Foal Swap Contest - Check In #3 (FSC) 141 views  •   95 days ago
Turn Contest   •  545 career posts  
Jump Off Round #3
all sent against Tabasco 88, United In Darkness, or X Rated depending on item/levels


Winner - FSC Ceffyl Dŵr 83”

FSC Lupine 80.75”
fsc KEP Vermillion 80.5”
FSC Jimmy Neutron 80.25”
FSC *Enchanted* 79.75”
FSC Varsa 76.25”
FSC Fell Short 73.5”
FSC Salt N Sugar (72.5” by default – has been retired)

Winner - FSC Dragons Century 86”

FSC Lunar Eclipse 67.25”
FSC The Nomad 66.25”
FSC Diamond Glory (65.25” by default)

Great job everyone! Prizes sent out, the final will be when they turn 20 on March 15th so stay tuned and watch out for any late bloomers ;)
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I dropped the comp. horse wasn’t doing well enough to stay in my program and wasn’t worth wasting more resources on. Sorry.
Bucki Int      •  5,703 career posts 95 days ago
The horses go back to the original breeders at the end right?
BMC General Store   online  •  16,012 career posts 95 days ago
Bucki - bummer :(

BMC - I hope so - I put int he rules that they should be - but I can only ask. I hope people will stick to that though
Turn Contest    •  546 career posts 95 days ago
I asked pepper beforehand so don’t worry, I didn’t break that rule.
Bucki Int      •  5,704 career posts 95 days ago
thanks Bucki!
Turn Thoroughbreds     •  542 career posts 95 days ago
I love my lass, I never thought I would love a pixel as much as this lass, Ceffyl Dwr is AWESOME, I will miss her once she goes back to her owner :)
Kaylied Estal    online  •  57,505 career posts 94 days ago
Congrats everyone!
Thankies, Turn!
PythonPonyPalaces COMP     •  266 career posts 94 days ago
I would want my horse back, I’m waiting on her to start up my breeding program.
Lightspire Tbs  online  •  2,815 career posts 94 days ago
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