I'm an idiot XD 136 views  •   7 days ago
Valkyrie   MOD online   •  53,616 career posts  
Had some saddles lying around so I thought I'd make three really nice, well-bred TB supers for me to drool over and later breed from.

Only, I didn't check this fella's stats before adding all the items I wanted *facepalm*

No Name


Oh dear XD

He'll be named after the winner of a big race that's being run later today. But he's by my old stalwart from before all the updates Twentynine Palms and his dam is a cross between some of my other old favourites.

The other two new supers I made are:

I Am Invincible

By Rifleman Brown out of one of my best broodmares of all time in Vivienne. Might be a few older TB breeders around who still remember them.

Tell Me Pretty Lies

A filly from some newer lines. I really liked the sire's pedigree, and the dam is DNA-bred from some really nice pre-update lines.

So other than my oopsie I'm very excited XP
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I remember all your lines. They are always great and I'm so happy to see you breeding again!!
Colins Legacy    online  •  7,329 career posts 6 days ago
To be honest I had only heard Catalyst's name a few times before today, I had not idea how talented he was. I 100% agree with you, it will be tactics that seperate these two. I cannot wait to some of Australia's other good 3yos measure up to Alligator Blood and Catalyst.
Cosmique Estate   online  •  2,055 career posts 6 days ago
CE: Catalyst just absolutely blew all other NZ 3yos out of the water. He HAD to go to Australia, there was just nothing for him here. Why run for peanuts in crappy NZ races when he can go for riches in Aussie? And what a match race that was. The next time they meet it'll be all about tactics because they're just too similar to dominate one another.
Valkyrie    MOD online  •  53,626 career posts 7 days ago
Haha I was just looking at my Rifleman x Vivienne super as an option for the sire to my next super!

They all look lovely!
b a n r i g h    MOD   •  21,650 career posts 7 days ago
I can't wait to see how your Alligator Blood does!

I think that was one of the best races I have seen for a bit! I absolutely adore RL Alligator Blood - he's home track is right down the road from me so I have followed him for a while now. Catalyst is going to be one very serious horse as well.
Cosmique Estate   online  •  2,054 career posts 7 days ago
He now has a name!

Alligator Blood just held out Catalyst in the CS Hayes Stakes, so my boy is now named Alligator Blood XP
Valkyrie    MOD online  •  53,625 career posts 7 days ago
So your super will be fine !
He almost at 97 for an all 13 that good
Blind Infernal    online  •  30,910 career posts 7 days ago
Hahaha such a headdesk moment.
Valkyrie    MOD online  •  53,622 career posts 7 days ago
I was just watching that lol Perfect timing!
Cosmique Estate   online  •  2,053 career posts 7 days ago
! Azhi Dahaka

I did that he pretty higher Jumper for an all 13
With stats
Blind Infernal    online  •  30,909 career posts 7 days ago
And just like that an I Am Invincible filly wins the Lonhro Plate hahaha bodes well ;)
Valkyrie    MOD online  •  53,620 career posts 7 days ago
Haha yes indeed, especially if they get similar prices at auction XP
Valkyrie    MOD online  •  53,619 career posts 7 days ago
xD I'm a massive fan of racing here in Australia, so I definitely appreciate your naming choice. I reckon you will be pretty happy if he does... or at least sires offspring like the namesake
Cosmique Estate   online  •  2,052 career posts 7 days ago
CE: He's named after a very, very good Australian Thoroughbred stallion who sires a lot of nice winners :P I'm hoping he'll channel his RL namesake lol.
Valkyrie    MOD online  •  53,618 career posts 7 days ago
Me, too XP I figure that they'll be a good addition to the base I've started to build. It's going to be some time before I have a nice stable again, though.
Valkyrie    MOD online  •  53,617 career posts 7 days ago
I Am Invincible... that's an excellent choice to name a future stallion after! :D
Cosmique Estate   online  •  2,051 career posts 7 days ago
Oooh I did that a few weeks ago 😂

These are all very lovely supers.

Canít wait to see how they do!!! :D
Bucki Int    MOD online  •  5,662 career posts 7 days ago
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