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Hey all! Its been a hot min, i want to get back into breeding horses...But im sooo out of the loop on whats new and what breeds are making it, the average and highest jumps! If i could get a little help that would be amazing!

And hello to all the people who remember me ^.^ and everyone who is new since i have been gone! Cant wait to meet you!
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I have just found time to come back online too thanks to the corona virus lockdown in Britain. I take it all the legacy servers have merged as the M by my barn says it means I was originally playing on Morgan. The site seems to have changed loads! There used to be a menu down the left of the page where you could see the cost of breeding and claim a daily ponybucks reward and that based on whatever the mayor set. I can't find that now or any way to pick up ponybucks or a mayor at all. Things really seem to have changed!
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Yah ferndale, i have been back since they changed all of that haha, it was a big change for sure! I have had plenty of time to be here, just other things have taken my attention lol. But i am ready to get back into it. I miss playing here!
A N C H O R L E S S   MOD   •  13,892 career posts 811 days ago
Eeeek! I know you!! :P

Message me! Id love to help you out all i can :D
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hehe Helloooo BMC i know you as well!! ^.^ Awesome will do in a bit!
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I have nothing useful to say, just excited.
Anchor Me Stables   MOD   •  6,858 career posts 811 days ago
Hey there, welcome back!

My knowledge is kind of lacking since took a break last year and just started playing again a few months ago but I'll say what my thoughts are on jump height based on TBs because that is all I breed.

The highest current jump
Super: 101.25"
There are 7 current 100+ jumpers I believe

Itemed no saddles: 96.25"

Natural: The highest I know of is 93.75"

For average jumps, I would say this, depending on the horse's DNA and lines:
Super: 97-99
Itemed: 92-94
Natural: 90-92

Hope that helps a little!
Sunshine Glory Stables    •  1,159 career posts 811 days ago
I remember you! I just recently came back myself. Let me know If you need any help, I can help in most places but by no means an expert!
Viridian Sporthorses     •  17,175 career posts 811 days ago
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