulling them are Quarter Horses!

Both Raven and Fox use animals during warfare, but that's where the similarities stop. Raven seems to be a more close-distance fighter, with strengths of speed and a high pain threshold. Fox on the other hand is a long distance sniper good at organization. Raven's weakness is helping people even when they take it for granted, but Fox doesn't like criticism. Lets hope these two can work something out, if they do, they may just be able to win!

District 4: Bucki and Elmo
We are at the middle of the parade folks! The two of them are friends in real life… but the real question is: will it translate to the battlefield??? They are escorted by some Icelandic horses, known as one of the oldest purebred breeds.

Bucki and Elmo, very different in battle. Bucki has no plans as of now, but this may turn in her favor. Her weakness is uncertainty but on the other hand she is not afraid to stand out. Elmo is a shapeshifter, and can turn into things like candy bars and a fish. Let's hope there are no cars in this game though, as both may be squashed.

District 5: SeaHorseRanch and Cosmique
Coming in at District 5 are the power tributes. Both mental strength and high-power weapons are what you will see from these two. Pulling their carriage is a pair of Lusitanos, a classic dressage horse.

As the last two from 2007, these veterans have a lot riding on them. Their high-powered weaponry will serve them well if they learn how to also find some quick fighting techniques. For Sea Horse, the thing to look out for is darkness. She has night-blindness and so I hope she will find a way to combat whatever comes at her under cover of darkness. Cosmique will have to find ways to avoid bugs and sour things, which will undoubtedly be all over the place.

District 6: Selcouth and L9/Lizz
District 6 has our '09 duo. One holds a staff and the other spears. Expect close range fighting from these two, but also a string of bad choices. They are being led by a pair of flashy Thoroughbreds along the parade.

With this pair you see a lot of dichotomies. Selcouth is very good at improvising and setting traps, but lets hope she doesn't come across anything sticky or unclear that needs decisive action. Lizz is an all-around well rounded player. Good map skills, a good fighter, a risk taker. But this is all balanced our by her insanity, which culminates into terrible life choices. Hopefully Selcouth and Lizz will balance each other out.

District 7: Dark Night and 7 bears
Both new and old, these players are dynamic, and have many similarities. They are being drawn by two Paint horses. Two toned, just like they are.

It's odd how alike these two tributes are. Both wield guns. One shoots dots and the other shoots M&Ms. Both use the environment to their advantage. On the other hand, both can not handle melted chocolate. Should they form an alliance, it will go one of two ways: complete and total victory, or utter disaster.

District 8: Bloom and Clear Creek
The newbies are the last to round out the group of tributes this year. But these two show strong resilience. They were able to build themselves up from nothing in such a short time. Two Unicorns are bringing them in.

I'm really interested in how these two will do. They have interesting choices of weapons, and should have good luck considering their skill sets. Bloom has high intelligence and good aim. Clear Creek should hang back and wait for the oportune moment, but also prove useful in scavenging for items and food. These two, though not the clear favorites, may just win this whole thing


Within the next few days I will be messaging all the players with a series of questions. The responses will be published in interview form on the forums for all to see. Contestants are asked to check over this list of tributes and see who they might like to work with. At this time I will also reveal the arena set up.
A few examples of interview questions are:
- What are the first three things you would grab that are necessary for survival in the desert? (Can be food, weaponry, trap things… etc):
- Do you plan on making any alliances? If so, with who?:

After this point, the contestants will have little control over what happens to them in the games. It is too much to go around to every player and ask “what would you do in this situation?” about everything. Instead, I will largely be narrating everyone’s actions once the games begin.

1. There will be a “cornucopia” and the answers dictated in this entry form and the interviews will determine what you do here.
2. Every day, all ll names will be put in a hat and I will roll dice. I will only count the “1” “2” and “3” and “4”. Depending on what I roll, that is the number of contestants eliminated from the game that day. (1= 1 player is eliminated, 3= 3 players eliminated, **4= no players**, 5+6 are re-rolls)
a. The players eliminating those players are also chosen at random from the hat as well
3. After Day 1, sponsors may message me dictating who gets a care package and what they get. This will be announced at the next narration and I will message that contestant and set up what they receive privately with them. These are called "care packages" and are in the form of items
4. Gameplay will continue until there is only one player left standing

Bottom 5 players will receive 200k when eliminated
Next 5 players will receive 500k when eliminated
Next 3 players will receive 750k
Next 2 players will receive 1 mil
The Last player standing will receive 5 mil

Again, so so sorry for my inability to get this out faster. Life has been busy but I've got a bit of a grip on it now. Thank you for your patience!

**if you missed participating and would like to participate- message me and maybe I can fit you in or give you another role xD**
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This is great! Can't wait to see who survives (...go district 6)!
Selcouth    •  419 career posts 56 days ago
This is so cool!
BMC General Store   online  •  15,934 career posts 56 days ago
This is brilliant XD District 1 represent ow ow!
Valkyrie    MOD   •  53,600 career posts 56 days ago
This is awesome! I laughed so loud at the Mooney bit xD
Clear Creek Farm  online  •  445 career posts 56 days ago
So much fun! Love it and cant wait to see how we all duke it out ;)
Turn Waterhorses      •  8,669 career posts 56 days ago
I did too CCF :D
BMC General Store   online  •  15,935 career posts 56 days ago
Thanks guys! A few interview questions will be sent out tonight! This is also a way for me to gauge if everyone is active!
The Hunger Games     •  113 career posts 55 days ago
Looks Like .... It begins. Mahayana
I mean
Blind Infernal      •  30,850 career posts 55 days ago
This should be... Oh boy
Fox Tail Forge   MOD online  •  2,731 career posts 55 days ago
Sent out the first few- be on the lookout everybody!
The Hunger Games     •  114 career posts 54 days ago
Just waiting on the first group to all respond and I will be posting them :D
The Hunger Games     •  116 career posts 53 days ago
Never got a message..?
Sea Horse Ranch LLC  online  •  315 career posts 53 days ago
Sea Horse- I’m sending out interview questions in two groups- districts 1-4 first, then districts 5-8. Didn’t want to have like, a whole essay for you all to read at once haha so I broke it up a bit
Mystic Valley Ranch    online  •  15,207 career posts 53 days ago
Awesome!! Got worried I missed out lol
Sea Horse Ranch LLC  online  •  316 career posts 53 days ago
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