Hulu Recommendations? 74 views  •   46 days ago
DNEs Deer Lake QHs  MOD    •  2,056 career posts  

So I currently have Hulu Live and Disney+.
I'm at a loss as to what to watch, so I'm just watching cooking shows xD

I'm currently in the mood for a drama or sifi type show.

Aaaaaand GO!
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The good place is a great show! Is a comedy and has some drama but would deff reccomened
Sakura Stables     •  1,403 career posts 46 days ago
Brooklyn 99 (Cop comedy)

I don't know if you've ever tried them but Korean Dramas are really dramatic and are pretty much just like 18-20 hour movies broken up for TV purposes. You get to really know the characters. There are English subtitles as well (thats how I watch them).

If you want to start with something sci-fi-y and dramatic I'd say "Legend of the Blue Sea" - it's one of my favorites. About reincarnation, mermaids, and a group of con thieves. Oh and has some murder as well xD

Another one is "Descendants of the Sun" which is a war drama, that I also love :D
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  15,213 career posts 46 days ago
I'll have to look into The Good Place and Brooklyn 99.

I can't do shows that I have to pay 100% attention to, aka reading the entire time. I tend to do other things while watching D:

Legend of the Blue Sea sounds like my kinda show xD
DNEs Deer Lake QHs   MOD   •  2,057 career posts 46 days ago
I'll second The Good Place! It's very quirky and always makes you feel a little better about humanity. Not one you'd have to pay 100% attention to either, I usually watch while working on crochet or something.
Selcouth    •  428 career posts 46 days ago
Meant to clarify xD Legend of the Blue Sea and Descendants of the Sun are both Korean dramas

But i understand the attention thing haha xD no judgement
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  15,214 career posts 46 days ago
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