Hello, Remember Me? How's the Economy Doing ATM? 272 views  •   732 days ago
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Hi! A lot of you may not know me, but I was on PonyBox a lot in the early 2019s. Not a long time, compared to some of the other members who are back after years and years of hiatus.

Right as I gradually stopped playing, the economy wasn't doing so well. Item and horse prices shot up and a lot of new players were having a really hard time starting out.

The price for horses seemed to still be very high, if not higher. Can anyone bring me up to date how much an all 40 confirmation foal would cost, tips on getting started again, and how the economy's doing these days?

Good to be back,
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Hey! I canít chime in too much on prices, but I can say that are fairly high. However, once you get a few to get started it is possible to make some cash off of them now.

I can send you some ponybucks or a foal or two to get you started if you need!

Feel free to shoot me a message :D
Welcome back!
Felix Equines     •  12,332 career posts 732 days ago
I played from 2007-2010ish and prices are astronomical compared to those times. There were also a ton more active players however. I started up again in late 2019 and prices are still around the same, maybe a little less for certain items. I would be more than willing to help you out by selling you some decently priced Trakehner foals. :)
Rising Phoenix Farm      •  8,900 career posts 732 days ago
Welcome back! I bumped this months Item Price list for you. IF you need any help feel free to PM me anytime. If you are interested in Moyles i can set you up :D
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Hi welcome back! I just came back not too long ago also, I can send you some TBs if you're interested in them!
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Hey welcome back, I just got back myself. Prices seem to be cheaper than a few months ago, especially on certain items like the stirrups and newer dna. Horse prices seem to be going 3-6mil for a well bred TB foal, I've seen lots for cheaper, especially in rarer breeds. Stud fees really just depends on which stud you are after, if they allow more than one public breeding the price seems to be really fair and most will work with you on getting a decent foal. The price decrease could also be form less players, but I think most of us are adults now and run busy lives so we come and go with our life schedules or atleast I have to every now and then, but I always seem to return in a couple months XD

My main issue previously was not being able to jump my horses enough before they aged out of their prime bc it would take hours for the jumps to go through before I could send more, so I was only getting to jump them like twice a day. In my opinion jumps seem to be going through alot faster right now. But I've only been jumping my guys for a couple days so far so that my change but hopefully not
Beyond The Rain      •  791 career posts 731 days ago
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