I can remember when - join in 285 views  •   38 days ago
PASTEL     •  5,996 career posts  
I have been around on and off.

I can remember when getting a pixel jumping 70 was exciting.

I can remember the saddle pad.

I can remember the limited edition dog and cat.
Do we still have cats? I would buy one of you are selling at a sensible price.

I can remember growing crops, but it was a bit complicated.

I can remember the flag next to the player so you knew what country they were from.

I can remember shows and I back then I only did shows and not jumping.

I can remember when we just had two servers, Morgan and Paint. Then we had more, then we merged.

I have a sparky was here item, but not what they were about.

I remember ponybox news that was a video?

Over to you.
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I remember riders, and boarding.
Fox Tail Forge n Farriery   MOD online  •  3,613 career posts 38 days ago
Gosh yes boarding. And if people didn't pay their bills you could unlink them.

I can remember when you could only own thirty horses per barn.
PASTEL     •  5,997 career posts 38 days ago
I remember running for mayor.

I remember the RPG forums and how popular it was.

I remember when the oldest post on the first page of the forums was maybe 20 minuets old. Page 3 would have the hour old posts.
Gottarun Stables QHs     •  508 career posts 38 days ago
I remember when jumpoffs showed at the bottom of your home page, and Golden Horseshoes.

I haven't played for a few years and just started again - so much has changed! I was expecting horses to still be jumping in the 70s
Laugh and Ride   online  •  10,836 career posts 38 days ago
I remember running for mayor (still have my mayor badge :D)

I remember it was speed over jump offs

I wish we still had crops and boarding tbh they were cool features

I also have a sparky item too I never understood the purpose of it
Heartland     •  1,322 career posts 38 days ago
i remember not wishing to stab my supers for being a pain
! Running
like him you know

but i also do remember
when you could jump your own horses
or the player of the day item i got like 3

i remember running for mayor lol once
The Colourblind Elite      •  32,406 career posts 37 days ago
I remember if you were reported you went red I think.

Have we not got the golden horseshoe, forgotten what that did.

I remember when you could jump other people's horses like now, then it changed and you could only click it individually and it was time consuming. Lovely upgrade to see that back to tick all.

I remember a first page because I was in the top three for rescuing horses.

You had a mare-s if it was restricted.
You had a trailer on the horses for sale depending on who paid for transport.
PASTEL     •  5,998 career posts 37 days ago
4 In a Jump Off
Shows were the best
Medical box would appear next to your horse if it was sick
No items

2007 onwards:
Items (saddlepads, horse shoes, sparky, training items for disciplines)
New servers
Mods could give members a player of the day award
Forums were way more active
all 10s were amazing
Ebony Friesians    MOD online  •  2,821 career posts 37 days ago
I had forgotten about the flags, good memory! I remember them! =)

Do not miss mayor. lol, all those vote for me posts and drama used to drive me crazy. XD

I say this everytime… but the pedigree chart on a horse page are my favourite memory. Man I miss those, they were such a helpful feature!
Bepaling Stables    MOD online  •  5,134 career posts 37 days ago
Definately miss the pedigree chart. It made life simple.
I think linebred was linebred. I don't recall it being positive or active.

I do miss the shows the way they were done back then. I have entered a show but don't really get the flights.

Shows used to effect the ranking as much as jumps did. Didn't we have a show erst?
PASTEL     •  5,999 career posts 37 days ago
100% miss that pedigree chart!

I miss the shows too. Certain barns were top barns for a certain discipline. I think it was barrel racing, steeplechase, flat racing, dressage..probably more. I wish those would make a comeback.
Gottarun Stables QHs     •  526 career posts 33 days ago
I remember the shows before the disciplines. You could get a polo mallet for some reason.

The shows I like are the ones you had when I joined first. I never did the jump offs.

I don't know why the charts went. That's something we all now need to check manually before breeding.
In real life, that's all in their papers and passports.
PASTEL     •  6,005 career posts 31 days ago
I miss the riders and 4 way jump offs! Magna Carta was one of the highest jumpers at like 70 some inches. I'd get low key butthurt when he'd enter a 4 way jump off I'd entered my haflingers in because they'd stand no chance bahaha

And actually growing your feed and having boarding. I thought those were super neat features. Didn't really care for the mayor feature but it was kind of fun.

And don't even get me started on the old shows and having all the different disciplines, I wish those had never gone away. I was extatic when I'd finally earned the 150k for a show license so I could run my own.

And just how much more active it was in general.
Lazy Z Sporthorses     •  13,563 career posts 25 days ago
I was also really sad when they got rid of shows. My lines back then were much more show focused than jumpoff focused. I wish we could go back to those days of shows and growing feed. There's just not much to do anymore.

I remember when good lines were jumping in the 60's and low 70's.
Valoroso   online  •  4,364 career posts 25 days ago
I can remember when an hf item sold for 75k and I just paid 5k.
I have always loved my twins.

I found growing crops a bit complex at the time. But I had only just joined. It was hard to make money back then.
I don't do graphics.
PASTEL     •  6,015 career posts 23 days ago
I never remember the flags but wish they were still a thing

I remember the foal tax and delivery costs but I made good money from my Sami lines so that was never really an issue

Coming back now after 10 years of not playing I got excited when my horse jumped 83" lol I realise thats still quite low
Heartland     •  1,354 career posts 23 days ago
Me too Heartland! These horses are jumping so high now.
Valoroso   online  •  4,369 career posts 23 days ago
What's the average natural these days 90"?

I breed the first all 13 Dartmoor. I suppose with dba I could bring that back.
PASTEL     •  6,017 career posts 22 days ago
I remember logging in to pay my bills and collect daily $1000

I remember the old brown login page for Morgan/Paint

I remember getting condolence messages every time a horse retired
Duns N Roses     •  2,142 career posts 16 days ago
Pastel i have gotten 93s Natural some get 94s
The Colourblind Elite      •  32,807 career posts 16 days ago
PASTEL     •  6,020 career posts 16 days ago
-Golden Horseshoes to clone.

-Golden leg wraps to make them train fully in one discipline I believe

-I remember the first huge supers like 50+ saddles. It was pretty cool to even have a few million PBs. But the economy was terrible. No one could afford to buy or sell.

-No one would buy art. I love how freely people buy art now.

-Sparky was here. Sparky was an item you could buy once with a shirt!? And then you also got the thing online and you could give them to a player daily. That was pretty cool.

-Player of the day from mods always made my day.

-Mayor was fun, I was mayor a few times. It was fun to actually need to have reasons to vote someone mayor.

-Waiting to get your things you paid for! And you had to decide when you paid, none of this credit stuff. And then if you were selling or buying a donation pack you had to be careful to not get scammed.

-Remember when forum posts had up and down votes? You could tell if a post had some serious tea by the up and down votes.

But I also remember a lot of drama, and hurt feelings. I know people left because they were bullied so hard. We were all kids on this new fangled internet. People would scam a lot. And the forums, while busy, were a mess of people just being so mean.

I love the new community and the people we all have become and grown into.
A b s o l u t e     •  9,236 career posts 16 days ago
200 that when I join pony box
Happy Trail Farm     •  3,622 career posts 16 days ago
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