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So, I used to play as I Say Join With Us/Say Say/Serengeti Sporthorses/Fantasma/about 400 names.
If anyone remembers, I had a little cob called Barney who had a bit of trotter in him.
I got to go to New Zealand just after Christmas for just under 3 weeks and it was incredible and I would love to go back
Barney is now retired unsound for riding, and lives a life of leisure. I'm in college and have a new mare called Tina.
I'm only back to see if this place is still going!
Tina is a KWPNxISH, she needs a bit of work still but I bought her to jump and boy can she jump
She's 16.2 so she's a big girl, really nicely bred and completely different to Barney. The plan is to put her in foal if I go and either do my masters in New Zealand, or after my masters I go to do a working holiday in New Zealand for a year.
You can find videos of her on my Youtube as I now have a vlog too lol and I have a horse only insta but I don't think we're allowed to give them out on here? So if anyone is interested, I can give you that through messages.
This is her

How have you all been?
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Hey! I think I remember seeing you around! I joined in 07 but was a bit of a recluse and didnít really do forums until abourn1-2 years later.

Since I joined PB Iíve finished high school, finished college, gotten a job and moved to a big city in Kentucky. (I donít like the city part but I love the KY part. Itís been a wild ride.
PM S u n l e s s     •  2,437 career posts 209 days ago
Hey, I remember Barney! I stopped playing several years ago and just came back in November.

I was in high school when I stopped playing. During my leave I started my bachelors and finished, now I have a job and am planning to go back for my masters in January 2021 *if I get accepted* :)
Rising Phoenix Farm      •  8,266 career posts 209 days ago
lol, I feel like everyone remembers Barney.
It's so weird seeing so many people all grown up and everything else, but also nice in a way.

How are you all finding lockdown? (if you're in lockdown, we are atm)
Pyke Harbour Stables     •  36,860 career posts 209 days ago
I actually work in health care (EMS) so I still work the same amount of days. On my days off I spend time with my own horses and spend time training the dog, which is what I already did in the first place. So really not much has changed for me. xD
Rising Phoenix Farm      •  8,277 career posts 209 days ago
Oh, my, what a gorgeous mare! Welcome back!
PythonPonyPalaces    MOD   •  29,850 career posts 209 days ago
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Oops Iím on my phone so ignore the yes at the end of the last comment
Bracken Creek Stables     •  7,932 career posts 209 days ago
Hello from New Zealand XP
Valkyrie    MOD   •  53,771 career posts 209 days ago
Omg I remember some of your names!
Ninja Horses     •  62 career posts 207 days ago
Hey guys!

Bracken - ahhh! it's been so long!

if any of you want to follow Tina's progress, my insta is cantcanter for her
Pyke Harbour Stables     •  36,861 career posts 204 days ago
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