*Fun Post* Do you remember your first Ponybox horse? 297 views  •   273 days ago
Mustang * Majesty   MOD    •  19,752 career posts  
Do you remember you're first Ponybox horse? What did you name it?

Mine was a thoroughbred mare I named Dream To Spring.. the start of my pixel legacy haha

Fun facts from the days of OG Ponybox circa 2006:

-There were no all 10 horses. It was a huge deal when the first all 10s were being born.

-Foundies weren't a thing for a while. When they were first introduced it was one breed at a time and there were bidding wars, there weren't credits to buy them with yet!

-Shows were the primary way of ranking horses. There were many disciplines like cross country, show jumping, dressage, and placing in shows was sought after.

-Jumpoffs were originally a junmpoff board that you qued for, and once 10 horses I think were qued, they jumped against eachother. It was more of an extra fun thing and wasn't as sought after as show wins.

-Mods didn't exist yet. We had a really dorky post on the forums one day that came up with a breed of pony called the greenlee pony. It was rumored that the only thing stinkier than greenlee pony poo was Jeff Ness' socks. Myself, feeling brave one day, messaged admin to ask: were Jeff Ness' socks truly stinkier than greenlee pony poo? Admin messaged back that yes, they in fact were. That was my first interaction with admin and some time later myself and a couple others were made into the first mods :)

Please share your first horses and other memories :)
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I dont remember what I named my first horse, but I sure do miss the good old days. This 4 jump max is extremely frustrating for me. I dont want 10 jump barns just to improve my stock, I don't have hours to spend switching between barns on my phone. The shows were nice, and Jeff did just make jump off shows again, but it's very limited as well.

I'm going to start selling everything soon, then do a giveaway of whatever pbs I have left.
Gottarun Stables Lusitano      •  16,286 career posts 273 days ago
Oh gosh...what fun times! Seems like another lifetime ago...
My first horse was a TBred named "Max Spills Cinders" and my 2 barn names were "Cinderella Stables" and "Wolf Run Farms"....and I didn't have a clue what was going! I played for a few days without even realizing there was a forum....and a whole bunch of players....hahahaha!
PythonPonyPalaces    MOD online  •  29,782 career posts 272 days ago
I can't remember my first horse but I do know everyone was naming their horses with either "Pink" or "Tequila" in the names xD I later found out that was because of a super stallion xD
DNEs Deer Lake QHs    MOD online  •  2,145 career posts 272 days ago
Not my very first one, but I remember joining PB back when there was only the Morgan server and I bred Paints, then Kiger Mustangs. I sucked lol.

The first horse I genuinely remember was after I joined the Nokota server when it opened. It was a little Tahoe mare named Valkyrie (half the reason why I ended up with that as a playername). I think she was on the top ranked and the top earnings boards. I still have a screenshot somewhere.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  53,696 career posts 272 days ago
The first horses I remember vividly are CA Devilry and Ironworks, they were TB stallions that dominated the old four-horse jumpoffs. Back when the highest jumps were in the 70" area.
Valkyrie    MOD   •  53,697 career posts 272 days ago
.... my gosh

I don't remember my first horse from '10, but I do remember that I bought a horse for 10k with 37 stats during my return in 2015. That horse jumped 89" (which back then was good) and I decided to stay xD

I remember all the crazy supers we would get- and that when I first played from 2010-2013 I didn't own one single freaking diamond saddle and I felt so lost because people had like 50+ saddled supers and I was so confused as to where they got them xD
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  15,426 career posts 272 days ago
To be honest, I don't remember my first horse... Looking back at my retirees I think it was Rx Tausa Butterfly. She was a third generation thoroughbred lol

I do remember I bred pinias, which I don't think exist anymore. I later switched to marchadors since I breed them in real life. I am hoping to bring back the marchador soon :) I have some decent ones in retirement and will get some foundries when I have some extra money haha

I used to breed TBs and quarter horses as well.
Golden Spirit      •  1,664 career posts 272 days ago
I actually do he was a tb called jks Webster and had a bay picture from Google (bought it with the pic 😂) first ponybox horse 2006.

I remember trails and riders and jump offs weren't popular but there was actually 4 slots to fill and when they was full the jump off would take place.
Ebony Friesians    MOD   •  1,289 career posts 272 days ago
my first horse was a Gypsy Vanner named Hector Zeroni (after the character in Holes) he wasnt even a purebred but I loved him XD this was about 2008 I think.
he got me into Gypsys when I mainly played on the Paint Server, then I did Paints and then Fells as well as TBs, I have bred a lot of Rares in my 11 years on this game :)
Kaylied Estal      •  57,534 career posts 267 days ago
I dont remember my very first horse back in 06' but, i remember about a year or two later i found my very first Diamond Saddle and put it of my best stud at the time. His name was "Neverending Story" and he jumped about 89"
BMC General Store   MOD online  •  16,031 career posts 267 days ago
Remember when there were different servers ?

I believe my first horse was a Thoroughbred and I can't think of the name.
Paranormal     •  1,424 career posts 267 days ago
I have just had a look on my book case and found an old diary, I used to write about my Pixels in it, it is from 2010

turns out I sold all my Gypsy Vanners on the 2nd January 2010, and got into paint horses, on the 2nd I had 3 horses that hit 70"+ :o turns out it was 2 mares and a stally (but not the stally I wanted to jump high XD)
on the 9th Jan I bought a mare called Tombstone Rose for 100k :o (apparantly shes worth loads more according to my diary) she was a 79.75"x72.75", I also put two mares in foal to Ice Cream Paint Job??
Turns out I also found my first Diamond Saddle on the 14th Jan which I used on Tombstone Rose
Bred Tombstone Rose to Iron Rose (related??) and decided to call the foal Iron Tombstone XD
:o my account got stolen then, I was not happy

Luckily I had another account XD
started to Breed Exmoors on the 4th Feb as well as Arabs
Ohh and on the 5th March, I started to breed Fell Ponies for the first time :o
I joined the trend of Ghost Horse breeding on the 24th March -Will do this again one day

My god reading my diary is dead odd, I was so young back then, its like 10 years ago and I was 14 XD

AND It turns out Today is my 10th Anniversary for Breeding Fell Ponies :o
Kaylied Estal      •  57,536 career posts 267 days ago
So I canít remember my first horse for certain, but I remember I first learned of Ponybox from an ad in the magazine young rider. I created an account on Paint, I think I called myself Diamond Valley Ranch and I remember I was searching on the sale page and I placed a bid on a Gypsy vanner. I was so scared that I had just used my parents real money to bid 😂 I logged off the computer so fast and tried to pretend everything was normal. I think I logged in a few days later to check if I had bought a real horse lol. Iím not sure when I figured out that it was a ďsimĒ game. But I know I have a notebook somewhere that had all the barns I had and their horses with the stats written down and their training level etc. Once they passed away I used to get an email of condolence and I would add that horse to a separate section of passed away horses. Their name was then erased from the main section and a new horse was written in 😂
Duns N Roses     •  2,118 career posts 260 days ago
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