Looking for an Incredible Stud! 156 views  •   46 days ago
Bepaling Newfies     •  35 career posts  
-drags fluffy little monsters out of the snow bank-

May I present, alllll the way from their snowy rocky wasteland... is it a bird, is it a moose...?


It's theeeee Newfoundland Pony!!

-claps- Welcome back to PB little ponies. =) Love these guys.
The lil' Ladies are:
SkrŠlingar & VÝ­f÷rla
(Named after a couple of the first settlers on Newfoundland)

ANYWAYS. What I am after is 2 studs to breed my foundie girls to.
I want to get some DNA & genes into this breed right away.

So go on, post your best studs!

Of course DHS will be used.
If the foal comes out majorly the other breed, you're welcome to the foal for free to increase gene pool, or I will retire the foal.

Thanks Guys!!
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-dusts off poor old account-
Wow! I haven't used that account in so long, I didn't even remember what my icon was. XD
Bepaling Stables   MOD   •  4,787 career posts 46 days ago

M*M Cash Me Outside 93"

DNE Frontier 92.25"
Quarter Horse

DNE Prince Worth 92"
My personal favorite of the lot.

DNE Ⓤniversal 96.75"
Still in JO career.
DNEs Deer Lake QHs   MOD   •  2,053 career posts 46 days ago
You are soooo funny, Bep! Hahahaha!

🥳 A big WELCOME to the Newfoundlanders! 🎉

You are very welcome to use any of my stallions, send me the link!
PythonPonyPalaces STANDBR      •  794 career posts 46 days ago
Ooooo, thanks guys!

Love DNE's Prince Worth! & Python's Armour All!

Those 2 are perfect!
Bepaling Newfies     •  36 career posts 46 days ago
If you breed to him, just let me know if the foal comes out a Paint. I'll refund the fee if you breed a second time :)
DNEs Deer Lake QHs   MOD   •  2,054 career posts 46 days ago
! Zemsta
All 15 Super Jump 96
Blind Infernal      •  30,863 career posts 46 days ago
Awesome! Messaging you...
PythonPonyPalaces STANDBR      •  797 career posts 46 days ago
I have a few, they arnt as fantastic with jumps as other peoples as they are Fells and they are still rare

KE HisDarkMaterials 96.5" All 15, has Fearless + Kangaroo (12 active, 2 passive)

KE Northern War 92.75" all 15, has all new DNA

KE Panserbj°rn 85" all 10 Foundation, has all new DNA

KE Mulefa 86.25" all 10, foundation, has all new DNA

I will do a free breeding to any and also do a breeding guarentee
Kaylied Estal      •  57,460 career posts 46 days ago
RavenSide Stud TBS     •  2,683 career posts 46 days ago
Hello Sunday
All 13
Stud fee: 350k
Active fearless
Jumping Bloom Horses   online  •  867 career posts 46 days ago
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