Dear Everyone, an Apology from myself. 118 views  •   52 days ago
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Dear ponybox friends.

Iíve become aware of certain things within my game causing annoyance to you all. And please believe me when I say they have been things I have been feeling the same way about.
So please allow me to explain.

My lines, have been the same/ similar lately. Letís not beat around the bush.
My lines and horses do incredibly well. But they are all the same and therefore... boring...

And I am aware of this. It isnít because thatís how I play. Itís because of my RL situations and my mental health.

Iíve had an extremely difficult time lately where I have honestly nearly lost myself on several occasions.
(I would like to thank some people here for pulling me through times Iíve not wanted to go on, when Iíve felt a burden to my child and worthless to the world)
THANKYOU for supporting and helping to hold my head above the water when I felt like I was drowning.

So back to what I was saying, my lines,
I havenít had the mental strength to keep fresh lines coming. The waiting. The lack of jump speed. The work in to foundies and unknown lies. I just havenít had the strength to do it.
Iíve used ponybox as an escape and a distraction from how Iíve felt in my real life.

Itís been a mess. My lifeís changed completely. No sense of routine or familiarity.
And I needed that. I needed to find comfort in familiarity. And as stupid as that is.
I found it in the lines I knew would work.
I didnít need more disappointment from failed unknown lines. I needed to see something good. So for some time now if stuck with what Iíve known works. And thatís my horses lines 🙈

Iím taking myself away from forums. Iím taking my horses away from the public. And Iím working on some new linage now Iím feeling slightly better. I need to get these lines sorted out before they get any worse *awkward haha*

I hope you can all understand what Iím trying to say and understand why things have been a bit bluhhh here with the linage.

Iím by far no where near being out the woods. But Iím better then I was.
Iíve realised my strength.

Iíve had a very rough time. Iíve overcome things thatís others wouldnít be able to and havent...
I have to give my self the credit I deserve there.

And saying that. If anyone has any stock for sale please let me know.

Thank you for your patience
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I know I don't know you... but never apologize for your mental health and don't feel like you have to explain it to anyone. (You can, just don't feel like you HAVE to) You don't owe anyone an explanation, but if it helps you cope, awesome!

I have depression and such too, if you ever need anything PM me :)

I have a bunch of TBs if you want to look through them. I was thinking of selling them all and focusing more on my Paints and Unicorns, but I'm still not sure haha. If you see something you like, just send me an offer. I just started playing again about a month ago, so they aren't super awesome, but there are some good ones lol

I hope you find peace and stability soon
Golden Spirit   online  •  1,623 career posts 52 days ago
I hope things will get easier for you soon, but keep your head up you have that lovely boy and you mean everything to him and your doing something right he's a happy little soul . You've hit a bad patch but you will get through it am sure of it.

Ponybox is a great escape its helped me in more ways then one.
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Never need to apologize! We all go through tough times too. Itís great you found a support system through PB. What a special thing.

As far as stock goes ó I have way too many horses so feel free to roam and let me know if you see any that peak your interest :)
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Aww no need to apologize, especially for your mental health. We all go through things that just down right make us feel awful. I understand about the depression part as I've been struggling really badly lately and honest to god if it wasn't for ponybox and my pup I'm not sure I'd be sane lol.

As for your lines, just be patient with yourself. I'm sure you'll be able to get more diversity in them as time goes by. I myself am still recovering my lines after being gone for a few months and my herd got wiped out. It's a process but Im confidant that we can both get our lines where we want them. ;)
Graham Estate Friesians     •  572 career posts 52 days ago
Thank you everyone :) means a lot
RavenSide Stud TBS   online  •  2,682 career posts 52 days ago
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