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Turn Thoroughbreds     •  711 career posts  
Its October, and that means Im in Halloween mode!!
Im feeling like i want to put together some scary short stories too, I wrote one based on my creepy experience a few months ago and am looking to hear your spooky anecdotes if you want to share, maybe I'll turn them into a story too. - I love to find inspiration in little things, local stories, that kind of thing. Often its transformed totally, but i think having that grounding makes it more creepy.

My creepy moment - I woke up in the middle of the night to a voice saying "I cant hear you, turn on the light." Needless to say, I did not turn on the light! just cuddled down in my blankets lol

Will share anything I write here too! (or via PM if its a but beyond forum appropriateness - most of my stuff ends at PG-13 anyway)
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maybe not spooky, but I own a skeleton called Rodger, currently he's stood in the kitchen looking out the window wearing a T-shirt with bones on, as well as a party hat,

his T-shirt does glow in the dark though
Kaylied Estal      •  58,133 career posts 154 days ago
cool! I have a skeleton too, have him sitting on my flag pole right now ;) now I want to dress him up!
Turn Pegasus      •  537 career posts 154 days ago
my guy is nearly 6ft tall, hes an anatomical skeleton, so he just chills around my halls until I need him XD
proper life of the party Roger is XD
Kaylied Estal      •  58,134 career posts 154 days ago
Kaylied, that is HILARIOUS x'D

Well, there's a story near where I live in northern michigan. There's this huge tree along the road with hundreds - if not thousands - of shoes in its branches and all around it. Nicknamed "The Shoe Tree", the story goes that some sights try to tell you they are either shoes of lost or dead travelers or even from missing children, that some strange occurrence happens near these trees... :)
Dare To Dream xx    •  124 career posts 154 days ago
Dare to dream - I grew up in the Eastern upper peninsula! There are a few shoe trees around Michigan, they all follow the same story, a serial killer, The Walled Lake Child Killer, hung the shoes of his victims in the trees. It turned into such a widespread story that people genuinely thought it was real and Walled Lake had to release a statement that it wasn't!
There's some speculation it may have been from related to the disappearance of 4 children over a year but none of them had any connection to Walled Lake

Northern Michigan has a couple other weird ones like that, I don't remember as many details off the top of my head so I'd have to look into them again but there's some weird paranormal/psycholigical/creepy history in the area.
Lazy Z Sporthorses      •  13,484 career posts 154 days ago
cool KE! mines just a Michael's store purchase and about 5 feet.

Dare to Dream & Lazy Z - thats really creepy! but at the same time I would love to see it (does that sound morbid? lol)
Turn Waterhorses      •  8,828 career posts 154 days ago
Nope! It's turned into a pretty big tourist thing at this point honestly. It is pretty neat, it's been in at least one movie that I know of
Lazy Z Sporthorses      •  13,491 career posts 154 days ago
I used to share a small cottage with a roommate. She knew that I often came home for lunch on my hour break. I got home one night after work and she asked if I had stopped by at lunch time. She told me that she was in her room and had heard the front door close. Then she heard footsteps going into my bedroom, with the bedroom door closing. She called out but I never replied. I hadn't come home at lunch that day.
Gems Vineyard Stables      •  3,426 career posts 154 days ago
Gems - Oooh! Thats really creepy, I would definitely be freaked out.
Turn Thoroughbreds     •  712 career posts 153 days ago
I live in a 100+ year old remodeled schoolhouse.
Friend visited a few years back, and brought her small child with her. She set up a video monitor and had him asleep in the spare room. We were out on the couch, watching TV, and while the kid's back was to us, we saw a small hand go over the monitor/video. She went to bed at that point. In the morning, she mentioned that she felt something tickling her feet all night long.

There's also all of the small things that go "missing" randomly throughout the house only to be found later in very strange spots. Places that my partner and I both know had not only been checked thoroughly several times, but also just odd for whatever it was that was missing.
Fox Tail Forge n Farriery   MOD   •  3,557 career posts 145 days ago
Totes favoriting this thread! :D
Bucki International 12    •  579 career posts 145 days ago
in wyoming in cheyanna there is a church that willpay you $100 dollars if you stay awake in the belltower on halloween night,legend has it so while they where working on the belltower a worker was found there with one of the ropes wrapped around his neck....and every hallowween the bells chime by themself, dont know if this is true i lived there but never got the neve up to visit the belltower, but it makes for a good story,
permafrost Andies     •  348 career posts 145 days ago
Fox Tail - thats creepy with the tickling! I would freak out if i found out that there was a hand on the monitor after that!

SilverTree - cool, my brother would try that if it was near us. I would probably stay awhile but then leave him alone there haha
Turn Nomas     •  132 career posts 144 days ago
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