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just thinking and wondering...

At what number do you think a stallion is over-bred?

At what number do you think a mare is over-bred?

How many foals do you want to see to call a horse 'proven'?
-- at what height do those foals add value to the stud/mare?

my answers:
for TB studs - (supers - 20 foals, others 15)
other breeds/rarer (supers 15, others 10)

mares - super:15 other:10

I dont care much for proven - I kind of like finding low/un used lines but if I am wanting something more 'sure' I like to see 3 or 4 foals over 90 if itemed or 88 if natural - I greatly prefer to look at natural foals, i dont feel like i get much info from itemed foals about the sire/dam

***these are my opinions only, based on how I play the game. Everyone plays differently, and I hope we can all share our thoughts without being negative to anyone. and to breeders please dont be offended by anyones answers! Even in my own barns i have some that break these numbers for various reasons, I just think it would be interested to see how others play
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As a relatively new player. I don’t look into over breeding at all. I’m still learning and trying different lines and mares to see what gives me the best horses. It can be sad sometimes to see that people are so wrapped up in over breeding or if a horse has the same line 10 generations back or whatever. It makes it hard as a new player to have horses that others would breed to or buy. Everyone seems to stick to their own lines and not venture too much outside. But that’s my opinion.
Jumping Bloom Horses     •  1,125 career posts 86 days ago
Not Really been shareing lines but i like a horse with less foals and less overuse.

But also alot of my parent and my horses have retired foals more then active
Blind Infernal      •  31,060 career posts 86 days ago
So for me it depends,

My Fells I only breed 3 foals from (not including twins)
If im breeding TBs, less the better unless from retired lines
Kaylied Estal    online  •  57,518 career posts 86 days ago
I'm kind of split. On one hand, I don't mind over usage when it comes to tbs because I can generally find unrelated lines. However, it is disappointing to find nice horses that are related to my stock. So if I find a particular line that I run into a lot I'll avoid it.
DNEs Deer Lake QHs   MOD   •  2,171 career posts 86 days ago
I like to see studs and mares with less than a page of active foals. Is that 20? I don’t care if a lot of foals were retired due to poor stats or DNA. That being said I will not avoid good horses that consistently have “proven” foals

“Proven” means 3+ foals that are over 90”
I also use the term “exceptional” if 50% or more of the foals are proven.
Mystic Valley Ranch      •  15,456 career posts 86 days ago
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